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thats some good moves ;)

Where is @polebird???I really miss her...

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Kinda hard for me to pole dance.

Groovy moves would be fine!


Dance like nobody is watching but really people are.....but whatever!
is like me explaining why I have a trampoline in the kitchen

just because! ahahahaha,,

You are awesome!

nice postt!!! amazing..! follow me, i'll follow u

Love pole dancing
Wish I could have u. To my self for personal dance


Love pole dancing Wish
I could have u. To my self
For personal dance

                 - xtrim-1

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

If someone had told me I'd have been watching @teamsteem pole dance when I joined steemit I wouldn't have believed them .. but actually I reckon it would be an excellent way to keep fit! Really glad you had an amazing time in Europe .. you will have to try the UK next time :)