Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space - Chapter 4 - Horror Comedy Motion Comic

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Watch the motion comic version of Chapter 4!

Teen sex comedy meets adult horror comic, Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space is a zombie farce where a flawed male sexual fantasy becomes a nightmare. The horror comedy motion comic will be released in seven chapters, so give me a follow to find out when the next chapter gets published!

Chapter 4: After fleeing a church overrun with lesbian zombie nuns, Ace and Gwen liberated a car to escape town. Unfortunately, it ran out of gas moments later. Stuck once more, they find a man who has concocted the perfect plan to stop the lesbian zombie invasion. Then again, he may just be a raving pervert. More important, Ace discovers what happened to his precious videotapes…


Need to get caught up on the story? Find all of Chapter 1 HERE, Chapter 2 HERE, and Chapter 3 HERE.

Here are links to all the posts with pages from the issue:

PAGES 81-82 | PAGES 83-84 | PAGES 85-87

PAGES 88-89 | PAGES 91-93 | PAGES 94-95

PAGES 48-50 | PAGES 96-98 | PAGES 99-101 | PAGES 102-104

And here's a look at the covers for the issue:



Thanks for reading!

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Voice Actors

Ace Johnson - Jave Galt-Miller
Gwen Moffett - Katabelle
Narrator - Liquid Lettuce
Mr. Hagerty / The Professor - Jazz Walker
Detective Kearnes - Kyle Lam
Steve: Terrance Nicholson
Larry: Kyle Brauch

Want to download the book?

Grab it HERE!

Or if Comixology is your thing, you'll find it HERE.


Wooow, I just found you and this, I will need to catch up on the story :)
But I'm already so happy that this exists!!! Thank you!
This must be a big production making comics into video with all the sounds included. How is it done? And how did you end up going to this direction? Sorry if you already wrote about this (if not - this could be a blog post), I just found you and got excited :))

You know, I did it because I prefer movies to comics for the most part, and I wanted to see this story come out that way. :) I'm not sure I ever did a full blog post about the how. It's pretty simple - but somewhat tedious.

First, crop the panels of every page, and save them as individual files. Bring those files into Final Cut, and then lay them out on the timeline. At this point, I bring in the voices of the actors, lay them on the timeline. The timing of those voices has a lot to do with the timing of the panels. Add some zooms and pans and transitions. And of course, find the right music and SFX. (Finding the SFX is often the most time-consuming thing.)

And then presto!

Thanks for taking a look.

These covers look fantastic!

Could not agree more.

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