Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space - Pages 96-98 - Horror Comedy Graphic Novel

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Back to reality...

Sometimes when Hot Girls make out: IT'S EVIL! What happens when a flawed male sexual fantasy becomes a nightmare? The funniest zombie apocalypse you've ever seen!

Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space

Previously: After grabbing some needed fuel from a nutty half-assed professor at the local high school, Ace and Gwen finally have what they need to escape the lesbian zombie invasion. Or do they?

Need to get caught up on the story? Find all of Chapter 1 HERE, Chapter 2 HERE, and Chapter 3 HERE.

Page 96


Page 97


Page 98


That's not your girlfriend anymore, Gwen! You screwed the pooch now.

I've been away from Steemit for an extended period. Sorry this post is so late in coming! Stay tuned: the end of this chapter is coming up.

Sometimes assault weapons come in handy?

Here's another look at a page as it came together:


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What a good job, very clean, I like the style of the comic, I definitely follow you!

Thanks for taking a look!

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