Last Day In Sacramento! [Live]

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It's been an epic 6 weeks trip for me. Today I'm taking a flight back to Canada. I leave a new men but it also makes me a little bit sad to leave many good friends.

I'm going to miss you @karensuestudios! This trip was amazing!

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So emotional right now lol. Thanks for sharing it with us ❤

I think amazing Trip

i love traveling also, we learn and see thing we didn’t even imagine, It has full of surprises. Thanks for sharing and do visit my post sometimes, I am in Abu Dhabi and I love traveling and I have places to share to you for us to enjoy.


Hi brother, You voted me on one of my post, just wanted to say thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed my video and the place me and my family visited during our holiday. Thanks and have a nice day 😊👍

It has been a mesmerizing trip for the two of you with @karensuestudios @teamsteem and friends.
I bet that there are more trips to come and more fascinating places to discover @teamsteem
Best Regards and happy trip back to Canada, the land of the kindest people on earth.

Have a safe journey ! Sending you some good Irish luck :]

Very good. Enjoying trip. Best of luck all the best

Exciting, men.

wow accourding to your trip was awesome and you fully enjoy the trip and doing all work with joy. great best of luck dear teamsteem (73)

Pilgrim progress

Very good trip.

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