[EN/中文]Guideline of Dailypetphotography Event/"每天寵物攝影"活動指引

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Hi, Steemians! dPet is presenting The "DailyPetPhotography" challenge to you!

【What's the purpose of DailyPetPhotography @dPet?】

We @dPet are a group of animal lovers who love to take pictures of our pets every day. Those pictures capture funny gestures and cute facial expressions amid our precise moments with the pets. Stop taking pet photos? No way!


Sharing pet pictures with peers, we enjoy the great happiness and get connected with other pet lovers. If you have some lovely pet photos, do share with us here, we can’t wait to see how adorable and cute your pets are and how you enjoy every moment with them. DailyPetPhotography is the right place for you, all pet lovers out there!


“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.

It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.”

― John Grogan, Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World's Worst Dog


【How DailyPetPhotography works】

  • Use the tag #dailypetphotography in your post. It doesn't have to be the first tag.
  • Include a photo of your pet. Actually if there are stray cats or dogs, or any pets you meet while you are out and about, they will also count.
  • One photo is sufficient for this purpose. If you want to post more, yes please
  • (Optional) Do let me know the name of your pet and your camera type.
  • No plagiarized photos are permitted! Not just for this challenge, but for any posts on the Steem blockchain.

To encourage posting in DailyPetPhotography, 3 photos chosen will receive a 100% upvote and another 5 selected photos will receive a 40% upvote from @dPet. It's not much but the amount of each upvote may increase when we have more delegated steem power. In the meantime, we expect that all monthly winners will receive a certain amount of dPet Smart Media Token (SMT) in 2019.

We are working hard to let pet lovers meet, mix and mingle, and share everything about pets in a casual atmosphere. Please be gently reminded that DailyPetPhotography is not a competitive contest at all, we hope that you can enjoy the friendliness of dPet people.


A daily challenge starts from GMT + 12 to GMT + 11.59.


Thanks for reading this post! Please join in to support!


Here are the delegation links: 20SP| 30SP| 50SP | 100SP

A dPet discord server is at your service, come on over to say hi and make new friends there. Here is the link. https://discord.gg/GYrnsNm

Come join us on discord, together we are building a strong force protecting pets' well-being!


【DailyPetPhotography 的成立目的】

@dPet 是由一群動物愛好者所組成,每天我們都會為自己的寵物們拍照,他們那些逗趣的動作、打著歪主意的小表情,都讓人停不下手中的相機,恨不得能抓住每一個跟他們互動的瞬間。有寵物的你們,一定也想跟大家分享家中小寶貝的可愛模樣和每個珍貴時刻。 這裏就是為你們所打造的平台。


  • 約翰.格羅根、馬利和我:愛上全世界最糟糕--但也最棒--的一隻狗!


【DailyPetPhotography 挑戰詳情】

  • 加上標籤#dailypetphotography,不需要是第一個標籤。
  • 如果你在街上拍到有趣的動物照片,也很歡迎與我們分享。
  • 我們不要求太多的文字,只有一張照片就可以了,當然,如果你想跟我們分享更多精彩的照片,我們無任歡迎。
  • (非必要)請讓@dPet知道你寵物的名字和相機的型號。
  • 不允許使用盜用的照片!

為了鼓勵發帖,@dPet 會每天100%點贊 3 張我們最喜歡的寵物照片,另外再挑選 5 張寵物照片給予40%點贊。目前點贊收益還不是很多,但是我們的代理將會不斷增加,點贊的力度也會加大。我們預計所有月選優勝者將會在2019年得到一定數量的dPet Smart Media Token (SMT)。

請注意: 這不是一場比賽,只是鼓勵更關心動物的一種方式。

計算時間從每天GMT + 12到隔天的GMT + 11.59為止。





20SP| 30SP| 50SP | 100SP




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