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Literally just tuned in to hear you guys say goodbye .. one day I shall get the timing right! :D Living the dream and you're looking great on it! Rome is amazing!! .. If you're heading to Eastern Europe may I recommend the oft-overlooked(and relatively cheap) fairytale delights of.

1)Budapest, Hungary

2)Tallinn, Estonia

3)Kotor, Montenegro

4)Dubrovnik, Croatia

5)Ljubljana, Slovenia

6)Prague, Czech Republic

You are having the trip of a lifetime and it's so cool to see you savoring every moment :)

You two make a perfect match for each other....
Stay-alive happy

You both looks fantastic and very happy its nice to see you dear friend keep smiling like this.

It does look hot!!!

Stay hydrated!

A trip that is so beautiful and peaceful, what if you want the atmosphere of a vacation to ASIA, meaning that there is a country there that is still very natural for natural beauty that is so real. Of course you can't imagine that, so come here!

You guys are the reason I still have hopes in love and relationships lol. hashtag relationshipgoals.

Why is it so hard to find someone with the exact same travel interests!