@botross's Daily Report (08.03.2018)

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Hi Artist Steemians - Bot Ross Voted Again!

I was on painting like always & voted again for your posts. :)

All posts that @botross voted on from Wed, 07 Mar 2018 13:00:01 to Thu, 08 Mar 2018 13:00:01. In that timeframe @botross voted on 30 posts. Those posts have generated $1365.06 at the time of posting, with an average of $45.50 per post.

@velimirMotorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Th...$202.01
@jankasparecTalent vs Hard Work. THE FAIRY TALE DEBU...$26.71
@slowwalkerThe Secret of The Roofs in Korean Tradit...$350.35
@vcelierClimb the steps of Atago Jinja Shrine in...$53.12
@andyjaypowell📷---🌞Thursday: Self-Reflection / Selbstr...$16.62
@travelwithusMonster Post with over 70 pics, Building...$11.22
@lichtblick📷 Monomad Thursday Animals- "Cute Ducks/...$31.54
@knirckyOn my way to GermanYEEEEAAAAA!$45.39
@jillustrationsProcreate Doodles #3 - Four Girls, a Red...$0.33
@oldtimerThe Yellow Vehicles$107.45
@gric🎨 "Thermodynamical Dream" - original pai...$12.83
@gric🎨 Artificial Space III - original painti...$3.94
@reinhard-schmid⭐️ "Nachtfalterin" (Moth)$19.90
@paolobenefortiDrawings and homemade videoclip of Genes...$27.88
@lichtcatchtobyTagestrip nach Tschernobyl - Geisterhaft...$14.65
@dajohns1420BTY OG + Lemon Head OG$11.67
@eveuncoveredMy Office in Hua Hin$99.47
@bella-volen-artMale portrait painting /thoughts on self...$1.86
@velimirOriginal Art Photography Series by @veli...$202.60
@mikeneroDJ SET by Grammy nominated DJ "Mark Knig...$9.69
@eveuncoveredWhat You've Been Waiting For...$55.16
@creativewomanMini crispy chicken Bastella : My New St...$10.69
@makaanHow I turned my source of frustration in...$2.29
@satureIce skating ice on the ice$6.64
@inyoursteemPlan for today!$0.09
@uwelangSteepshot Bot Test on Beach Wednesday$19.24
@yoganarchistaWinterwonderland at the Devil's Lake (la...$8.98
@reconnectnatureGarden night macros 🌼🕷🌝/ Garten Nachtmak...$8.77

Stay easy, paint & respect each other! Leave your vote for love - Yours @botross !

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