Our Last Day In Europe! [Live]

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It was a crazy 30 days in Europe for me! It was my first time on the continent and it was by far the craziest trip I've ever been part of.

I've learn a lot about myself and the world at large! And I know @karensuestudios learned and enjoyed her trip too!

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Thank @skyleap for this awesome gif!

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Greetings, Teamsteem and Karen

Pretty cool your trip. I followed up on some of your posts and Karen's and I thought it was pretty cool. Too bad the trip's running out.

I hope you enjoyed it well and the return home is nice and relaxing.

Have a nice trip back!!!

It’s a very interesting posting! I will see your other postings soon~

The way you two smile ah! That some fun @teamsteam
About the minnow support I can't clearly understand it some peoples comments were flagged on the post I wonder and that link about steemwitness doesn't open on my end, And thanks for your responds on my suggestion that the message box should be placed on everyones profile on steemit. Meanwhile I sent you a message on steem.chat,my bad hopefully you will see it enjoy your trip, some of us never had that kind of opportunity to make those kind of smilling trip😁 have a great day

I happy for your travel just enjoy

experiences that will remain in the hearts and in the blockchain, I am happy for you, great trip

I watched your live video, good to see you both having a great time.

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Aw I'm glad you watched and enjoyed. I'm back in the US now.

Nice video

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Seems traveling looks all sweet and interesting.
Can't wait to start mine


Seems traveling looks
All sweet and interesting.
Can't wait to start mine

                 - folly-pandy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Glad you enjoyed it. Kind of reminds me of my last day in Germany and England (my favorite country) earlier this year, I never wanted to leave!

no matter where you are. important is bonding on eachother. looking good.

I'm so glad you stepped onto the continent and spent 30 days. There's nothing more exhilarating to me than exploring another continent. I have backpacked Europe several times and spent a summer in Italy. There's something really magical about being in such a different place. Something I can't quite put my finger on but that everyone really should experience. You will cherish these memories forever. Congratulations for taking the leap!

Well they say, all good things must come to an end... So back to states now???

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@teamsteem, I hope that you are enjoying the day and also hope that you had an amazing Tour and your smile is for sure reflecting that you had an amazing time.

And in my opinion everything is falling at the right time and that means, SteemFest is coming, Hardfork 20 is announced and SMT dates also announced.

Current market is red but all these updates in Steem Economy reflecting that Steem Economy hold some exciting times ahead and now we have to wait and watch.

And already so much sell offs are going on but i always believe that strong communities are build in tough times because prosperous time can be enjoyed by anyone but the Adversity time is the real testing time.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed.🙂

I dare you to come to Africa hahah :) Where to next?

Greetings from Cape Town

TeamSteem, You look very relaxed & happy... Traveling Europe with Karen has been Good for You Both...

Cheers !!

After Steemfest... Brazil :):)
Let's Explore!!!!

Oh cool! Never heard of joicaster! I bet you have the travel bug forever now! lol


I do! I'm pretty excited at the idea of planning my next trip!


I KNEW it!!!

You two are angelic ;)