Eating At Bangkok@12!

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@karensuestudios and I went to eat there and again, that's another great memory. I love that we filmed so many of our meals and activities. I can't wait to film some more.

Bangkok@12 is just a walk away from @karensuestudios' place so we took this opportunity to walk around and see a bit more of Sacramento on foot.

Thank you for those awesome moments @karensuestudios!

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I have been to sacramento 2 to 3 times .Its such an amazing tourist place and food that is fabulous .Thanks for sharing your experience.

"But for some reason she never came here." You face was pretty good saying that. The mango delight sounds pretty amazing. I wish our Thai food was that good.

enjoing friends good post

I enjoy dlive video. enjoy in life.

I guess you and @karensuestudios should be couple. Cos you've been together touring all over the world.
The food there is so enticing, you just quenched my hunger. Lol
Thank s for also updating more on your previous post. Am really learning a lot from you.
Teamsteem all the way

She really loves eating with @teamsteem... (^_^) Nyahaha... I hope I can join... Nyahaha...

Hi, I'm your fan in Thailand. From the topic,​ I was excited that you guys come to Thailand :)

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote.

You are doing great dear.
I found this blog helpfull.
Such an amazing work DUDE.
Keep it UP... Dear...
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Good content

Looks like you really had fun together. :)

The restaurant looks like a nice place. And oh, @karensuestudios has a beautiful smile.😊

cool video, where are you from :)?

@teamsteem I love when they order the publications so all the issues in order so it is easier to choose the topics of our preference and to be able to meditate on those articles. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy seeing this particular post. The testimonies of Steem explained very good thanks @teamsteem

au moins vous vous amuser

Your shirt is hilarious! Love it. Keep up the great work @teamsteem and @karensuestudios! ✌️❤️

Almost screamed then read one more time.. ahhhhh LOL


Did you think we were in Thailand?


That was just when I skim through the feed and I saw 'BANGKOK' Lolol haaaa I'm gonna go try the impossible burger so sooooon ! 🐒🐒🐒

Hav a great funtastic fun. Live and watch.
Keep it up.

I check on throgh your blog.
I see you have the drive to make things happen,
You have the zeal in sealingthe needed
I envy you ,
Encouragement is as important in every community ,
I am now a steem addict ,
I preach $100STEEM i really hope we can make do with this spirit,
@teamsteem i need you to invest in me ,
I have gotten enough drive through recruiting,
I hope i can be able to keep doing that.
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I will make it worth it sir.

Good point, I always wish I'd remember to film things more so I coud have the memories!

Lol man, I feel like there are more veggies in Thai-American food than there are in actual Thailand

I must say you had a great meal and everlasting memories...