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I love the sound of Karen's Kitchen :)

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Excellent stuff. Two of the best on Steemit

Delicious Figs but they sometimes carry wasps babies in them @teamsteem ;) the wasps go inside via the hole below the fruits.
The Fig Jam is delicious too.

The truth, I don't like the taste of Figs... Hehe... But I love to cook and to bake and to make something like that. (^_^)


This is for you👆
Wish i could join hehe!

An incredibly lovable region. you beautifully choose places to your rest, I love. the dish you have got tasted appears heavenly and mouth-watering. I believe that their look is completely encouraged via the taste further as scrumptious as it's miles lovely. Based on your depiction, it's extremely tasty. exceptionally else, I loved crabs and fish within the closing picture.