A Tour Of Portland's Japanese Garden!

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The garden's entree fee cost 15$ but because we're smart we were able to get in for free. It turns out their payment system wasn't working so they let us in for free which haven't anything to do with us being smart.

I guess they wish they were using cryptocurrencies. I haven't told them about that. @karensuestudios, @muffintuesday and I got in and enjoyed our free tour!

Crypto News!

This is a very interesting article with a very interesting accompanying video. In it, Dan Morehead, founder of Pantera Capital Management mention Augur going live soon as one of the exciting thing coming in the cryptocurrency space.

My Daily Routine

I've continue my daily morning routine of 48 pranayama breaths, followed by meditation and 20 minutes of writing not related to Steem but something akin to a diary, where I record my dream and write about my life on a more personal level. Today, I've also read from a book for 15 minutes which I'll try to add to my daily routine.

Running Daily

I've ran 14 km yesterday, and 13 km the day before, for a total over 100 km in the last 10 days. The last 2 days were reasonably challenging and I'm confident I'll be able to increase my volume up to 20 km a day in the next week. I have ran many weeks of more than 100 km in the past and up to a maximum of 140 km in a week.

Running A 10k Race Soon

I was looking to participate in a 10k race this weekend but that plan is probably going to fall through. I'll definitely be looking to run in an official 10k race as soon as possible to help me with the motivation and speed. 10k races are a great distance to improve on the longer more demanding one, like the half-marathon and marathon.

Motivating Others!

I also want to begin doing push-up, chin-up and dips daily. Writing about my objectives help me fulfill them. I would most probably not have ran 100 km if I hadn't told @aussieninja I would ran 100 km in the month of May for a challenge he launched here on Steem, so hopefully me writing about my training can help motivate other Steemians.


I watched a couple of @hodgetwins video this week. In particular, I've watched 3 compilations of the funniest moments of 2018. I've also watched their 7 most recent videos on cryptocurrencies. These can be found on their Steem account @hodgetwins. These guys are much funnier than I first realized. I'll probably continue watching their crypto videos and the compilation of the best moments.

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My Best Post

Understanding Steem


50% of the profit of this post will go to @karensuestudios!

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Beautiful well done .. the place looks amazing
I liked .. wonderful pictures from you, good for you
Thanks for sharing this with us..

Hello my dear i hope that you're good and everything goes fine with you
By the way this is a humble gift for you hope you like it.
That is picture
Abd That's the video

It's awesome garden, everyone want to walk and enjoy in this garden.

You are very honest for your health but not for others , becoz you not paid 15$ entry fess lolz

You entered into all these places for free??? Wow thats so sweet.
Hmmm this place looks like a thick forest that was changed into a resort centre. Very beautiful and serene enviroment.

I'll definitely be looking to run in an official 10k race as soon as possible to help me with the motivation and speed.

This is gonna be so much fun and I cant wait for it really. Hahahaha

woow such an awesome daily rountine I donot do any of the things you mentioned like honestly I wake up 1 hr before work time prepare my self then rush to work and I guess your daily rountines help you alot because it can be witnesssed from the way you do stuff here .Have learnt that today and may be I can to start having a rountine before I go to work

awesome video....................Have a nice Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow what an amazing garden! I liked everythings the flower, the tree, the fish and the beautiful scenery that i wish i could go now and have fun with you!

You guys are lucky to enter for free, we're currently in Bali and every single park or waterfall that we enter costs money...

You have made a great daily routine and running minimum of 10km a day is fantastic achievement, wish you loads off success keeping it that way and maybe you'll become an olympic marathon runner. Thanks for writing about @hodgetwins, we wouldn't discover them without you. Keep being amazing - Yan and Juta!

Awesome Day spend!!!!Cool!!!!
I hope you all are chilling this day !!!
A Tour Of Portland's Japanese Garden!!!!
Thanks for sharing

Good content @teamsteem..Nature is so beautiful if we feel this on mind,,I hope you did this,,Thanks for sharing

waoo quit a good tour to talk about. keep enjoying your self , you both

I think you have the privilege of entering such a beautiful place and, for free, it only happens to you, but I am very impressed that you are writing a personal diary, I could not imagine it, since you have such interesting trips that cover your Time is a lot, even if you dedicate to write it and read the books that you like, you are great.

Hi dear steemit wasap bro

you should sell tickets in the street for the Garden....Big Promo - Pay me 5 USD and you enter the Garden!!!!....and then they would pay to you and as the system was broken they wouldn't be charged again and they would not complain about you.

Have a Nice travel @teamsteem...

Phew, I'm really glad you clarified that you AREN'T smart lol

You've got a great and healthy daily agenda going on there @teamsteem! Thanks for the motivation ;)
Cool garden! Makes me think a bit about the Jardin Botanique in Montreal ;)

Super video ..
Great post, thanks for sharing with us ..

Ah ! Height of Luck!
to go free inside

Beautiful!! I've been meaning to check out the Japanese Gardens in LA too, thanks for inspiring me! (and here's hoping I also get in for free 😎)

Omg! The garden is soo beautiful, i love the colorful flowers and the waterfall.

I am very lazy with exercises, i get tired before i even start. lol.

I wish all companies behave like that.

I couldn't hold back from laughing to that. There misfortune turned out good for you guys😁. Did you inquire tge days they usually have the technical failures?

Tge place really looks amazing, tge waterfall, the serene environment, the cruising of the fish without fear of attack, simply a lovely place.

Lovely tour
Your whole routine is wonderful.
I love finding people like you, motivated to be a better person and to have a quality of life.
Full of meditation, mental and physical health!

Keep it up ;)

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nice video,,,,,,thank for post

Your previous content was so well,,I searched it up,,I hope this also be the awesome day and enjoyed it ..

I must say that a few days ago I saw you a little emaciated, with many dark circles under your eyes, but today you look remarkably different, maybe the training is having an effect, I think it's great that you comment on your routines, especially the physical ones, so you serve as a motivation for many (I include myself), that visit seems great, just yesterday I published about a visit to a botanical garden where I had a great time! the contact with nature fills you with vitality and energy, I can't understand the language:(( but I can see that the visit was fun and free? much better

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What!?! I'm in Portland right now too! I'd love to go grab lunch with you at one of the EPIC vegan restaurants in town. How long are you around?

I am a fan of the travel blog. I try to read travel related post first. It has my extra attraction. Here I found another unique post from you. Thanks for sharing.

Japanese garden is excellent I had seen one in India's capital New Delhi (Rohini) and it has become a landmark over there

hi, i am Kailin. i was upvoted for your video and also followed you.

@teamsteem that was awesome, who knows the techniques you guys applied!.. This place is so beautiful, hope to be such place one day with you @teamsteem... Am a newbie just few weeks old on steemit!..

Cool video

Cool video


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