Bitshares Target = 14,000 sats (3.2x) on January 30th: #The Anderson Report: BTS Fractal Analysis

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Big Move Next Week: BTS will continue the parabolic rise that it started at the beginning of this altcoin cycle, finishing up January with an astounding push back to the all-time high in BTC.

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The Anderson Report

As with all Anderson Reports, we will quickly overview the technicals of a coin or market.

Let's jump right into it:

Bitshares has a great history; it is a Microsoft Azure coin, and has been part of every major altcoin move for years. Last year, in the late spring, the value of the coin shot up from the range it held at 500 sats to 13,750 sats; a 27x move in less than two months. We can see that previous move below on the 12 hr chart:

Screenshot 2018-01-13 at 9.26.20 AM.png

A second fractal with nearly identical similarities to last year's move has arisen, and will continue to play out for the rest of January. Above, I've drawn (in bold green) the way this move is projected to unfold, based on the momentum of this current altcoin bull-cycle.

Next week we will see a small parabolic move back to 6,100 sats on the 17th followed by a bounce off 5,000 sats on the 19th. After that bounce, price will very quickly accelerate upward smashing through 10,000 sats near the end of the month as it returns to the trendline it walked last month, in December.


Investors who've been holding should simply continue to do so, pyramiding is an option if unallocated funds exist. Traders looking for an entry at this level should look during price dips; use a risk management plan that includes an exit if the 12hr candle closes below 4,000 sats, signaling a divergence.

Target & Exit Strategy:


The chart above is the 12 hr chart. The price will overshoot the trendline and hit the 2017 high of 14,000 sats on January 30th. The candle will wick back to the December trendline at 12,000 sats almost immediately, therefore sells should be set from 12,000-14,000 for maximum profit.


Based on prior data, this move will give the greatest returns for Bitshares holders, in regards to its future short-term outlook. This will be the 3rd time BTS has moved into this range in which it has met strong resistance breaking its bull-cycle in its prior attempts to take 15,000 sats. We all know 3rd time is the charm, an if BTS can manage to take and hold the 15,000 sat level, 25000 is the next target.

The overall altcoin cycle will be clutch in bolstering Bitshare's momentum to slam though that 15,000 sat glass ceiling. As always friends, do you own research, practice tight risk management, and all time frames are an estimation, +/- a few days is realistic.

Have you bought or sold any Bitshares recently?

Is there any topics you'd like to see covered?

Leave your answers in the comments below.

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Good info in there. I will follow along as I’m all ready holding bit shares ..

Great post and I am agreeing with your viewpoint on this. :)

I Would love to see the analysis in USD


Indeed, plus it would be great to see an high volume exchange offer a USD pair for BTS for accuracy on that.

Thanks so much for this awesome Bitshares report. So grateful for any future updates as well. Go Bitshares!

Wow, nice, if it works

Thanks for the info, I'm going to put some SBD into BitShares.

I have unfortunately been overoptimistic and borrowed way too much bitUSD I dont sleep since 4 days being afraid of being margin called at .4669 BitUSD/BTS do you think it can go this low?


That somewhat depends on what Bitcoin does over the coming weeks. Its unlikely right away, but in the mid-term, maybe depending on what the rest of the altcoin market does.

Stay tuned, I'll be covering Bitshares fairly frequently over the coming year.


I think that you are going to be okay, the volume is low so not many sellers left, the MACD is looking good and the correction will most likely become an a,b,c,d,e triangle. But this is just my viewpoint, and I am unfortunately not a genie :)
I wish you luck!


Followed. Keep up the Bitshares updates! Cheers

@thebeachedwhale did you happen to see bitcoin diamond today? I sold off most of it at a 600% gain! I have no clue what happened there but i will take the win :)

Really nice charting work on Bitshares. I think the 15,000 satoshi or maybe even 20,000 would be correct. Another factor at play, the bitcoin price. I nice upward movement in bitcoin would help fuel this 15,000+ satoshi movement. I will follow you on steemit so I can review your future posts and resteem this post so my follows can learn from your information. Have a great weekend!

Great post @thebeachedwhale! It's a bit out of my league, but I'm learning :)

Using the interface, I noticed that it shows the BTS market value on the right of your post. I think it must be picking up on the BTS symbol and inserting extra info, which is a nice feature; though it doesn't show the BTC, which is also in this post.

Still trying to find a decent steemit notification system for the lowly browser user :(


Hehe, I feel that.

Loving your posts, keep em coming.

Charts ONLY show past and not the future. Go to and see that 99.99% predictions fails. And almost all of them always paint the bright future. Some of them with a PRO badge saying that some coin will go 4000% in 13days and be at bitcoin's market cap :D


Past can help to predict future, see humankind history, always same mistakes and consequences ...


really good, and relevant point!

Great Post, I am a new follower.
Suggested coins for review: Sumokoin SUMO & Expanse EXP

Great stuff! I am also bullish on BitShares and in my opinion we will see new highs pretty soon.

I will keep a close eye on your analysis. Thank you for posting this.

I got some, should I plan to sell all at 15000 sat or just a part of it ? If 25000 is next target I guess it will dip from there so no need to keep some after that target ?

I'm a Bitshares holder and I trade almost every day on the Bitshares DEX.

Since I'm fairly new to trading crypto (about six months), I still have a lot to learn. At this point, I don't put much stock in Technical Analysis (TA), but I appreciate your thoughts on this and I sure hope that you are right about Bitshares price increasing!

Just found your blog! Followed and gonna go through all your analyses :) Here's my take on Bitshares:


Because I agree with your analysis, then I'm sure to take a conclusion. Thanks a lot, Bro!

Fellow Elliott Wave guy here - your prediction is certainly possible. If it does happen, I think it won't happen til end of February - see it basing for the next week. Let's see how the wave forms.

Ha what do you say now?


How well did you read the post?

"Use a risk management plan that includes an exit if the 12hr candle closes below 4,000 sats, signaling a divergence."


Hehe, not trying to provoke you too much but ;) I know the market crashed because of Asia but who knows what Arise did... Just messing with ya after all that @haejin stuff I'm getting wiser.


I would like to know about the risk management though! Not sure how to implement that with buy/sell orders in BitShares since they have an life span of 5 years and not much configuration as far as I know... ?


This post is meant for exchange trades, friend.


You mean centralized exchanges, not too familiar with those still :-) Thanks.