Our Last Day In Rome! - [Live Stream]

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@karensuestudios and I were enjoying our last day in Rome. We both fell in love with this awesome city. There's so much to see!

I would really love to be back here one day! 7 days wasn't enough!

We're heading out to Nice in France so that should be really nice too!

Click on the image to join our live stream!

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Rome is a very beautiful city
I wish you the best times
Really great video
Well done publishing😍😍


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Wow, nice to see you and Karen enjoying the Eternal City!


Wow, nice to see you
And Karen enjoying the
Eternal City!

                 - joythewanderer

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Nice veiw, i really hope to visit there someday...
I Love anything about rome even from movies, Especially the historical part of it

steady boss, like Romeo and Juliet

Felicidades chicos, en algún momento yo también tendré mis aventuras, conocer otros lugares. ;)

On your way to Nice that's Genoa. It worth a visit! ;)

@teamsteem Beautiful destination for the tourists and you guys are looking very cool