BitShares (BTS)....$1.60 Anyone?

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Bitshares (BTS) is to become the GOLDEN STANDARD for ALL Exchanges. A Decentralized Exchange will be the norm NOT ONLY for cryptos but also for NYSE, NASDAQ, Amex, CME...GLOBALLY!! This is NOT fundamental analysis on my part. I've already done my Price ONLY based analysis and am trying to communicate some probable news and events that could arrive to justify the forecast.

Below chart shows Bitshares (BTS) taking the baby steps as shown by the my targets that have already been hit and exceeded. On a bit of a longer term perspective, the $1.60 is not too far for BTS. I believe we are working on wae 1 and after 2, waves 3,4,5 should make orgasmic lunges upwards to hit $1.60 or HIGHER!!

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Guys, I don't think everyone in the crypto community has let the Arise Bank team up sink in....this is massive...if you consider Arise purchasing a fully FDIC insured well established bank that's been in business for over 100 years and is already shipping ATM's soon that offer 700 coins, Haejins long term shot at over $300 a coin really wouldn't be unrealistic...this is just massive news...every time i turn around there is a new company moving over to Bitshares which means they have lots of user cases and are generating income as we speak...this is a hedge fund and institutional money's wet dream...hope they are able to stay consistent with their whitepaper but this is just massive...i have a feeling they have other news coming up...2018 is going to be a good year for Bitshares


Very good point sir. Most people are looking for short term profits. Investing in meme coins. And can’t even see the forest from the trees


I have been doing some research into Arise Bank, but I can't seem to find to many sources confirming it's full legitimacy. It looks amazing, but I'm hesitant. If Arise Bank was as revolutionary as they make it sound, why so little coverage across the web?

Mostly what I found was this article.


You may want to check out this one as well:

In their favor, they have credited me the 75 ACO without charging me, or at least said they would in the support email response (which was much better written -- I need to make a follow-up post but we're heading out in a few minutes); I haven't checked the account yet.


It's legit ! AriseBank has partnered with Bitshares, Stan Larimer posted on steemit a few days ago:


BTS is skyrocking! This was a fantastic post!


I completely agree. If Arise makes good, this would, without a doubt, be one of the biggest deals in crypto histroy.


I agree! The media blackout is very apparent. But word-of-mouth will spread soon enough.


i dont see much about Arise Bank. This is bread crumbs IMO. And their interface sucks. I have shares but it wasn't easy to figure out how to buy them on their platform. If they can make it flow more like a coinbase then people will start going crazy for it.


Yeah i agree took me a little bit to get comfortable with the interface...they have a lot of stuff coming down the pike from what i've read on telegram and will take some far as Arise it is still a new concepts and the first so it's brand new...we shall i said, "i hope they are able to follow their whitepaper and make it happen", if they do then they have something special...cheers


IHayat zor olmasına ragmen böyle kuruluşları kuranlar ve yönetenlerde tşk bir borç bilirim


Kesinlikle, tamamen katılıyorum arkadaşım


I’d settle for $10, but I’ll take $300 if you twist my arm.


How can i become a bitshares


Hey can create a wallet at and then send BTC or other supported coins to the exchange as you please...let me know if you have any questions...cheers

@HAEJIN !!!!! someone is stealing your posts!!!
THIS PERSON literally stole your entire post!


Good looking out. My downvote took the account's rep from 40 to 39. Need more whale juice.


hook me up with some of that whale juice ;)
I have a blog check me out lol

Hope so. I have some BTS ))
For now the volumes on DEX are suck ((

Agree with 100% knowing what I know :)


oooh that sounds exciting lol do tell !


oh my!! tell us! ;)


I also know what I know. 🙄


I hope you guys are right, and I will just trust that if I knew what you knew that I would definitely know what I kind of don't know about the Bitshares


if you look at his channel. He's a BTS evangilist . I need them to fix their clunky site. It's currently not user friendly.

Bullish! BTFD. Step on in, waters fine. Get some BTC too, to help balance your currency risk.

I am a Korean investor @sochul n Your fan ;-)
I also believe in the Decentralized Exchange and support BTS!
I really appreciate you.


Hey Sochul , could be T.H.E. good move from your side, and be sure, in my mind you will win with your engagement over a long run.


Well at least to $100 then $1000 by end of 2018!

steemit - thank you.gif Haejin!

Wow very optimistic I like


wow you arev soo strong

One exciting thing to see is the rise in volume for Bit Assets like BitUSD and BitCNY on Bitshares. By people locking up at least 2x collateral in Bitshares it also puts upward pressure on the price. Currently over 20% of all Bitshares are locked up. Exciting times ahead!


bitCNY current marketcap: $38,441,260 USD
bitUSD current marketcap: $17,748,643 USD
BitAsset use by Asian exchanges soon will give BTS wings


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We need to admit that we're all gambling here with this recent crypto price jump. There's an invisible hand throwing dice at the craps table, and we've been getting all the right rolls for a long time now. Will BTS break $1 before the luck breaks? It easily has the technology to do so, but sometimes the market prefers vaporware... We shall see.


I totally get and agree what you're saying. One good thing is this: getting bitCNY on asian exchanges is currently in the works and should be completed very soon. This would make bitshares bitCNY the tether of asia, except it's actually backed by something. Asian exchanges using bitCNY would give bitshares wings.
Current bitCNY Marketcap: $39,065,779 USD and it has grown by leaps and bounds lately


The more I watch the exploding smartcoin supplies, the more nervous I get about black swan risk. There are some features built into the smartcoin protocol that seem destined to force a black swan before too long.

You're right, bitCNY are backed by something, but it's something that is susceptible to violent swings in value. It's a different sort of risk than the un-auditable backing of Tether, but it's pretty significant risk nonetheless.


Very true. I've been trying to look into what happens when a bitasset is black swanned lately, still trying to wrap my head around it. Stan and Michael doing the UPMA gold pegged crypto asset fully redeemable in gold deal could help in the event of a black swan, yes? If the market got too wild then people could just convert their bitCNY bitUSD etc into that gold asset, which is backed by and fully redeemable in a hard asset.


I hadn't heard about the gold thing, I'll have to check Stan's blog.

My understanding is that if a single short position is ever undercollateralized, the whole smartcoin has a stroke, immediately shuts down, and returns most of the outstanding collateral BTS to short positions. Then all outstanding long positions more-or-less just float. At that point, a rush to some other asset out of the smartcoin would likely result in a rapid price crash because the network's ability to back the smartcoin would be severely reduced, and thus confidence will be thin.

So... When the quantity of outstanding smartcoin grows this fast, I both marvel and worry.


Gotcha. "BitShares has in turn, teamed with the United Precious Metals Association (UPMA) to bring real-time metal-backed digital currencies into the mainstream. The combined strengths of conventional bank + decentralized bank + decentralized exchange + smart coin factory + gold depository + enterprise integrator makes the first full service alternative financial system to offer honest money and a level playing field for all mankind. This isn’t just exciting, it’s a game changer!" Stan and Michael are supposed to be releasing more info on this in the coming days. Deals made at a precious metals conference in Utah.


Cool. The more use cases, the better!

Seems like a chain reaction with all the businesses applying for Bitshares lately :D


I like what you did there... 'chain reaction' ;)

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What the...... I was going to sell mine for SBD. Now I'm torn between 2 HODLs. It's so hard to decide.


why not go for steem? then you can invest in both.

@haejin agreed! BTS is the magical creation of all cryptos, it will be the exchange to follow for everyone. It is one of the big 3 of @dan visions and creations.

When governments start checking more and more on centralized exchanges, and many accounts start having problems on those exchanges, people funds will start flowing to Bitshares, and this is when the biggest transfer of wealth will occur in all the history of the world.

When its interface gets easier and easier for everyone, you know the story!

Regards, @gold84


@tt-dogg thanks for the follow up on this. I checked your blog and see that in addition to dogs, you have resteemed a post from @dan . I am now following you.

Just upvoted your comment.

Regards, @gold84

That sounds so good ! BTS to the Jupiter !!!
BTW Kabooom !!! Your Followers rising almost 450% Percent till I am following you on steemit. That is Massive rising within 2 to 3 Months :)


We wish him MASSIVE followers! :)

Your page grows exponentially just like these cryptos!!

I find it hard to comprehend the theory of news and fundamentals coming to news coming to justify price analysis. Doesn't even make sense..
I will like to be a genius like you though

Great Post. Up until now, bitshares proved to my second best investment in terms of profitability. Really happy with bitshares :)

I've only recently started using Elliot waves they seem to be very useful as long as the market is not rigged lol.

great news!!!!

"orgasmic lunges"
Wow! Just like last night...

Great, thanks!

Amazing! Always excited to read these updates and excited for your 1:1

Very thankful for your guidance, Haejin. While you are doing this for the community, some people out there are shamelessly selling courses to gullible people.


The idiots and the innocent. Without being insulting.

Here is the link to the probable news. They just partnered with the worlds first FDIC insured crypto bank

wow.. thats great

i love the exchange and the coin!! go to the moon probably!!
no fees is very good!!*

Nice post, i like it

follow your idea, to the moon

Ladies and Gentleman, this is your captain speaking. We are about to take off. Next destination, the moon!

very interesting analysis. That would take bitshares much higher and change its market cap substantially.

Mid-term analysis for POWR/BTC. Just started doing my own analysis. Any feedback, anyone?

Don't say no one told you!

Excelente alternativa para diversificar las inversiones a largo plazo.

Nice and good informational

Go BTS! I have a beautifully built portfolio around your studies. I'm learning so much about how these waves work, no thanks to you Haejin. It's been two weeks I've studied your work, and I hope to continue!

Captain call!
Get on the train :)

Yes it true i agree with your words what are you said...

Orgasmic is right lol!

Your call on BTS at 5 cents is what got me started in cryptos, thanks again Haejin!

upvoted, Thank you -- Fair question for haejin, Where is best to park BTS , I don,t see amny wallets and bitshares is also an exchange ? Will the ledger hold bts ? If not best wallets? Thanks jkenny

Looks interesting.

Btw if you like playing indie video games, feel free to check out my blog and also upvote for support if you like the content. Cheers!

I love BTS!!!!!!!!!!

oh my~~~ oh my~~~ thanks lots!!!!

I am strapped in, ready to rocket to moon!

Hi @haejin, thanks again for your analysis and advice! I always find your posts to be interesting and exciting. Here's hoping the prediction comes to fruition! Cheers!

I have Bitshares. WOW.... I love Crypto Currency.

Very optimistic. Just hope it's feasible

Excellent news for all cryptocurrency traders.Thanks

Herkese bitcoinle çalışmayı tavsiye ederim

С русских по лайку

i love the exchange and the coin!! go to the moon probably!!
no fees is very good!!*

Thank you for your efforts .

Bitshares site needs alot of work thou to reach massive highs.


There’s a website already in the works for Bitshares. You can see it here:


that is one beautiful website.

This all seems very exciting. Thank you for sharing :c)

I just need to figure out how to get a little fiat into Bitshares. Open ledger seems to have disabled any past feature to do so.

@haejin, this post is on Hot page!!!

@haejin, this post is on trending page as well!!!

Now if it can only exchange my countries currency then it will be perfect!!!

Some great ideas from BitShares but when I look at their asset exchange I do not see anything interesting.


it's a clunky website. But maybe they can improve over time.

I’m really liking the optimism! Let’s all hope it comes to fruition! 👌

Dan Larimer (EOS) & Charles Hoskinson (ADA 3e Generation Crypto) worked together on Bitshares. These are smart people, visionairs , you should listen to them on youtube ! 1.6 here we come !

This is a nice little article but the use of orgasmic is a bit off the point.

Dear @Haejin,
do you think there will ever be better time to buy BTS than now?
Much love.


Long term target $342, what do you think..good time to buy? :)


I was maybe hoping for a discount to buy some more :D

So what has the most profit potential, Verge(XVG) or Bitshares?? I own about 100k of XVG. Wondering if I should sell and put it in Bitshares, now while its relatively cheap? Thoughts


Bitshares (BTS) $342
Verge (XVG) $5.50

Get Ready and buckle up! Thank you sir!


sit and wait for a few years. This is very long term

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Yeah right, BTS to the moon

I think this mid-term to long-term forecast could be very huge for Veritaseum (Veri) I think it could be a 20,000 dollar coin.

I guess I will have to check this one out.

Very much appreciate Updates on this another successful 'Larimer' project @haejin

People brand new to cryptocurrency are just about to go running to EXCHANGES as their friends told them, to buy.

As someone who was once a totally ignorant noob years ago, and is still a noob relative to most, this is interesting about Bitshares.

I just posted the first of a five part series today, Crypto Noob Lessons that I learned the hard way.

Part one is the importance of the exchanges and learning about them before you trust them with your money.

This is very basic, non-expert advice that I am sharing with those who know nothing, having had my money disappear on what I call "Sketchy" exchanges.

I would appreciate more of your detailed opinion on why Bitshares is going to be a 'gold standard', but also what you think in terms of reliability and security.. since I have never used it, and a lot of noobs will not know where to start.

Upvoted, thank you!

Thank you!

Be a bitshares millionaire!

I was looking at bitshares this morning as well as binance coin. I was just thinking how can binance coin be $6?
In my opinion the only Edge has over bitshares is they offer a heck of a lot more coins on the exchange.


you should compare in terms of marketcap not USD it gives better picture

Get your shades out because our future is bright!

Will bitshares allow me to turn my fiat into crypto?

Thumbs up if you first upvote and then read the post :)

It already took off. hey can't buy them all lol
I see your point thou, just look at coins like Binance, for instance. Bitshares has alot more potential, and could be a great investment for 2018.

Would love for them to. But they might want to get their gateway working properly first. I always have trouble with it going down, or my BTC transfers being held for the whole day because of their ledger.

Every time I take profits, 10% on BTS, getting steadily a nice large amount of it!!! LOve BTS
Thanks to Haejin the TA MASTER!! :)


Holy smokes, what just happened!

nice post

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So I finally bought some bitshares. Unfortunately I didn't pick it up untill now. But I'm on board and it is hodl time. My stack is growing. Xvg has been my big winner!! Now I'm hoping for a big win with bts. Would have done I was waiting for a few trades to hit my targets. That happened and I picked up 2000 bitshares. Wooha!
Many thanks to Heijin!!

On a bit of a longer term perspective, the $1.60 is not too far for BTS. I agree with your thoughts