A new community is born

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Welcome Steemians, a new community is born. We are happy to announce @nextvote, a community that promotes good content from the posts promoted by bid bots. To achieve this objective we use the new tool developed by @jga, which help us to filter this type of content. It is open source and free to use, you can access it here.

Why bid-bots

Many times very good content are undervalued and the authors prefer to pay for a vote, we want to promote them. At the same time, the bid bots have the particularity that we have a period of time before their vote, then we have time to read and upvote the posts before the bid bots in order to increase the curation rewards.

Curation rewards

Steem blockchain has been designed to incentive the good content and the good curation. If you upvote a post that is not popular, and after you, it becomes trending, then your curation rewards increase. For more details about the exact formula and how to optimize it, please look this post.

Join the trail

This trail will be very useful for many people, especially the minnows. By joining the trail you are doing 2 great things: First you are promoting good content on steemit, and second, you increase your curation rewards. This trail is available on steemauto.com and streemian.com. On the settings, it is important to set "wait time" to zero in order to ensure that you are upvoting before the bid bots.

Delegate Steem Power

30% of @nextvote's rewards will be allocated to weekly payments to those who delegate of steem power. We want this community to grow and be of help to many, both for the authors and followers of the trail. By delegating steem power you are promoting good content and receiving good rewards!

The people

This group is conformed by 5 curators at this moment: @jga, @elguille, @drakkomaximo1234, @robertromero, and @jesusledezma, but we want to grow much more in the future! Then follow us to keep you informed of the development of this exciting project.

See you in a next time dear community!


yeaaaaah!!! I am very excited to belong to this project to cure good content. I congratulate @jga for the initiative and for joining us in a great contribution to the community. Thanks for invite me.


No se olviden de los que no sabemos Ingles :( .

Excelente tu aplicación. Yo la entendí igual sencilla y muy útil!.