Happy Feral Caturday

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Well it's another Caturday. I thought I would share a pic of our two Feral cats this week. They were attached to the house when we bought it 5 years ago. One has become semi-feral, it will generally let me pet it a few times when feeding, but the other won't let anyone within 10-20 feet of it.

We let them onto our covered porch with a cat door in the winter and feed them there, but the one is especially wild still. Here they are sunning themselves in the morning after a cold night in the low teens (Fahrenheit).




Hahaha "attached to the house" ... I got a bunch here also at the surroundings of mine. They are mostly wild and won’t let us pet them but very exceptionally.
Great shot @ksteem , they are lovely 😉

Yes, hehe, the previous owner didn't tell us about them. There's a lot they didn't tell us, but that is a whole other story! We were just kind of surprised, as I'm sure they were about our dog, lol. We seem to have settled in a bit now. It took almost a year until the one would let me touch it, and even now only a few strokes when I feed it. No way to approach them outside and the other one still hisses and runs out the cat door if we approach. Good to have them around though.

It's good that they have a place for shelter from the winter weather. I have a bunch of cats hanging out in the barn. Some of them will let us pick them up of pet them while they are eating, but they will still get easily frightened or run away if you approach them too fast.

This is a really nice photo!

Happy Caturday!

!CATtip 25

And we love having them. Even put a bed and heater out there for them. Haven't seen a single mouse since we've lived here! Even though they take out the occasional rabbit and bird still very nice to have them around.

Cats have a way of working themselves into our lives huh? Even if it's just for food. Hope you're well and are having a good weekend K.

Yes, indeed. We'll sometimes see another one visit now and again, but I think these two chase them off before long. Thanks for checking out and yes, finally a weekend I didn't have to work or travel for a change. Nice time off to walk and play with the drone today I think.

I'm so glad I don't work weekends anymore...I really look forward to a couple day sin a row. I still don't have a drone...Still saying maybe one day I guess...I have too much other stuff to do though so can't warrant it at the moment.

Hi @ksteem,

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Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

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Making their tough life a little easier, thanks to you... 5 yrs is a long life 4 them already...

Yes, we are happy to have them. They are a bit spoiled for wild cats, we even put a space heater out on the porch for them when it's really cold. And even though wild, they sure seem to like their little cat bed we put out there as well!

TWO ginger toms (well, maybe not male, who knows, they're feral) - what an awesome pair!

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