A Contest In Honor of my 4000 Follower Milestone... Remember When I Hit 1000 Followers in 23 Days?

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UPDATE: Contest is now closed for new submissions.

Thank you so much for your submissions! I am so honored to see so many stellar Steemians who wish to grow and learn and give back to the community! You gut have made me so proud! I didn't think I could be prouder of my fellow Steemitzens, but you all have completely blown me away <3

It is very difficult choosing just one. I am going to take a couple days to really dive deep in hopes I make a solid decision. I will be doing this again! This is so amazing, you are all amazing, I feel sad I can only choose one, but I will be mentoring on a regular basis. That is how amazing you all are <3

Thank you again so very much for your entries!

I'm giving back to my cherished community with a profitable, valuable, and unique opportunity. The contest you've been asking for is finally here!

I write a lot of posts with helpful advice on how to succeed on Steemit and am asked the question, "How do I get followers and upvotes?" a lot. The first thing I wish to share is that is the wrong question to ask :) A better question is: "How do I improve my approach and content so I provide value to the community?"

I have been studying and honing marketing and writing techniques for the web for quite a few years before discovering Steemit. As an author, I learned how to advertise and promote my work to increase readership and sales. As a consultant, I learned the importance of giving something for nothing to rise above my competitors. Working as a copywriter showed me that it's not necessarily what you say- it's how you say it. And during my webmaster years I ran several high performing websites and grew their linked social media accounts.

So when I joined Steemit in June 2017, I had most of the tools and know-how on what to do, what works, and what doesn't. And having been here for seven months now I am well-versed in Steemit etiquette. I am by no means an expert, but I have a great working knowledge and strive to be better and learn more each day.

I started on Steemit with zero investment. I built from absolute scratch, and when I posted my 100 follower milestone after being here for three days, many community members said I'm a Steemit natural.

And when I hit 1000 followers in only 23 days, I was told it's almost unseen on Steemit!

I want you to do the same!

Steemit has been amazing to me. I am honored to be a part of such a caring and supportive community.

So how do you get followers and upvotes?

I'm going to show you how!

Two of the books that got me started :)

I am going to mentor a minnow! The winner of this unique opportunity will have a personal mentorship with me: one on one attention for 30 days. You will learn the techniques I used to grow on Steemit and you will put them to action. I will show you the basics of internet marketing, Steemit Do's and Don'ts, how to format posts to make them aesthetically pleasing, building your "tribe", attracting readers, getting involved in community groups, and making the community a better place.

You will learn SEO, rank, keywords, optimal paragraph size, how to know what to write, catering to your audience, and how to build your brand. Basically, everything you need to know to grow and advance, and succeed on Steemit, as well as any other internet platform.

  • Even if you cannot enter this contest, please tell me what you would like to see more of from me. I am here for you! Please share what topics you would like me to cover more of as we settle into a brand new year :)


  • This contest runs one week: from today's posting to Tuesday January 23, 2018 at Midnight PST.

  • You must be a minnow to enter.

  • You must be dedicated to Steemit for the long haul. The winner will be someone who believes in the Steemit platform and long term potentials, is dedicated to immersing themselves into the community and providing value to their fellow Steemitzens, and is committed to the continual advancement of themselves as a person, as a Steemian, and as a representative of this rapidly growing community.

  • You must have time to dedicate. At least two hours a day for 30 days, starting one or two days after the contest ends. If you cannot make this time commitment, please do not enter into this contest. I will host more of these in the future so please only enter this contest if you can keep the time commitment. You will be learning from me in private chat and then creating, formatting and publishing one post per day for 30 days. And you will be joining and interacting with community groups, considering my feedback on each day's post, and commenting on other peoples posts. Every day. Consider the time commitment, including time you will be spending each day on your own to research information for your blog post then write and edit it, find relevant and legal images, etc, before you enter.

  • Resteem this post. We are a community of like minds, and we are all here to succeed. We are better when we help our fellow citizens! We stand strong as a group- that is what is propelling Steemit as a force to be reckoned with, the future of the web! Yes, your chance of winning this particular mentorship may be a bit less by sharing this post, however by giving this more visibility you are not only being a generous role model, you are helping this idea spread far and wide. I would like to see more mentorships like this from more Steemit power users. Spread the Steemit Love!

  • In the comments of this post, tell me why you deserve this mentorship. What will you do with what you have learned? Be creative and compelling, treat this like a mini interview- why should I choose you over the others? What will you be blogging about and why? How will you be an asset to the community? I am the sole judge, so impress me!

  • I reserve the right to pause the mentorship due to extenuating outside circumstances or to stop the mentorship at any time at my discretion. If you are plagiarizing, not being kind or attacking other users, engaging in illegal or immoral behavior, not taking part in the teachings, or for any reason that would make you less than a model representative of Steemit.com I reserve the right to stop the mentorship and transfer it to someone else. I am giving my time, my experience, and my assistance, and I expect a high level of professionalism and dedication.

Take your time on this! The contest runs for one week so polish your entry before posting it in the comment section. And be sure to cover everything so there are no loose ends :)

I look forward to your entries! Good Luck!

Enter the 🏡 Home is Where the Heart is 💓 photo contest for SBD Prize!! 📸

Images via Pexels

Thank you for your support, I love you guys ♡


With Love, Positivity and Good Mojo Light,
May Your Days Be Always Happy and Bright!


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I remember when you arrived babe and was blown away by your intro post.
Since then you've been an absolute class act, it's clearly evident that you're extremely talented.
Anyone would be lucky to have one on one mentoring with you.
Keep it up @arbitrarykitten you're one of the stars of Steemit.


Thank you my friend! That means so much to me :)

What a great and noble way to "celebrate" your achievement – by passing on the tricks of the trade.

All the best to you and the lucky minnow. After it's competed, I'd love to hear a "before" and "after" report on the progress made during the 30-day "mentor venture."


Great idea! I am going to do it! Thanks for the suggestion :)

To be totally honest joining Steem has been a lifesaver for me. My life recently took a major turn with the unexpected and sudden death of my husband of 36 years. It’s great to have a welcoming place where I can share my passions and my heart and really get to know people who are doing the same.

One of my passions has always been writing and now I pretty much have all day to devote myself to this task. I’m just getting started here and haven’t had a chance to write about all of my varied interests and experiences but definitely plan on delving into such topics as personal growth, spirituality, holistic health, homeschooling, permaculture, nonprofit management, poetry and dealing with loss.

I’ve been doing my best to learn the logistics of this format but it’s definitely a little daunting. Having a mentor like you with the knowledge, experience, focus, dedication, sucess, and most importantly the passion to help would be totally awesome.

I definitely have the time, talent and devotion to make it worth your while. I’ve always been a teacher’s pet and I promise I won’t let you down.


I just noticed I used the word “definitely” way to many times in my post. I’m also not sure if it’s proper etiquette to reply to my own reply. LOL!


I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. But it's healing to write and it's good to see you using this medium <3. I also teach trauma and grief writing... It's truly helpful on a deep level. And there is no more supportive or encouraging community than right here :)

Lovely meeting you, and good luck :)

I like to throw my name into the pot as well.
It is funny that you used "deserve" - to convince you that I, we, the ones applying deserve your attention. This opens a big topic about self-esteem and philosophy and all of that. But that is now what you want us to discuss here.

I absolutely would love to work with you (see how I sidestepped the deserve part :).
Yes, I am a minnow, and yes, I can, am willing and do spend at least 2 hours on this platform - because I do believe that this platform can give many the financial freedom we want. Even if that means that we can stop worrying about making ends meet.
For the most part, I am self-taught in this online adventure and have spent many hours on steemit trying to understand the platform and learning formatting and such.
While I usually figure out how to get the result I want, I feel that there are better and faster ways but I don't know them.
I also have spent quite a bit of time and energy to build community and feel that I am fairly successful with making people feel welcome and happy about being on steemit, but haven't quite managed to be that successful myself if that makes sense.
I know enough to know that I don't know enough to make this really work for me and to guide others to be equally successful.
I love what you do and if I get so lucky as to win that time with you, I would be very happy and honored.


I certainly was not meaning anything negative by using the word deserve. You know me, I'm all about the positive :) I actually had just finished composing a 2500 word scholarship entry for my MFA, telling them why I "deserved" to be schooled with their prestigious university, lol. Guess it just stuck- and I was not really thinking along that line whatsoever.

I apologize if it was offensive, I would never want for that to be an outcome.

I appreciate your entry my dear, and wish you luck <3


Not offensive at all. It just has become a heavy word - if that makes sense. There is all of that talk about deserving this and that all around us - or not deserving and I have a difficult relationship with the idea of better than - instead of equally good but different. This is just my own pain-body speaking. I, me, I (lol) have a hard time saying about myself that I am better or more deserving than someone else if that makes sense at all. I think I am a bit tired - that is all.
I know that your heart is full of love and I didn't mean to say anything about your intent at all.

HOpe you get into the program!!

I would love to win this contest because,

  1. I'm a minnow
  2. I want to give more to the steemit platform with my writings but i hardly get enough readers on my post so its a bit discouraging.
  3. I want to be better for myself, that is learning from the best to develop myself.
  4. I have a lot of minnows basically looking up to me, i want to be able to help them grow as a steemian too
  5. I want to learn from the best which is you.

I hope i win this contest ....


Hello @deeclown! What topics do you write about?

Thank you, by the way :)


I write about random stuff, but i do well when writing stories fiction and non-fiction.


Ok, very cool. Thank you for your entry, lovely meeting you, and good luck!

An amazing and generous offer ~ thanks.

What an incredible and successful journey you are on; congratulations.

I sure could learn a lot from you...

I am an artist/writer/lightworker with a message of hope, love and respect for folks but, for longer than I care to remember, I have struggled to connect with a truly engaged audience.

Committed beyond committed I feel that I have been banging my head against the proverbial brickwall for long enough.

I would love for you to be my mentor so as, in some small way, I can add true value to others.

small heart round.jpg

With Love.



It certainly can feel like that sometimes.

Thank you so much for your entry, and good luck <3

Hello! My name is Sarah. I signed up for Steem back in August 2017 and made a few posts and played around in the muck for a bit before I got discouraged. I returned to Steem this year and I've made a personal commitment to stick with Steem for a whole year to see what I can grow here.

I believe I would make a good fit as your apprentice :) because I'm most certainly one of the minnow-est-y of the minnows. I have A LOT of room for growth on this platform. Very important, of course, is the time commitment, which I am able to make. I'm currently, how do we say...unemployed. I worked as a telecommute legal writer and the firm I was employed with crumbled due to bankruptcy. My husband is a traveling nurse so the transient nature of his job makes it difficult for me to grab traditional employment. All that preamble about my work/home situation seemed relevant to the issue of time commitment and isn't meant to be an over-share.

This year with so much "free time" on my hands I'm finally delving into starting a business. I'd like to jump into media. I'm working on a fictional podcast and my husband and I are starting a podcast on the topics of love, dating, marriage, and sex because it seems like those issues are SO prevalent in our broader social conversations. I've been doing a lot of fiction writing. I submitted my first short story to a magazine and am working on others.

Here on Steem I'd love to build an audience for my fiction writing. I would say the bulk of my posts are about fiction or are featuring my photography. After that are blog posts about my personal life and travel experiences. I've also dabbled in movie and TV reviews and one longer piece discussing a popular short story.

I hope this is sufficient information for you to make an informed decision on the merits of my "application" as it were.



Perfect amount of information! Thank you so much Sarah :)

And good luck!

1000 followers in 23 days caught my eyes instantly😱.

That's a milestone very few can achieve. Yes, definitely yes.... I would love to get into this mentorship scheme.

First off, I think an introduction is in order. I'm Paul Gamsam and I am 47.... My reputation not my age, I'm still a young man😀.
I joined steemit last month and I've been having a great time ever since and I believe a mentor like you will be great game changer for me here on steemit.

I believe in steemit, greatly. And even though the markets may rock and sway, I still fix my gaze on the future of this platform
I believe this mentorship will be for the best benefit of the community if I get selected. I am a die hard steemit fan and I believe in helping others, especially minnows like me.
Most of my posts have been about using steemit, steemit tools and newbies can use this tools to make blogging on steemit enjoyable. Just one month on steemit may seem like a short time for me learn about all these and even start teaching others about them, buy I've done my homework......extensively. I've read, researched and learned about all these even before my account was approved on steemit.

The knowledge I'll be getting from you I believe will help me to help others literally. It will help me build my blog and a follower base that will benefit greatly from my blog.

Currently, as stated above I write about using steemit and steemit tools. I also write some short stories and poems intermittently to my blog somewhat interesting. I don't know if it's quite right to diversify my niche, I hope to learn that from you.
I also hope to continue to write about steemit and all other crypto driven platforms as a whole.

I really look forward to learning from you after I get selected that is.

I went through your blog and permit me to say ..... It's AMAZING.

About time commitment, I believe I give 2 hours daily already to steemit and I don't think that will be a problem when the training process starts.


Awesome! It's wonderful to meet you Paul!

Thank you for your entry! And good luck!!!


Thank you☺

@arbitrarykitten: Congratulations!! Great idea too!
That's what I call a #Steemit contest! I just stepped over your post by coincidence ;) when I wanted to look for my 200 followers post in the #contest thread - well, I couldn't find it anymore ^^ Therefore I might need your advice. Probably you know better ;)
I'm creating a small #Steemian #community where I live, so I'm already dedicating most of my time to it. You can read more about it in my article "I have a dream" from 3 days ago. But all the writing & formatting takes me ages. Also I've been way more active reading, studying, connecting than creating own content. So maybe you can help me change this soooon !? :) #Steem #ToTheMoon 🚀

#resteemed & #upvoted


How serendipitous! Well wonderful meeting you! Oh, what are your blog topics?


It's a pleasure for me! Basically I wanna create a mixture of #blog & #vlog using also #Dtube or #DLive. So far I'm only on #Dsound, but the idea is to put it all together. For example from February on we're making a weekly Steemit #Afterwork event series with #jam & #DJ show and the photos, videos, audio streams we wanna put online afterwards. In the end it should all be presented in a blog format. Ideally we have our own hashtags to keep track. The concept is also that all the helpers, artists, etc. will only get rewarded in #Steem & #SBD. You can read more about it in the before mentioned post. As you can see in my thread I wanna support new Steemians to have an easier start as I had :) So from Day 1 I'm already sharing whatever I found worthy to make their lives easier & make it a better experience for all of us 👍

so here are my topics..

#madlips :D .. just happened to be that way while writing freely


Madlips, I love it, and it was meant to be!

Sweet, thank you for this. And Good Luck!!!

Looks my I can't fulfil all the criteria. Basically, I am spending more than 2 hours in steemit but not at the same time. I am at work and my desktop is open for steemit. I am at home and my laptop or cell phone is open for steemit. But if I need to do something one a particular time, It might not be possible.
By the good luck of the contestant.


Not at a particular time. What you mentioned sounds perfect. I am a single mother and a rescue home operator and I work the same way you do- computer is open but I must step away all the time because, well, someone is bound to need me ;)

Please enter! I just want to make sure you have about two hours a day to commit to your growth, it does not have to be all in a row :)

Hi! @arbitrarykitten. My name is Lois aka @loistss. I'm a minnow. I love to share my experience and what I've learnt to help people. At the same time I believe every human been should be trained to think brilliantly for themselves. I write on Facebook for that purpose, to enlarge my influence beyond my immediate circle of influence. A few of my friends told me about steemit, and i signed up 8-9 days ago. Once I entered, it felt like I'm in a complete new world. So many things to learn.! I foresee the great potential of this platform, to be honest, I was overwhelmed by it initially. I've to assure myself, one thing at a time, faith start with taking a baby step.
I love life, people are the most valuable "thing" (sorry just can't think of a better word at the moment) in the world. I blog about life, relationships, belief, fun, jokes, and inspirational thought. I want to change the world for better, and I have to start one step at t time, one person at a time. So if I can learn something that will help me to increase my influence, why not? And a plus point is I can learn it for "free", and from someone who has a great working knowledge in this field who want to strive to be better and learn more each day. I appreciate your heart ( I have gone through the agony of defeat and joy of victory when helping people for free).
Oh! I stumbled into your post, maybe this is my lucky day 😀


Steemit is definitely overwhelming when you first arrive, I don't care who you are ;)

Perhaps this is a lucky day for you <3 Lovely to meet you and good luck!


Hey. I feel fulfill all the criteria required and I have more than 2 hours to dedicate to steemit per day. I'm currently working as a self employed music producer.

I've been blogging about two broad topics:
Firstly, empowering up and coming artists to make a decent income and a big impact with their music while equipping them with the knowledge to be able to protect their work. I also touch on the mindset of a typically creative person and try to put words and stories to the complex emotions creators feel.

My second topic is an eye condition I have called Keratoconus. I was blessed to be able to have procedures done on my eyes to halt its progression. I use it in some of my posts to drive certain messages home. I try not to be too blatant about it, but my hope is that I raise awareness for the condition. Over the past 3 years I've met 3 artists with the condition through my posts and I'm about to start work on a studio album with one of those artists.

With the new knowledge I would gain from you, I would apply those points to what I do here on Steemit as well as my blog to grow the audience further, get more artists to start earning a decent income and also over the long-term hopefully get the attention of a high profile musician like August Alsina or Gramatik who have keratoconus to share their stories as well as make music together.


Haven't heard about Keratoconus so far or that Gramatik has it, but definitely you've raised my awareness about it. I like his futuristic jazzy style in the same way I like your idea of empowering others. Lots of success with it!! Like to see it growing! You've got a new #follower from Catalunya :)


Yeah. I was shocked when I read it. Nice to meet you


@adriansilas: nice to meet you, too!
Ahh.. that's why he often wears sunglasses!? Can't believe he's so famous now. I remember when he was an underdog on soundcloud - like Major Lazer. Now they're all establishment & we are the next generation of underdogs 8)
But isn't it difficult to do all this screen work when mastering,...?


It used to be very difficult. Saved up for little implants (damn expensive) that help correct the shape of my eyes. Then I had another procedure to essentially lock the shape in place. Now I wear contact lenses and have almost perfect vision with them on.


Excellent! Thank you for your entry!

Wonderful meeting you , by the way :)

Good luck!


Yeah likewise and thank you.

4 freakin' thousand followers.. thats a lot of number ..

And you chose to celebrate this moment by taking up a project of mentoring a minnow.. no wonder you have 4000 followers.. all i can hope for is to follow in your footsteps one day.. more power and blessings upon you.. ;)


I believe we are stronger when we stand together :)

I learned everything over the years all on my own. Trial and error, my own tireless research. I would have greatly appreciated someone taking me under their wing. So I want to be that person :) This is something that is so much more valuable than a $ prize- give a minnow a SBD and they Steem for a day. Give a minnow the knowledge and they Steem forever into the horizon :)


You are indeed a giver..

Hello @arbitrarykitten

I am a minnow.
Why I need to win this challenge is because

  1. So I could build my own community in my area and grow it.
  2. Be able to show people what you can actually gain from steemit. To be a leader you must have the qualities and if I want to be a leader I must learn from bosses like you.
  3. To promote photography and writing
  4. To increase the awareness of people in my area bring them together. And increase to population of steemians

Thank you for your entry! Good luck :)

These inportant to me as newbie, thanks.

You will create more @arbitrarykitten s...awesome...more people to follow and more quality reads.
I would have entered but this commitment thing you know...it is not really for me...i mean...I generally see myself as a free spirit...OMG...I have not put up these words in that order since I was 28 :))))

Stay positive.



I respect that :) But you still are able to take advantage of all the helpful things I post :)

Wait, just to clarify- you have not put them in this order: this commitment thing you know...it is not really for me...i mean...I generally see myself as a free spirit since you were 28?


Yes...this was the time just before I got married...famous last words... :)

Omg 1.000 followers in less than a month is insane!! that's my milestone and i have been here for 6 months :( you did it soo friking fast!! Congratulations now for 4k <3


This is why I want to show someone how! It can be done, and organically!

Thank you my friend <3

Great initiative! Thanks on sharing your knowledge for those who need it. Saw this post, and I'm thinking on joining the contest but I still have to think it over. Because I need to evaluate if I have enough dedication to set aside at least two hours a day for learning, on top of my studies. But if I do join, I'll do my best!

i wish all the very best to the participants :)

I want to be your mentee because i believe in the steemit dream, i already started a project #backtolife-project you can check it out. I spend close to 4hours on steem daily and i tgink i my resign soon for it.

I want to build my business around steem, i am looking forward to it. I just concluded ny business registration in my country hoping to start a perfect steemit businesss i need your guide.

Passion for steemit is burning in me, i know i have come to tge right mentor!


Awesome! Thanks for your entry!

I have been on this platform for about 6 months now and have grown a lot here emotionally and mentally. The journey so far has been amazing and I have learned a lot over these 6 months, both about the platform and life in general. While the journey has been great and I have loved every bit of it, I'd love to grow better and bigger here. I have been on your blog several times and I have to agree you are definitely well versed in this etiquette. Also, I have seen how amazingly popular you are and how well you do in different aspects of writing which makes you capable of mentoring people here.

As for me, I do really well when I have some sort of guidance. For about 2 months, I have been really yearning for some sort of mentor who could guide me better about the ins and outs of the platform and how to do better here. When I read your post on Friday, I became extremely excited because it was like God had listened to my prayers and provided an opportunity to learn from someone, but of course if you do choose to work with me.

Now about who I am, what I do and how I work. I am a mother of a 4 year old boy so that's obvious, I am quite busy throughout the day. He makes sure to keep me on my toes. I am a freelance writer and have enough work to keep me occupied all the time, but I like to keep a balance between my personal and professional lives so I work only when my son is in school or when he is asleep. Because when he is home, I make sure to spend as much time as I can with him so he resorts as less as possible to any sort of screen to stay entertained. I am also a wife so I have to look after my husband as well. Nonetheless, I make sure to give about a hour and a half to Steemit regularly too along with working on an e-book for my freelancing client for about 3 hours daily.

I am quite dedicated to my work, both my freelancing work and my blog here on Steemit. I try to post at least one blog-post here daily and sometimes when that's not possible then at least 4 to 5 blogposts a week. Not only am I consistent in blogging, but I also make sure to respond efficiently to the comments on my posts and try to interact as much as I can in the communities I am engaged in.

I write about my life experiences and all that I have learned about self-love, self-acceptance, building a growth mindset, becoming accepting and nonjudgmental of yourself and the world around you and focusing on raising healthy, emotionally strong kids. My aim is to learn from the community here and impart as much knowledge as I have and help it grow as a whole. This is why I am engaged with many such communities including the @ecotrain whose ethos is to make this world a better place.

If you decide to work with me, I'd be obliged and I'll make sure to respond effectively to all the advice you provide me with. I will be able to give 2 hours a day for 6 days a week because Sunday is purely family day. I am clear on how much time I'll give this commitment at any cost so it is better to be honest about it. While working with me, you will find me quite easy to work with because I am open to ideas, take advice well and am quite a fast and respectful learner. Also, best of luck to all those who have applied for this.

Love and light.


6 days is fine, I totally understand :) Thank you for your entry!

I would love to get the opportunity to work with you!

I have full time to dedicate to Steem and to this mentorship. I am full of ideas for posts and projects. My follower count and post payout are growing, slowly but steadily. Still, sometimes I find myself wondering what my next step should be. With a mentor to show me the big picture and maybe nudge me in the right direction now and then, I am sure I can push past the tipping point.

I’ve found a welcoming community of people here and a platform that values my writing. I want to teach other people about Steem – what it is, how it works, and how to use it. My plan is to focus mostly on community building and to share everything I learn with others.

What I write is mainly:

  • Steem and Steem tool tutorials
  • Cryptocurrency news and project summaries
  • Occasional posts about
    • food (when I travel)
    • cannabis (regulations and local business)
    • and gaming (especially the financial side)
  • Serial fiction

I plan to do community building and IRL outreach for Steem by starting a local Steem meetup here in Olympia. Down the line, I also want to organize a curation project to promote serial fiction on Steem and attract more use by quality fiction serial writers. Centralized platforms for free serial fiction publishing like Wattpad or RoyalRoadL don’t offer much of anything to their content contributors. Steem could be a better option for many of those authors.

You have offered a very generous prize to some lucky winnner. I hope that’s me ;)


Thank you so much for your awesome entry! Good luck!

Superb Arbitrarykitten . Hope you will like my work too @captainpakgautam


Thank you Cap'tn


After thinking it over for quite a while, I've decided to submit my application for being your apprentice. I'm not sure about how to go with writing this, but I'll give it my best shot!
I've been on Steemit for almost three weeks now, I joined due to the persuasion of a friend. So far, it's not easy but from what I've experienced so far, it's worth. While not everyone can be examples of a good Steemian, I've noticed that in general people are helping each other out and this is why I believe in the growth of Steemit. Not through its popularity but through how the community acts as a whole, and I'm in it for the long haul. As it is, I want to be a useful part of this, to be able to help in its progress and growth in whatever way I can.
To tell the truth, I don't know if I deserve this mentorship. Scrolling through the comments, I saw the dedication and passion of the other applicants, and I admire what they're trying to achieve.
One of my biggest goals here in Steemit is the music and education community.
Music education nowadays is not being given the attention it deserves, it's ignored and often relegated as an extra in education when it can do more, and music is often just seen as entertainment rather than something that can help people it its own ways.
I want to be able to share music and things about it in a way that would capture the attention of people, to raise the awareness of the importance of music and its education. I want to help in creating a community of music educators and musicians who will support and learn from each other, building a network that can help in the cause of music education in our current society. And if I already get a stable number of connections, I'd like to invite musicians who would be interested to join Steemit (especially from Facebook, there's a large amount of supporters of music education over there, as well as musicians). Hopefully, this can be an asset in helping the music community of Steemit grow, and also educate people about music.
Right now, it just seems like a dream, but I want to do my best in trying to fulfill it, meaning that I need to learn more on the ins and outs of blogging, to be able to catch the attention of people so that they can learn more about what I'm sharing, and also so I could learn from them.
(I also write occasionally about books, places, and food).


Very good, I thank you for entering, and I wish you luck!