[EN/中文]DailyPetPhotography monthly election | "每天寵物攝影" 月選 (Jan/2020)

【Here comes to support the Australian Animals Fire Rescue Event! Translate the event post to earn 10 dpet token!】


At dPet, we really appreciate that not only Steemians who own pets have joined this DailyPetPhotography event, but many others have also searched around their city for pets to take some nice photos. We are looking for more pet photography on Steemit and hope we can form a large closely-bonded community of pet lovers. To grow the dPet community, you and us can exchange information about pets or discuss any suggestions as to any pet-related projects. We at dPet look forward to hearing from you!

A big shout-out to all the Steemians who took part in this event last month! For your long-lasting enjoyment, dPet commits long-term resources to the DailyPetPhotography monthly election. Meanwhile, we are really thankful that if you could sponsor the election for any amount of SBD/Steem to sustain DailyPetPhotography. Moreover you can buy the dpet token now at steem-engine.com

We have collected around 2.5 hundred pet photos in Jan for DailyPetPhotography. Please help us select the top 3 from them.

Everybody who has voted will have a chance of winning 1 dpet token. We will randomly choose five winners from all the voters.

Using the date as the number, the three photos with the most votes in the comment section will win 10 dpet token ( 1st = 5 dpet token, 2nd = 3 dpet token, 3rd = 2 dpet token) in this month!

The votes will be counted when this post has received a payout.

To encourage long-term participation in DailyPetPhotography, we expect that all monthly winners will receive a certain amount of dPet Smart Media Token (SMT) in 2020 first season. Captivating!

Let the election and voting begin! Best of luck to all participants! The following photos are link to the original post, please click them!


在此也要向參與了上一個月Daily Pet Photography的所有Steemians表達謝意!因為每一位參加過這活動的朋友,我們會承諾一個長期的資源在DailyPetPhotography月選活動,同時,如果你願意贊助我們,不論任何數量的Steem/SBD,讓我們能繼續營運DailyPetPhotography,我們不勝感激!再者,現在可以到 steem-engine.com 購買 dpet token。


每一位投票的朋友都有機會抽獎,並得到 1 枚 dpet 幣!我們將隨機選出5名投票者作為幸運兒發放獎金。

參賽寵物的號碼對應著它們得到DailyPetPhotography冠軍的期數,大家請到留言區投票,每人限投三票,得到最多票數的勝出者可得到一共 10 枚 dpet 幣!(第一名 5枚 dpet 幣,第二名 3枚 dpet 幣,第三名 2枚 dpet 幣)


為了鼓勵大家在DailyPetPhotography的參與,現有一重要消息宣佈!每一次月選的勝出者,將會得到我們計劃於2020年第一季推出的dPet SMT!我們希望盡快落實當中的計劃詳情,同時讓大家知道細節及可得到的SMT數量!

投票現在開始! 祝大家好運!大家按下照片可以連結到該帖子的!








































Thank you for all participants, if you have pet, pick up your camera to take a nice shoot now!


Welcome to sponsor, upvote, resteem and follow this event! If you love pets, come to think about how can we do more things of them at steemit!

歡迎贊助、點贊、轉發及關注此活動! 如果你喜歡寵物,讓我們一起前行,想一想如何在 Steemit 為它們做更多的事情吧!

The event details at Here! 活動詳情在!

WITHOUT your delegation, our dream cannot come true!


For how many can we vote ? I feel almost like choosing between my kids the more I prefer, this is a hard way for me 😄

I know it's hard to choose, every photo is adorable, just pick up three of them to vote. welcome to support us by buying dpet token or delegation, we will develop more event about pets in steemit. Have a nice day!

Alright....sigh of despair...I vote for 735 739 741
And I sponsor with 5 steem to make me feel better 😄
Have all u3i7wn.png PetLovers ! 🐦

Thank you so much🐶🐶

Thanks for your support! @barbara-orenya💫

Outstanding! I love the fact that we are given a space to those who love our pets! Thank you for this new contest!

My votes are as follows:

  • 749
  • 741
  • 757

Good luck to the participants!


@kona and @d00k13: If you authorize me I can promote each of your publications translated into Spanish by the Social Network Smoke.io which is another decentralized social network! Let's make this go beyond SteemBlcokChain! Greetings!

Most welcome, just do it that can help to grow up the pets group. If you have any planning, free feel to contact me at discord channel, thanks!

Hi @kona Hello! How can I contact you at Discord? This is my Discord user: @manuelramos#1150

Please contact me and I will do my best to reach you! I want to be part of the Hispanic team within this community!

thanks! appreciate the vote!

Appreciate the vote & support @manuelramos🐾❤

I wish I can pick more than 3,but I will narrow my vote and it goes to


Thank you so much for your participation 👌

Always a pleasure to participate and always hard to choose among the cuties just three.

I vote for #727, #741, #743

Your participation is appreciated 💖

Appreciate your support! @qwerrie 💕

You can choose up to 3 if you would like 😉

I vote for 748, 744, and 729! Would you like some help translating the contest template into Spanish language?

@phoenixwren have you seen this?

Ohh that is very generous of you brother 🙌 What do you think @Kona? Expand into the Spanish community which is fairly large and full of passionate individuals... sounds like a good idea to me 😉

Also, Thanks for participating and the vote ✌

Appreciate to develop the Spanish network, will include in our developing plan, thanks a lot~

Excellent! I am following you now, what is the best way to share documents and templates? I use discord a lot, and my username is @ecoinstant#9078

Many thanks for the mention 😻

Would you like to participate in the monthly contest? There is a chance to win our dPet tokens 😁 just select three numbers of your preference 👌

My vote goes to 736, 739 and 740

Thank you for participating, good luck 🤞

731 , 743 , 750

Thanks for your vote @bkkshadow :))



Hey @dpet, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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@kendra19 728
@hangn 743
@dOOK13 748

Choosing this 3 winners
Thank you @dpet

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I vote #728 #732 #748

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🐾 ❤

@carolkean - 756
@olivia08 - 732
@manorvillemike - 734

Good luck guys and thanks to @kona and @dpet for having my entry in.

Thank you for your vote, @kendra19!
I'm trying to remember who owns #Pachinko... a cat with his name appears in @owasco's weekend freewrite and I know I know who it is....it used to be I could wait ten seconds and names would come to me. Now that I'm closer to 60 than 50, nothing is accessible in the cabinets of my brain.

Ahhh, it was Pachino, not Pachinko. Sorry @whatisnew - I was almost remembering your name!


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Thanks, @kona for including sweet timid Bingo :-)

I'm voting for my Bingo because she is so pretty... #734 ....

The magnificent Bobi the Bad ...................... #756 ...

@kaminchan ...................................................... #747

Thanks for picking up one of my posts!

I'll vote for @exandozer #730, @manorvillemike #734 and @qwerrie #752
Awesome photos, all of them! 😎

Thanks for the nomination!
Seems like I always vote for @grapthar and @manorvillemike so I'll be sure to narrow my favorites down to three others.
#1 - @sketch.and.jam - 755
#2 - @exandozer - 730
#3- @sallybeth23 - 745
But I hate narrowing it down to only three! They're all so good!

Very difficult to make choices! Vote for
734 @manorvillemike
747 @kaminchan
745 @sallybeth23

Howdy sir dpet! I'd like to vote for the great sir hangin: 743, 747, and 750. Great job on this contest!

Thanks for your vote @janton :))

Excellent contest, thanks as always it is a great choice of month

  • 740
  • 739
  • 731

and many others, they are so cute difficult choice

and this is where the thrill blooms 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥 Congratulations everyone and goodluck! 😊😊

My picks go to...


Your support is much appreciated! @bigsambucca 💕

My pleasure and good luck :))

Here're my votes!


you're very welcome!

Love The pets and its amazing what you do 😉
My choice is :

  • 741
  • 743
  • 752
    Wish everyone good luck 😉👍
    Happy Thursday 🌹🐶🐱🐰🐭

Thank you my dear friend @saffisara 😹 ❤️ 🐶

Thank you very much! @saffisara💓

My vote:

  • 748
  • 750
  • 755

Thank you @marlenyaragua for your vote :))


My votes:

  • 746

  • 743

  • 750

Thank you for your vote @willpk :))

They are all so cute:


     Wow, Wow! Excite to see so many pets here, in addition to many other animals that brighten the lens of their cameras in each shot ... I must add that it is very difficult to take a picture with our pets or animals, since they move a lot hahaha, or at least make it a red-legged turtle hahaha ...

My three votes are as follows:

Many successes for all participants,
let's continue giving a lot of love to our pets and animals ...

See you!


Thank you very much @crisangel! :-)

Appreciate the support! @crisangel🐾

All such beautiful pets this month 🐶



Very happy with the vote and support, thanks ^..^