VeChain (VEN): Consolidating before Reaching Higher!! Target $13.62 (117% Profit Potential)

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VeChain (VEN) has completed five impulse waves up. Elliott Waves states that after five waves, there is a requisite a,b,c correction. This means that the correction will be either a zig zag (5,3,5), a falt (3,3,5), a triangle (a,b,c,d,e) or a combination. There are 36 possible corrective Elliott Wave counts and that leaves about 2.7% chance of getting the right one. This a good reason to stand aside during corrections and why the most ideal time to take profits is at the end of the fifth waves.

The below chart shows the consolidation phase in progress. Likely, it would be a triangle and once the a,b,c,d,e waves are complete, the rise is expected to bring in all time new highs.

Here is the future price pathway projection. The waves are able to carry the price to $13.62 or 117% profit potential. T

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Thanks for your analysis. It's a big help!

looks good. will do some research. thanks.


I think it is not important for TRON yet. TRON is waiting the news.

Tron will be in a big correction so dont expect for TRON to awake soon

I love your TA's @haijin. Always a great insight.

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Did an update on XVERGE my friend:

XVERGE (XVG) - Analysis (130% POTENTIAL PROFIT) — Steemit


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Well done @haejin :)

Thanks for the great TA!

what will be its position after six months

Could you please do an update on NEO?

Good post, as usual, thanks @Haejin!


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winnieoriana, this gave me such a chuckle! Thanks for the good laugh this am!

Bernie can't stand it when he's wrong! He must be so mad you aren't giving him any attention, all he can do is flag! :)

Thank you for all you do haejin!

THOR Power Baby - Bring on the VEN/VET Masternodes! FYI currently VEN and they just announced today that the rebranding to VET will be 2/25/18.

Vechain is the real deal ! Check out Vechain partners in my blog !

VeChain is one of my long term holdings. VeChain (VEN) is about to undergo a massive rebranding to VeChain Thor (VET) on Feb 26th. (source:

• 2018 Q2: VeChain v3.0 go-live, Rust-restructure, VeChain Token (VET) related service including VeChain Token (VET) wallet, gas exchange, audit service, etc. VeChain Token (VET) launches, completing VeChain Token (VET) and ERC20 token 1 to 1 exchange.

•2018 Q4: VeChain v4.0 go-live, achieve commercial ecological environment system integration platform. Integration with IoT, and more specific industrial blockchain cloud.



Lovew it. Thank you

This is why I bought in early! To the moon!

The update on CARDANO is cool :)


Got me a bag

In your opinion, the dishonest night will be up to the next 2 months ?

Gracias por la información

It's amazing, a lot of people can take advantage of it. @haejin

Thanks for sharing @haejin

Haejin I followed the link from Twitter that said I could request a free altcoin analysis. Once here, there was no where to ask for the analysis, but I was hoping for your thoughts on XBY (Xtrabytes). Thank you so much! (PS I upvote all your BTC posts and many others too!).

How can I convert my sbd to this?
Am really interested in this.

Very Good Analysis @Haejin I appreciate your hard work

Thanks a lot.
would you check out the charts of SBD, STEEM plz?

the information you share this really has made me a lot of learning, I will follow your latest post next.

Would you please do one on KIN?

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this is close to the correct way of charting

@haijin- just got back from a week at the CES conference in Las Vegas and missed your analysis. I'm pretty pumped since I got through most of chapter one of the the Elliott Wave text on my return flight.

Hello master @haejin
Got an idea about XLM.

Its amazing post buddy :0

Thanks for sharing with us :)


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EOS has better sustainability ryt?

Is pandacoin could make x2 to x4 in the week?

Hello Haejin,

I saw a link for a paid course and it disappeared as quick as it got there it seems. If there ends up being room, please let me know.

EDIT: Found it through YouTube! Signed up and looking forward to it!

This is where you sign up :)

@haejin which ritual did you use to sell your soul- can you put that in your next post please..
I need the magic juice

vechain is doing really good now!

Haejin you keep saying things will go up but every things going down for over one week

Good Analysis @haejin #BTC is really confusing the market.

The growth of VeChain is just incredible! Can't wait untill this is applied on most luxury goods

Holding 90 since 4$ and will hold for at least a year.

wonderful post

VeChain ( VEN), Consolidating Before Reaching Higher is a message that every steemians can take to the bank. Because it is the right steep to take. I upvote you.

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I drew out new future price pathway projections for VeChain. I'll let the graphs speek for themselves.

Edit: spelling

Thoughts on this?

Thank you so much for the great and detailed analysis, I'm learning so much!

Lets hope that you are close to the number on this one, i will be happy if so.

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