Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space - Pages 85-87 - Horror Comedy Graphic Novel

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Ace finally finds his videotapes!

Sometimes when Hot Girls make out: IT'S EVIL! What happens when a flawed male sexual fantasy becomes a nightmare? The funniest zombie apocalypse you've ever seen!

Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space

Previously: After their escape from town is thwarted by an exploding gas station, Ace and Gwen follow two bros to the local high school to meet someone they call "The Professor". He supposedly has a way to end the lesbian zombie apocalypse once and for all...

Need to get caught up on the story? Find all of Chapter 1 HERE, Chapter 2 HERE, and Chapter 3 HERE.

Page 85


Page 86


Page 87


Captain Hammer is back! Can you imagine the quality of projecting VHS tapes on a movie screen?!

For anyone just stopping by, we met Hagerty back on page 4 of chapter 1 of the story. He and Ace both had a bit of a rivalry when it comes to their love of Captain Hammer porn. It appears this apocalypse has allowed him to blossom into a leadership position. I wonder what his plan can be?

This information seems like it might be important later...

Here's a look at another page as it developed. There was a bit of a spatial issue in panel 2, and you can see Wayne switched things up a bit between the sketch and the inked page. Even then though, there was a lot of dead space, so I inserted a new line that wasn't in the script:


Thanks for reading, and if you want to see more, your upvotes are appreciated!

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