BitShares (BTS) Update: Steady as She Goes UP!!

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Bitshares is still in the triangle pattern as shown below. Realize that not every triangle is counted as an a,b,c,d,e since it's about 60% of the time so. Therefore, the remaining 40% of times, triangles can take any count. So, is it likely now that BTS could breach out and above the upper triangle line without completing the e wave? YES! That would not be disappointing in any way whatsoever! The targets at $0.91 and $1.06 remain solid!!

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Thank you for keeping up the great work!

Looking forward to some great moves from BTS in 2018!

@haejin can you post some real life examples of tokens that followed his pattern and then shot through? It would be great to see a few more screenshots of past examples.


Would appreciate that too. This would enable us to get more "real life" examples. Go for it

Nice post..
I dont have BTS.
Only BTC

Happy New Year, my friend 🎉 Happy New Year! 🥂 🥂 let 2018 be the fire 🔥 let the New bring events that will make us wiser, more enduring and more active. .


Why don't you get some? Pretty easy with using blocktrades after registering on bitshares.


I dont know that.
Cause im new user here


I see! Welcome and happy new year :-) You're at the right place following @haejin


You can turn some of your BTC into BTS on the Binance exchange at and then move it over to your Bitshares wallet once you install it at I highly recommend researching Bitshares. It's an amazing ecosystem and way faster and more scalable than other blockchains. It's also founded by Dan Larimer who created Steemit! :)


Thank you his knowledge. this means a lot to me. because I am new in Steemit

Soooo close to a dfollar, hope it continues

I forgive myself for selling at the low and buying at the High. but my oh my I am a dumb ass!


We all are somethimes. However, following Haejin has reduced my dump-ass-ness to a much lower percentage.


As Haejin once said - a good TA is a bad TA who forgives himself and learns from past mistakes. Keep moving up!


I sold the other day hoping to gain a few extra % on the E correction, and I am gonna end up getting back in above where I got out. Live and learn.... should of taken Haejin's advice from the start "never sell your bitshares unless it has an extended 5th wave".

Waiting for confirmation of breaking the triangle at this point.


Looking to buy again on the dip, if there is one lol.

nice one!

I'm ready to for the MOON, 2018 is going to be fucking awesome!

Could you please do an update on EOS?


Man I see your request almost on every single post of @haejin, I want that too, I really hope we get that EOS update :)


EOS has been consolidating recently and looks like a good buy at these short term lows.


EOS would be a great coin to update. It's been struggling in price for the past couple weeks now.


no need for EOS update. we know it's gonna moon. lol BTFD!

Why is Bitshares EX down? Any idea?


go to settings, access, choose your active node

Let's see that follower count hit 9.5K before Alaska celebrate New Year.

Happy New Year and MASSIVE profits to @haejin and my fellow followers!!!

you missed something on your chart... the raging PONZI pattern.


har har, good one.......


err... sleep deprivation... misread that as BitConnect... BTS is solid, no ponzi detected!

When will your update cover ADA? That would be an interesting assessment.

nice charting, the triangle looks possible and the target reachable if it breaks about the highs.

Happy new year with wishes to have a benefical trade through out this year. Your post is very helpful and I am going to resteem it.

Always good information.
upvoted, followed

Thank you for sharing

what happens to bt 2 in bittfinex?


No clear answer. Hold BT2 at your own risk!

I bought the BTS dip , it's time to go up now .


Wasn't much of a dip... That was a good buy.


It was a 20% dip. That is huge.


I'm assuming you're talking about when it went from ~63 to 68 cents, before briefly dropping to ~58 cents. That is a big dip but I didn't see it as huge considering how bullish it's been, and it being overbought. I was foolish and expected a bigger dip.


yeah, I can see how you could miss it - it was big - but it is was very, very brief. It actually didn't cross my mind you meant time rather than amount :). I've been watching it like a hawk the last few days though so I managed to bag the sell and rebuy, which I was pretty chuffed about.

I’ll take it!

I woke up today and most of my positions have rocketed up. What a fun time to be alive! And when they go down I have a big smile on my face. Why, because I know these are buying opportunities and a chance for me to save more money to get into awesome positions.

Thank you @haejin, I'll HODL till 0.91!

Can you spare time to have a look at MCO too? :)


91 cents is just the beginning! I highly recommend researching Bitshares if you haven't already and stick around as we sail into the sunset!

Thanks for that update

Happy new year @haejin may this year bring you a lot of happiness joy and prosperity and also to our steem community and steem achieves new heights!!

merry christmas :)

Wonderful, I’m so happy to have found your posts, learning so much every day. I haven’t made a bad trade since! I just bought some poe as I feel the time is right, can you please look at Poe? Thanks in advance!

Thanks Haejin. any thoughts on Digibyte?

Disagreement with rewards, copy/paste content.

How about an update on ZEC. Thanks I have been following for a couple of weeks so far.

Thank you! I bought BTS with my steem dollars accumulated here yesterday, testing Bitshares first time.


Awesome! Welcome to the BTS community! I highly recommend downloading the Bitshares wallet to store your BTS safely and experience how fast and awesome the DEX is. :)


Thank you.. I am using the Bitshares wallet now. A bit confusing at start but I'll get used to it :)

may i share your post,
if please please vote me yes.
I also want a lot of votes like you

When is your update due for ADA?

Excellent information and analysis as usual. Bitshares is destined to break out

Many thanks Haejin, many many thanks.

Any one knows when the Xraith protocol will be released approximately, I know it's today but .. I need more exact time !! Thanks buddies


patience. its coming today. i literally put all my money in verge for this moment :P


So where did you end up with XVG ?

PS : I haven't bought it

What abt the corrective wave? does it extend to wave 4 after 5?

DAM! I can't beleive i didn't get this at .005 cents lol

this post very nice..BTC is the great...

Happy New Year @haejin...... Your predictions are awesome

EOS is going to the MOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN this month!


It's been consolidating and feels like it's ready to fly! Steem is rocking too. Basically all of Dan Larimer's projects are destined for an amazing 2018!

thanks as always @haejin. Wish you and your Family a happy healthy 2018.
Best from Berlin !

Go go go bts

i just think about to buy BTS but never buy it what a dumb ass i am after your post @haejin


Try averaging in over the coming days, weeks and you won't regret it. Any prices sub $1 will be amazing entry points as we continue to grow and evolve.

I would like to see a breakout of the triangle and retest of .66 to enter.

Congratulations @haejin!
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Yes! We don’t mind breaching that upper line just in time for New Year’s celebration. Thanks for the BTS update @haejin. As always, Upvoted and Resteemed!!

2018 is going to be Great!!!!

Let's hope it grows more :)

I hope you all are fine i am new on Steemit.
I want to increase my followers please help me out.
Who will follow me i will do the same.
Thank you

Love your blog! Information is great! Keep it coming.

Many thanks Haejin. Excited to see where Bitshares goes and Verge over the next 24 hours with the release of the Wraith Protocol. Happy New Year!

Hi ! friend , i need lil favor from your side your one click can help many needy childs. Do upvote please

There is no correction? Of course, not. Haejin is again in BTS. You are a funny crying bitch.