The Secret of The Roofs in Korean Traditional Building, A Case of Bulguksa.

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Bulguksa is famous for it’s beautiful architectures, Buddhist towers and bridges.
It looks amazing that these architectures had been made 1500 years ago.

Each architectures are well balanced and elegant.
In this reason, Bulguksa is always full with people who are trying to see.

But if you just stop for looking at those bridges, pagodas and buildings, it must be too expensive for your money and time.

As I told before, the core of Korean traditional building is not the building itself but the place where the building is located.

There is big differences between Korean traditional architecture and Chines traditional one.
The main difference is resulted from Mountain.

Korea is a country of mountain.
Every places are surrounded by Mountains in Korea.

I had posted several times on Mountain God building in Korean Buddhist temple.
The geographic circumstances influence human life.

Every Korean villages and cities have their main mountain.
Main mountain of Seoul is Bukak Mountain which is located just behind of the Bluehouse, the president Palace.

In this reason, Korean traditional Architectures must’ve been harmonized with mountains surrounding.
The Architectures must be a part of Nature.
So You need to look at the traditional village and city from far away.

The most important part of Korean traditional architecture is definitely the ROOF.

Korean loofs are not distinguished from surroundings.
Loofs also must be the part of nature.

The Architecture in Korean must make harmony with Nature surrounding it.
The reason that the roofs are not so luxurious like China is their intention to keep the harmony with Nature.

So if you enjoy Korean Architecture, you must focus on the scenes made by Both architecture and Nature.

Here, the roofs play most important role in making scenes.
The way to enjoy the scene is standing near the eaves of the roofs.

When you stand under the eaves of Korean traditional architecture, the eaves looks like the frame of the works by artists.

Then let’s go to look around the scenes that the roofs and Nature present us.
There might be some photos I already had posted, but different perception will give us different feeling.









Every photo has it’s meaning and beauty with the roofs.

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Korea is very rich in ancestral heritage, they preserved it for the future generations to see what their ancestors art, designs, life & etc. This is the evidence that Korean people were great architectural designer in their bloodline. Hats-off to them!

Thank you so much
But we have so much problems on preserving our relics.

Very interesting article @slowwalker, thanks for sharing!

Great photos and very stimulating. Thanks for bringing the history of the past back into the 21st century.

I notice that asian roofs have no rain gutters. Is the overhang enough to keep the rain from splashing the building?

pretty pictures, good luck

this is ansome great shooot
good job

thank you so much

lovely buildings

so wonderful and meaningful , thank you for your sharing.

Thank you so much

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good write a story

It's amazing the genius of human mind to be able put up such magnificent architectural structures 1500 years ago while maintaining a kind of ying yang balance between nature and man-made structures.Thanks for constantly wowing us with the wonders of the ancient world. Keep it coming

This looks the building that is made by experts, and still stands firmly until now, also made with a very nice carving.
thanks @slowwalker already shared.

Thank you for reading

Your welcome @slowwalker

Wou, I love that architecture is linked to nature to be harmonious. My city is full of mountains, we have a volcano in front of us, its strength is incredible, however, our architecture is not pleasant.
In the second photo, it seems that the roof has continuity with the trees that are behind.
Beautiful place.

Thank you so much
I've never seen a volcano

caramba, pues vente para Pasto mi ciudad, y podremos ir hasta la cumbre del volcán Galeras :)

So much deep history, this life will always offer ❤✨

Absolutely fantastic photography 👍✨❗

Very beautiful site~
Thank you for your pictures

The city is surrounded by a mountain is very beautiful.benar you say every photo has a meaning and beauty with the roof. I love to read about your post, thank you for sharing

Thank you for reading my posting

steemit is truly a great source of information.....i am becoming a nerd 😂😂 it

Photography skills is on point! Love it! I love Korea and I will always love it. Looking by pictures it is so peaceful :D

I am embarrassed. I know my photos are not good


where is it? that is in seoul?

I think it is Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon. 1hr drive from seoul.

Really nice photo.
You did good job

오.. 수원이였군요. ^^ 감사합니다.

Nice post. I like this article

Old architectural structure, man i really love these beautiful Temple. Looks like you had a great time out there. I enjoyed scrolling down and seeing each of the photographs, wow they are so beautiful. Great composition .Man your travel diaries are amazing. Literally loved it.

Thank you so much

You are welcome.

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i was really amaze by how they make their roofs and whats behind that design....

Good post ....And Nice Architecture

The existence and functionality of the architecture for 1500 years ago is quite amazing. It is suitable to serve as a tourist center attracting visitors from various parts of the world.


post a very good and very amazing I really like, hopefully posts like you

한국의 아름다움을 새삼 느끼게 되네요.

Very good story for us to hear my friend. and continue sharing your story for us all my friends yes.dan I can read your post this time my friend @slowwalker

I do not know much detail about korean architecture, as I know, korea has beautiful and very unique building.

your explanation adds to my knowledge, thanks.

Amazing photography.
I appreciate your History..thaks for sharing this post.

경주에 계속 계시나 봅니다~ ^*

왔다 갔다 하고 있습니다

Nice post my friend,,, im always interesting about korean traditional culture,,, im also like watching about korean film,,, i remember, from some movies that i watch, when a king died, someone stand above the roof on the palace while swinging the king's clothes,,, and announced that the king had died,,, that what i know about roof on Korean culture,,,
Beside that, which you explain is make me know about korean culture,,, and i just have finished reading about bulguksa,,, its so amazing and very good place,,, thanks my friend for sharing,,,

Thank you so much for dropping by

You are welcome my friend,,, :)


I love this series on Korean Temples. Thank you for taking the time to create them. I also admire the roofs on Korean Temples and buildings.

Thank you so much for reading

atab is nice and beautiful in the view, good post.

it is very clear that the beautiful place is between the mountains, surely it is needed a very expensive cost to design the building and whether the carvings that exist in the building has its own meaning for the people of korea ??

I thank you @slowwalker who has visited my post 'sorry has bothered you!


wow even you also donate your steem doller to the poor people.nice thats great.i saw your image.thank

the building is very durable, korea is familiar with the prehistory about the kingdom, and the building is very sturdy postings very interesting, successful @slowwalker

Thank you so much

You are welcom my friend,, 😀😀

images (1).png Awesome article !! Keep them coming.. check out my profile. Would love to hear from you !!

awesome photography.

wow such a wonderful architecture

This is your cultural heritage, which is listed in UNESCO.
Bulluska, located in Tohmsan of Gainggu, is a Buddhist monastery built in rock era. This is a Buddhist monastery, which somehow speaks. It is a sanctuary to meet Buddhist monks again. thanks for share this history.

Thank you

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welcome friend

good information as i am proceeding in architecture it can be very help full

Steemit is better with you... Your work is amazing!!!

I love your photos and how you describe Korea. I am Venezuelan but from a very young age my dream is to know Korea. I see your series, I follow your internet pages, I am attentive to the news. Everyone in my family knows that my great dream is to be able to travel to Korea and I hope it will come true at some point in the name of God. I will be attentive to your publications.

I hope Your dream will come true soon.

Thank you, I also wish from the heart that it be so.

Beautiful building despite having been fed ages but still staying solid thanks @slowwalker has shared information

wow even you also donate your steem doller to the poor people.nice thats great.i saw your image.thank

Thank you so much

You are welcome, friend

Thanks for the information sir.

All photos are very beautiful, specially 3rd picture I really like it.

Very beautiful photographs of this thoughtful and balanced Buddhist architecture.

이렇게 소개해주시니, 제가 다 뿌듯하네요, 혹시 계시는 곳이 경주인가요?성인이 되어서는 안가게 됬지만, 울산에서 자란 터라 불국사를 심심치 않게 갔었는데요. 어릭적 향수가 나네요.

i think thats what makes a good architect! if the person keeps nature and building in harmony... so yeah the traditional Korean style suits me more!

Thank you for reading

You know what in my country Pakistan we have quite similar roofs architecture especially in railway buildings, which were made by Britain Army during their stay in the sub-continent back in 1857. Let me show you an image


So, i am sure that this infrastructure basically came from Korea as this temple was build before 1500 years

It looks amazing that these architectures had been made 1500 years ago.

Quite interesting information with very skilled photography thanks a lot my friend @slowwalker for this awesome treat <3

Thank you for your photo.
It is amazing

The place is so perfect you have managed to immortalize it well in this picture and the place has become a world heritage. I really want to travel there, hopefully this winter will be realized 😊

Yes, I wish your plan to be realized

Very interesting. Traditional architectures always try to harmonize with the context and to come to terms with the "Genius Loci". The genius of the place

Thank you so much for your comment

excellent photos and excellent post, see how you managed to capture and express something that architects have been doing for centuries, which is the scenic enhancement of the environment, creating spaces for the individual to nourish the landscape without overshadowing it without covering it up.
I hope to continue enjoying your post, congratulations for bringing to others something as magical as "the beauty of the roofs".

Thank you for your comment

We all know tht god is everywhere...its a great tht we cn see the koreans temple... thnxxxxx fr sharing this....sir..😊😊😊😃😃✌✌✌

Thanks for sharing with us another secret in Korea's traditional buildings, @slowwalker. 😄It's nice to know that there's a reason why they keep the architecture as traditional as possible - to be one with nature.

Thank you for reading

Yes location matters a lot considering they look quite beautiful, cosy and serene. I love the pictures. The architecture is super despite the ancient looks.

Thank you so much

Hello Slowwalker, if I am honest, I like the roofs of Korea more than the roofs of China cause as you mentioned cause it looks more natural and more fitting with the nature. Cause nature is also just simple and beautiful. The" frame" picture of you is great! Thanks for your information! Best regards Lena.

Thank you for your comment 😊

Really every photos look wonderful and each of them has interesting architecture. İt is not look like ours (Turkey's architecture). From your sharing we understand and learn different cultures and architectures. Thanks.

Thank you for stopping by.
I really would like to stop by Turkey

I just found out that korean country is a mountain country. thanks for the information. I really like your post.

Thanks for sharing!

This is cool. There is so much culture in the Asian cultures.
Keep up the photo work.

Beautiful architecture indeed! Another good post again!

불국사의 지붕에 이런저런 의미가 있었군요^^

awesome post and amazing feed. Im a professional Drone/Aerial Photographer from Sydney Australia who has just joined steemit. I would really appreciate it if you could check out my work and give me any feedback. Thanks for your time :) one again beautiful feed!

awesome post and amazing feed. Im a professional Drone/Aerial Photographer from Sydney Australia who has just joined steemit. I would really appreciate it if you could check out my work and give me any feedback. Thanks for your time :) one again beautiful feed!


Really nice work

A beautiful description of harmony. We are part of nature. Interesting that modern research into human contentment shows exposure to green spaces increases mental health. Even school children seem to benefit from having green spaces near their buildings. After reading your post, I looked up information on Korean architecture. That site talks about mountains and nature, but doesn't mention the significance of roofs. I'll always be looking at roofs now, when I see Korean buildings :)

Thank you so much

I would love to the architecture. upvoting you.

Amazing! thank you for sharing

Nice Pic n Story.. Look at the wall, my story, if you think good, vote.

Sehr gut💗✔

Unless i saw this awesome pictures i could not understand the beauty of world. Thank you slowwalker.

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good job @slowwalker, the skill of the architecture looks very good in these photos. amazing, where the buildings are made in a suitable place and beautiful. site selection is very important in creating a beautiful building.


This great story, i appreciate this photography....
i wait your next post, keep it up dear friend.
upvote and resteemit

Thank you for reading

Most welcome

wow, ur interested in Korea!

"Loofs must be the part of nature"
That's why our traditional architecture is so great.
Nice post :-)

포스팅 내용을 읽고 사진을보니
사진이 더 돋보입니다.
자연과 산과 조화를 이루는 건축물!
저도 지금 은길산가는 중인데....
넓게 보겠습니다

네 잘 다녀 오세요

your photography is best in the world my dear.believe that

very good post my dear friend

Very amazing historical culture thank you for sharing your unique culture

wow very amazing its location. that's nice .

Hi @slowwalker , Really liked your way of expressing, Kindly visit my page on Dtube and Steemit and provide your valuable feedback please. I will be greatly honored.

Korea is certainly a country of mountains as we saw during the fantastic Winter Olympics they hosted. It is interesting that the roofs have to blend with the mountains.

Amazing architecture of the roofs and beautiful scenery of the green trees. I have learned more from you regarding that Korea is surrounding with mountains. Really great!

I absolutely agree with you, “Every photo has it’s meaning and beauty with the roofs”. Great shot! ;)

Thank you so much for comment

You are much welcome! ;)

Can you handle the truth?? .!!! “The Cambridge History of China Volume 7: The Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644, Part 1,” (p. 240-241): "The chief architect was an Annamese eunuch named An Nguyen, Juan An (d. 1453), who also played a major role in the rebuilding of Peking during the Cheng-t’ung reign.” . Not just an architect ....but THE CHIEF ARCHITEC

Vietnamese architecture was also great.
I'd like to see the architectures in Vietnam
Some day I will visit vietnam

True, at first glance looks almost the same as the roof of chinese buildings with korean building roofs ,, honestly I do not know the difference.

  ·  last year (edited)

There is no decorations on the roof in Korean Architectures, hahaha

I believe architectural heritage reflects the level of civilization of the past from a society.


thanks @slowwalker already sharing history in korea, i will always follow @slowwalker see new post from @slowwalker, please help me my friend, i have new post

this is amazing...i wish to visit this place sooner or later..i feel like i have seen it in a movie before, but it looks prettier on this picture

Wow these photographs are beautiful. I'd love to see them in person one day :)

Nice pict, i like it!

건물 명칭은 한글을 병행 해주셔도 외국분들이 도움이 될 것 같습니다 슬로우워커님 ^^

Congratulations on your retirement, here is a special dedication post for you on your retirement.

Tremendous architecture ... A character of sobriety and masterful plasticity. The Buddhist culture is interesting to know it. I like pictures. regards

It's amazing the building already 1500 years old still standing is fabulous

by seeing all ur pictures i feel them infront of me...thanks for sharing this

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Wow a very nice building
when I see this building I want to visit this place.
Korea is a very beautiful country and a beautiful tourist spot
the histories are still well kept I salute with Korean country

it's just wonderful photography.Korean historical photo is well.And also korea is awesome country.

Impressive the connection between buildings with nature, I love it, amazing !! excellent post, thanks for helping us to discover this kind of things that we do not know, I invite you to see my profile, I am new, I hope you like and support me, I send many good vibes and blessings !! vote for you <3

Very interesting history, we hope korea peninsula always in peace, success always for you brother, i like your post and have upvote and resteem your post to more than 1200 my follower, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia

Thank you so much

I'm learning about Korean culture every single day. I didn't know that every place in Korea has a mountain in it and about their rooof


Thank you so much for your reading.
The tip on the roofs and mountain is very important to understand Korean Architects

Thanks much for this. I'm a korean drama fan. Now I'm looking at the roofs whenever they feature a temple lol