Curation report #1: 20-feb to 25-feb

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Dear community, in this month we have learned a lot about curating posts promoted by bid bots. The process is difficult since there are a lot of posts promoted by bid bots that not have good content at all. But we are happy to contribute.

We will be posting the curation of each week. This is our first report, a total of 18 posts.


@salata5 simple ways to keep cut flowers fresh for longer
@paywithsteemPaywithsteem : A Big THANK YOU to @jerrybanfield! The Fundraiser is COMPLETE!
@voteoneGame Watch Dogs 2: When A City Is In Hand
@cryptoevolveBuild A What?.... Build A Whale
@wondersofnatureThe Amphitheater - Landscape Photography
@shadaleneTransfagarasan in Winter
@hectoeliEl Proyecto de Dios para la Humanidad
@aldymauliadiI'm doing #promo-steem because I've learned it from the beginning of 2017
@sharaineOur journey to 1 Decade Relationship
@hasantechproWhy do you dream? Know the reason to dream
@mrslaurenWho I Am - (Original Poem and Self-Portrait Painting)
@lesnar123Depression is sometimes devastating sickness....
@themarkymarkWhat I miss most about Reddit
@angiAngiFood: Profiteroles de pollo y vegetales paso a paso
@stripnusHola, Steemians! Vine con Patricio para presentarme :)
@lxs07¿A qué altura comienza el espacio exterior?
@klemmDj instrumental - life /#1
@deisip67Steemhomework for the week! / Leonardo de Pisa [Fibonacci]

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Next Vote is a community that promotes good content from the posts promoted by bid bots. If you want to see more read the presentation of the community, or you can contact us on Discord.



Hi @nextvote. Thank you for featuring my post :)

your welcome :)

I Upvoted And Followed you. do The same for me and we could help each other Earn.

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