Rock Climbing In Sacramento!

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@karensuestudios and @acromott brought me to this awesome place for my second rock climbing session. This sport is so demanding. Every time I look at what I'm about to climb I always have the impression it's going to be much easier than what it ends up being.

@acromott taught me how to do a figure 8 Knot. It's somewhat easy but I would need a couple more reminders to make sure I'm doing them right.

Rock climbing rocks!

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You guys are really funny with this.

Congratulation on Dlive

Nice sir i am from India please follow me and upvote my post please

I tried it many years ago when I was in better shape, it was a frustrating experience because it wasn't easy, I think in my third attempt I managed to reach the finish line, just when I focused on the end and my concentration level was the one that best adjusted to the challenge, it was a good experience, which I couldn't repeat and I believe that now with more age and more kilos of weight, it would be a doubly difficult challenge.

I love climbing. It is one of the best ways to keep us healthy and fit. Thanks for sharing.

hahaha awesome looks fun

Waooo. @acromott did climb like a monkey🐒🐒🐒... Lolz

I am happy to see you all...

It could be dangerous but the same time, it keeps you healthy and mentally alert.

keren dan bagus tepuk tangan untuk kamu

Looks awesome!

Nice work guys .. I thought @teamsteem did really well! I used to love climbing and I used to work as a rope access technician, hanging off the side of oil rigs in the middle of the ocean and checking the legs etc for rust and structural integrity, so I know the importance of a good knot. Unfortunately, I've injured my side so no climbing for me at the moment .. but I greatly enjoyed watching you guys, thank you for sharing!

I've been climbing for over two years. It's really good for the core and grip strength. I love it.

I feel while climbing once, I've always had it difficult trying to rock climb ever since, I broke my ankle, I salute your tenacity, it's fun always Sacramento is an enjoyable place, yes?

sweeet, looks totally fun..have done some rock climbing in a few countries and gotta say it's rad


Ayeee the view xD

I never tried rock climbing before. I like that there's a safety rope too. Pretty good for your third time :D