What in the world’s Goldmoney WINNERS!!

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Once again, Steemians prove to be a relentlessly talented group who are up to any task.

When I called upon Steemians to join my first challenge, we got epic results: https://steemit.com/steemit/@goldmatters/goldmoney-brings-world-together-on-steemit-over-where-in-the-world-is-goldmoney-challenge-part-i

My second challenge proves again the power of the Steemit community. It all began 1 week ago... I realized that there are still many people who do know what Goldmoney is or what services are offered. What do I have to do??? Blog about Goldmoney from the top of a volcano??


Wear my Goldmoney shirt in the middle of the ocean??


Fly a drone in the sky????


To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here: https://www.goldmoney.com/w/goldmatters

So I cooked up a giveaway that asked the Steemit community to describe Goldmoney in their own words, what it could do for individuals & families, and why it was so important to own gold. Here is the giveaway: https://steemit.com/contest/@goldmatters/what-in-the-world-s-goldmoney-500-steem-giveaway-part-i

I got some incredibly detailed and even some powerfully emotional stories.

Here are some of the best entries:

@tbnfl4sun weighed in with a fantastic entry, chock full of information and even Steemit advocate @jerrybanfield made an appearance!

Here he is rocking his Goldmoney T:


Here’s his post: https://steemit.com/contest/@tbnfl4sun/my-entry-post-what-in-the-world-s-goldmoney-500-steem-giveaway

We have a very entertaining piece by @owenwat. I really enjoyed the spirit here:


Here’s his post: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldsgoldmoney/@owenwat/goldmoney-is-oldmoney-re-designed

@welshstacker weighed in with a very solid post, and even showed off his shiny Goldmoney 10gram GoldCube! Follow the rules on Goldmoney Twitter and Instagram for a chance at your own!


Post: https://steemit.com/goldmoney/@welshstacker/what-in-the-world-is-goldmoney-giveaway-entry

@phelimint made a very funny entry, and although I cant bring myself to re post the picture he used ... it is hilarious and Mrs. Goldmatters thought so too!

To see it check out his post:


@thatsweeneyguy made a very rigorous entry here with some great research and even gave Steemit and Steem a shoutout on the Goldmoney Community:


Great job @thatsweenyguy!


One of my absolute most favorite entry’s was from @jbcoin.


He tells a very touching story about his father and the lessons he has learned about sound money. If you read one post here, this needs to be it:


Thanks @jbcoin for sharing this with the community.

It’s very satisfying for me personally, after going all over the country to promote Goldmoney, and expending 3 years in a labor of love, to hear from people that are just hearing about Goldmoney for the first time, like @kanoe

Read their post here:


We even had a POEM entered!!

Thanks @macksby !


Here is an excellent analysis that includes the question of why we should own some gold instead of just going all out buck wild on crypto:

Thank you @michellerhey for this important perspective!


Btw if crypto is your thing you should see this:


We also had some last minute but high quality entries from @raybrockman and a few others.

Ray is the basically the captain of #steemsilvergold and one of the most dedicated Steemians ive ever seen. He actually signed up for a Goldmoney Holding because of this giveaway!


Another personal story here with some great pics of Goldmatters Jr.


By @alz190

I simply cannot post ALL of the entries or this post would be even longer. We had a number of other AWESOME entries. To see all the entries use the tag #whatintheworldsgoldmoney.


But here is just a few more:

Long time Goldmoney advocate @nigelmarkdias has a slick post with some of the coolest features of a Goldmoney holding here:


Nigel is a #GMH or GoldmoneyHermano

I also must show @cryptolucky ‘s post because he used these awesome charts with Goldmatters Jr. right in them!



I cant imagine that anyone would ever need to do anymore research if they simple read these posts. I wish I could give EVERYONE an award and in the future I might have to up the prize awards since there was such a great participation.

I tried to upvote every participant and I did give out the promised BONUS awards.



Thank you EVERYONE who participated and if you didn’t win don’t despair, I plan to do more of these types of giveaways, and those with previous participation will be given special consideration, especially for BONUS opportunities.

After today I never want to hear again ...


Thanks for reading,


Goldmatters Jr.

To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here: https://www.goldmoney.com/w/goldmatters

For Mene 24k investment jewelry here: http://Mene.com/invite/JrT26p!

I am on a personal mission to spread the word about Goldmoney through any means necessary. Goldmoney allows individuals to empower themselves by protecting their savings by owning small or large amounts gold previously inaccessible to regular people like you and me.

Read more about Goldmoney: https://steemit.com/@goldmatters


**** Other entries








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Thanks again for the contest and the awesome prizes @goldmatters! Thanks to your contest my Grandson will have a great surprise this year for Christmas. A real gold coin! I think that he is going to love it!

I can't say enough about Goldmoney and @goldmatters generosity! Thank you 😁



Fantastic!! Another amazing example of how you are spreading the understanding of precious metals to the next generation @jbcoin!!


Thank you so much! I am very excited, as he is hoping for a "real silver coin" of his own for Christmas...which of course he is going to get first. A great 1922 Peace Dollar from @orionsbeltbuckle thanks to Steembay.

Steemit is a great community and the #steemsilvergold group is amazing!


What a lucky kid!

Thanks so much @goldmatters, 500 steem giveaway+
bonuses? This must be a record it was definitely a cool contest!


You had an awesome entry! Great job man! Happy you won

@goldmatters, 500 steem giveaway+
bonuses? Thanks so much..
This must be a record it was definitely a cool contest!


I hope you enter the next one!!!

Dude thats to much,,, 😎👊

Thanks for the awesome giveaway, but most if all thanks for being the voice of goldmoney. Cant wait to start using it, I get off work in 1 hour.....


Thanks Ray!! I’m so exhausted lol. These contests take a lot out of me but they are so worth it!


Congratulations big man. A well deserved winner

Thankyou Goldmatters!!

This has finally taken me over 500 SP now i should finally get my vote slider! so this is a big moment for me! Congratulations to all the winners and well done everyone for spreading the word about Goldmoney :)


So when can I rub that lucky head of yours. Congratulations fella. Now remember to set that slider on the high side for me, OK? 😃


You deserve it! Thanks for your great entry:)

A big congrats to all of the winners!! Way to go Goldmatters, this contest went viral!! Resteemed.


Thanks for your support as always Paul

Thank you for all you do, @goldmatters!


Thank you for the sentiment :)

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THANKS SO MUCH!! @goldmatters. This was a great contest and thanks for all of the hard work, putting it together!! Congratulations to all of the entrants! I enjoyed reading all of the posts this week! I hope that a lot of people will learn how great Goldmoney really is!!


You deserve it @jbcoin! I’m sure many were touched by your awesome story :)


Another great entry, really liked this entry. Congratulations fella


Thank you! I loved your entry and that AWESOME 10g Gold Cube!!


Thanks man. I may not have won this time, but that little bit of shiny more than makes up for it

A massive congrats to all of the winners!! way to go Goldmatters, this contest went viral!! his became a superb contest and thanks for all of the difficult work, putting it collectively!! Congratulations to all of the entrants! I enjoyed reading all the posts this week! i am hoping that a number of humans will learn how amazing Goldmoney definitely is!!


Me too! Thanks for reading

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GoldSeekRadio has a good debate interview, with Peter Schiff. About Goldmoney, Bitcoin, other stuff. http://radio.goldseek.com/


Thanks Ill check it out!

Wow. You are funny!! I didn't know you were famous. Goldmoney is a cool brand with cool stuff. Great work. Now I gotta study. On to the website. Thank you Unclegoldmoney!



Congrats to the winners and you @goldmatters for a successful marketing campaign!


Thanks fo your entry, you had a great post here. I wish everyone could have won

Good day and good publication my friend @goldmatters


Thanks for reading

That's awesome ! Congrats to the winners ! Im looking forward to your next contest !Upped👍👍👍


Thanks Karen! Me too :)

Awesome contest man! Thanks for spreading the word to everyone and your generosity.


Thank you for your great entry ! I’m sorry I couldn’t make everyone win :(

This post has received a 8.75 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @goldmatters.

Great job on this contest! You sure do know how to get those coins out there.


Thanks for reading

Congratulations to all of the entrants!


Thank you

interesting, will check this out.



Well done and congrats to the winners!


Thanks for reading!

This is a great,
I upvoted you as a witness :) good luck!


Thank you!

Hay its first understand what is gold money and I will be exciting know more about it


Lots of info here!

i saw your post and i follow your post because it s a very good post




welcome where are you from

Congratulations to the winners! All with pleasure I read :)


Thank you for your great entry as well

Great contest! I will be sure to participate in the next one!


Yes! Sounds good to me

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this is really awesome!! keep up the good work man :)


Thank you for reading


you are most welcome :)

really man u have done a great work to write such kind of aricle it took me 10 min to read all that u share with us.it was so helpfull.keep us enlighten with this kind of info.


Thank you for reading :)


i always try to read ur post

Awesome contest. Congrats to all the winners .


Thank you so much

Congrats @owenwat and @raybrockman



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Very cool initiative my friend, your doing an awesome job spreading the word to the world, good on you mate, cheers.


Thank you very much for reading @silverbug

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Thanks stax!!

giphy-downsized (13).gif
Thank you so much goldmatters.That' a big profit.



This was a really cool contest. Just checking if you made an error. I see @thetimetravelerz received $100, but did you post a link somewhere in this post? I don't see anything in this post about it. All the other ones I read through, and they look great.


Good eye! You are right I didn’t include it in this post.... but he was in the contest, here is his post: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldsgoldmoney/@thetimetravelerz/my-goldmoney-account-worth-its-weight-in-gold


That was a very detailed entry!


There were 2 or 3 of these types of amazing entries that I wish I could have made winners. Next time ill just have to give more away!

Congratulations to all the winners and well done everyone for spreading the word about Goldmoney...Thank you for all you do, @goldmatters!


Thanks for reading tonny

This post has received gratitude of 3.00 % from @appreciator thanks to: @goldmatters.

Congratulations everyone! It was a fun contest to be in. And thanks again @goldmatters for hosting AND making Goldmoney known! Have a wonderful Christmas #steemsilvergold


Thank you! You too!


Looks like an epic contest! Congrats to all


Thank you:) next time i want to see you in it!

Congrats to all winner.good contest .Actually you deserve it.


Thanks for reading

Really posts shouldn't expire after 7 days. I'd love to upvote and resteem. Luckily, you link to it in your newer posts, anyway, but still.

" I realized that there are still many people who do know what Goldmoney is or what services are offered. What do I have to do??? Blog about Goldmoney from the top of a volcano?? Wear my shirt in the middle of an ocean?"

Hahaha you're awesome. If you like volcanoes and you ever make it to Guatemala, there's a volcano there where you can roast marshmallows over the lava.

Just sayin'


Whoa that would be awesome!!