Eating At Avatar's Punjabi Burritos In San Rafael!

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This was another cool Indian restaurant where I would probably go every day if it was in my city. San Rafael was our first stop of our awesome trip to the coast. This town of 60,000 people is such a beautiful town!

The food was delicious and very healthy! Another great memory with @karensuestudios and @acromott!

Fun Facts

  • San Rafael is where Lucasfilm started.
  • Where Philip K. Dick was born.
  • The term "420" when used in reference to cannabis consumption is believed to have originated.

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U must visit Panjab (India) and try the real Panjabi food m sure you will never forget the test

Looks delicious but its Punjabi....that means it burns 2times if you know what i mean 😂😂


Haha! These weren't so spicy. We were totally okay. Twice. :P

Am from punjab india , punjabi food and music is very famous all around the world

You guys are awesome and make me jealous because I am also very fond of roaming like you. Enjoy.!!!

The place is so beautiful. You also look so happy. Thanks for sharing.

Karen's food looks way more delicious than the other two. I'm literally salivating while looking at it😂

Great looking places!

how spicy was it.

Punjabies are always known for their kind heart & tasty food . It's obvious that food was delicious.😉
Is it so??

Punjabi Food are So heavy

Pretty sure I'd go there every day too. India was food heaven

Are you in PAKISTAN?

Please come on Bangladesh and inspire Bangladeshi people involved to Dlive

Wow, there are alot of places I would love to be. This one of those special places to have real fun and eat different delicious food. It's a beautiful place indeed

That looks excellent! I wonder if Door Dash would deliver them...


I had never heard of Door Dash. Thanks for this!


Door Dash is my favorite thing in the world!! (Other than Mrs. Goldmatters)

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Thanks you, have a nice day.
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how do you make those cool thumbnails on your blog

lmao you guys are already hungry!~ The pumpkin curry looks good—no spicy :000 Mustard curry sounds interesting, never had it before. I'm trying to eat less junk food, including fried things, trying to gain some weight.

Ohh Panjabi food, mouthwatering... You can easily found Panjabi restaurant anywhere in Canada.
Thanks @teamsteem to be a Panjabi Food lover..

Next time try eating this with a Witbier by your side.