I'm Back In Sacramento California! [Live]

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@karensuestudios and I just got back from our 4 weeks trip in Europe. We landed in San Francisco yesterday after a 11 hours flight, and today is our first morning in Sacramento.

@karensuestudios, @acromott and I just got back from the grocery and are cooking ourselves a little breakfast!

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Forgive me sometimes I don't watch your videos like this one but this is due to low data subscription, data cost at my end is costly and sometimes you just wana accumulate steem before you sell and get somethings done and due to the market value of steem you just have to wait and speculate on the price so that the little one you have will bring good value, err just want friendship @teamsteem the reason might not be far to why, my bad you just need to be friends with certain persons, you people own steemit and you have allowed everyone here people like us , minnows can have a chance with your support , I am doing my best to connect with lot of person and you are among those I want friendship with, maybe because of the way you smile in your videos with the beautiful lady beside you tells how simple you all are. Do enjoy yourself in california, so many adventures and fun times wonder who is the other blonde guy maybe I don't know because I didn't watch the video. Let me quote you
That ancient steemit proverb, give a minnow an upvote they eat for a day, give them resteem they... Have a great day teamsteem
Let me use my local dialect msugh sha er mlu veren shii me wasen sha steemit nahan, kwagh we man @ned nelu eren ne Aondo Aver ne. Msugh @teamsteem

Welcome home!

Nice one, San francisco is a good place to visit.enjoy

Good to have you back home and I bet you are glad to be back too even though looked like you guys really enjoyed your European trip a lot.
Have a wonderful day @teamsteem

Welcome home @teamsteem and @karensuestudios. Your vacation was truly great and fun filled!

Nice to see you guys arrive safely in California. It was great seeing you and Karen. Until SF3 I guess!

it was really so funny