Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space: Chapter 1 in FULL!

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Sometimes when Hot Girls make out: IT'S EVIL! What happens when a flawed male sexual fantasy becomes a nightmare? The funniest zombie apocalypse you've ever seen!

Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space

Okay, so here's a compilation of all the pages for Chapter 1 - I wanted to make it easy for new readers to catch up on the story. Below are the issue covers - Regular and Variant, with links to all the previous posts. Then as a special treat, you'll see a tribute to faux-80s-porn-star Captain Hammer!


And the R-rated Variant cover:


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Since our hero ACE is so influenced by the Captain Hammer stag films of the 80s, and since Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space itself takes much of its inspiration from the same, I thought it would be helpful to acknowledge the connection, and to shed some light on a franchise that has all but disappeared from the mainstream consciousness.
If you were a 13-year-old male in the 80s, three things probably top your memory: Wrestlemania, hair metal bands, and Captain Jack Hammer. Buck Rogers meets Fuck Rogers – Captain Hammer movies were more than just porn. They were a manifesto of machismo, a swaggering hymn to the spirit of the alpha male which was threatened by the 1970s feminist movement. While it’s true that porn in every age can be described this way, the Hammer movies were something special, thanks in no small part to the man behind the legend, Montgomery Python.

Monty — as he was known by colleagues and friends — was an accomplished stage actor long before he became Captain Jack Hammer. Educated at the Julliard School in New York, he was your classic triple threat. He could act; he could sing; and in 1974 he won the Golden Shoes Award for tap. But after an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction burgeoned into an unrequited act of necrophilia onstage at the Players Theater in 1981, Python’s Shakespeare days were over, and he never could find work as a “real” actor again. (Lily Sumner, the actress playing Ophelia at the time, later dropped assault charges after Python promised to seek help for his alcoholism and sex addiction.)


But for every door that closes, another opens. In 1983 Python was living on the street, alternating between expressing himself through one-man performance art pieces, and spending time in jail due to the numerous counts of public indecency garnered by those same performances. But on a night in late November, rising pornography producer Hugh Jackoff happened by and witnessed the engorged member that gave Python his name. And video stores across America were never the same again.

During the next three years, the world was introduced to a kind of pornography never seen before or since. Captain Hammer was a hero that any man would want to emulate. He was the spirit of that decade of decadence and largesse, and yet still the best part of the 60s generation was able to shine through. Free love: free of guilt, free of standards, free of responsibility. Porn started to come out of the back room — out of your parents’ hiding places. Fathers and sons connected like never before, because Hammer made pornography fun again.


It’s hard to choose a favorite Hammer picture when so many were superlative and each broke new ground. But 1985’s Hammer Meets the Space Vixens is probably the most memorable for fans. In the film, the captain’s all-female crew is seduced by an evil Space Lesbian on Mars. In the end Hammer makes love to the evil Space Lesbian, turning her into a good Space Lesbian, and releases his crew from her male-hating spell. The world is saved, and everyone gets off.
Quintessential Hammer – and a shining example of what makes the series so appealing: apart from Montgomery Python, the cast is made up entirely of hot, big-breasted women. Let’s face it – porn is mostly for dudes. And dudes don’t like to see other dudes’ dicks if they can help it. The first three years of the Hammer series gave us the closest thing to that ideal –- short of actual lesbian pornography.

Unfortunately, in the fall of 1986 this pan-femme approach started to shift with the release of Hammer vs. Hummer. Tired of the admittedly redundant hot-girl-saturated plots, Jackoff and his writing team wanted to try something different. This time Captain Hammer is trapped on a deserted planet with Major Hummer –- a cooked-up antagonist from Hammer’s past –- and it becomes a test of will and wits to see who can seduce the lone 4-breasted woman on the planet. While a woman with four breasts is certainly an award-winning idea, with such a limited cast it was only a matter of time before two dicks ended up in the same frame.


This made the usual Hammer audience uncomfortable, yet profits rose as the series found new viewers in the homosexual community in the spring of 1987, Captain Hammer films were nothing but thinly veiled gay scheisse films. Sons could no longer watch porn with their fathers. Hammer videos returned to the back rooms and retreated to parents’ sordid hiding places. Major Hummer came more and more to the fore of the series as Monty Python was slowly edged out.

In 1988 Python’s erratic behavior outweighed his star power. Citing the actor’s stringent and vocal policy against the use of condoms, Hugh Jackoff canceled his contract and relaunched the series under the title Major Hummer Goes Down. The day of the announcement, Python walked off that San Fernando lot, and the world never heard from him again.
The Captain Hammer franchise couldn’t continue forever. All that begins must end. Still, it is unfortunate that the later scheisse films buried those Fuck Rogers classics of the mid-80s. It’s sad that with all the amateur porn available on the web, 13-year-old boys of this generation haven’t heard of the porn star of their fathers. But such is fame and glory. Such is the ebb and flow of time.


Montgomery Python –- if you’re alive and reading these words –- know that there are those who still remember you for what you once were. Thank you for all the nights –- and mornings –- and lunch breaks at work –- when you helped to make single-hood bearable. And perhaps, in some small way, your name will continue to live on with the release of this horror comedy comic that your work has so inspired, Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space.

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Yes, Montgomery Python, I remember him well. It is about time someone wrote a paean to his glory. Thanks for the blast from the past, as well as the ass from space. You are really spoiling us here on Steem blockchain!

Much love - Carl "Totally Not A Bot" Gnash / @carlgnash

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I'm glad someone else remembers! (Heh.) Thanks for reading.

Montgomery Python hahaha LOL! Just for that you get plus points!! Here I thought you were referring to the Nathan Fillion version of Captain Hammer. Quite the mythology you built there! I can't believe I only stumbled upon you now. Well, you stumbled upon me. You should've done it sooner! I have voted 100% on everything I could, and I've put the motion comic on my to-watch list. But, I've already binge read Chapter 1. And, I must say, you're such a great writer!

I've been looking to get into comics as well, coming from a novel background. Man, your pacing and dialogue is superb! Thanks for sharing the scripts, I've picked up a lot of pointers. The added commentary was so funny. I like the humor and the level of absurdity. And the art, oh God, so grungy and pulpy, I love it! This whole chapter is so great!! Definitely tuning in for Chapter 2!

Hey, thanks for taking a look! Happy if any of my behind the scenes commentary stuff helps. Keep in mind: there's not necessarily a dogmatic format for comic scripts - as opposed screenplays, say. So long as you're able to communicate effectively between you and the artist.

And yes, Captain Hammer will become more important as the story proceeds. (At least his work will.)

If anything, I think the behind the scenes commentary are quite the highlight! Oh definitely, I totally get that. Comic books are so great when it comes to merging the art with the writing. That's really been a goal of mine, talking about breaking into the industry.

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