Bitshares (BTS) Update: After a minor correction to $0.167; Higher to $0.34

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Bitshares (BTS) is one of my most favorite coins! I believe Decentralize Exchanges will become the golden standard NOT ONLY for cryptos but also for equities, commodities and treasuries! In this light, my long term target for BTS is $342 or higher. Yes, this could give a near $1 Tril market If DEX is the new standard, such market cap could be too low!

On the short term, here is how the price is flicking around. I believe the blue wave 1 is nearly done or already complete. This could mean a very minor and healthy correctino towards $0.167 or so. Then off to the races for $0.345 which is where blue wave 3 resides. I've laid out the purple subwaves of blue wave 3. Price could go near vertical, so let's see. BTFD!

Here is the BTS/BTC pair. It's clearly laggin the BTS/USD pair. That's why I've been putting out the /USD pairs first as they are the leading price pathway indicator to the /BTC pairs. So, the blue Cup & Handle pattern projects my forward discernment for BTS/BTC.

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


bitUSD and bitCNY adoption are growing steadily, close to 25% of BTS circulating supply is currently locked up as collateral for MPAs and more is being locked up every day. Rumor has it that Bitthumb will list BTS. Stan and Michael have close two huge deals that bring large American corporations to BTS. Bitspark, Micromoney and Bankcoin moving to Bitshares.

Bitshares has more transactions per day than Bitcoin (BTC backlogged, over 100% capacity) while using less than 0.3% of BTS transaction capacity (see

The fact that a shitcoin like IOTA can hit top 5 on CMC because they are 'demonstrating' their tech to Microsoft - tech that MIT found bugs with and tech that does not have a working wallet - means that a mature tech like Bitshares with real adoption by real businesses should hit top 5 on CMC easily. $5 BTS should be a given at this point. When the move happens it is going to be as violent at IOTA.

Ioata isnt a shitcoin sorry dude you missed the boat dont get mad

Mmmkay. No working product, no working wallet, slow tx, Tangle is a mess, primary market is incredibly niche with no real world application (ie IOT is basically non-existent right now), questionable dev team, single exchange pump, massive misrepresentation about 'partnerships' ie. two month long Microsoft demo is not even close to partnership and of course all the questions surrounding their chain tech. Yep, not a shitcoin at all and definitely worth $10bn. It's a joke.

I didn't miss the boat, I did some due-diligence, read the whitepaper, read the forums, tried to use it myself and chose not to invest. But to each their own, and if you made some money on IOTA, hats off to you!

This is tt-dogg and I approve of this message

Me too... especially since I have 500 BTS 😀

@tt-dogg - thanks for your approval :) I dont trust anything if it doesnt have your approval lol

Lmao all the way to the bank. Also fuck banksters. Lol
Bts. Eos. Steem. for life holla. !!!

hell yeah!

Hi, @tt-dogg you should check my blog, I have some tshirts with Bank-hate related themes that you could appreciate.


Ima have to get some shirts from you bra. Let me just get all my trading done first. Lol.

EOS > $10 in January. Fill your bags now

Well said. IOTA at first impression seemed it could either be an Oracle or Tesla. I was mostly on the Tesla side of the scale. With current developments I've come to give it more credit. Still it seems like it's chewing way too more than it can swallow. The way they created fee-less Tx seemed like a terrible idea and yesterday on Binance I saw that IOTA is having a network congestion. I still wouldn't call it a shitcoin but it's waaaaay too over-hyped at the moment.

I've also seen a huge amount of commie support for IOTA. That's always a red flag.

Iota is doing big things dude dont listen to people simply observe the progress and partnerships. Iota is a top 5 coin

They are a great project. But so is Tesla and other Elon Musk projects. I think IOTA could do better than Elon Musk but I'm not fully confident in them. I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm not too sure about Top 5. I'd say top 25 is very likely.

Did you know that not one of Elon Musk's companies is profitable?

so how does he make money? :)

People/Governments/Futurists/Research Groups give it to him.....I'm not kidding.

Crony capitalism. Tesla has major competition from Fisker again. They now have a patented battery with 500 mile range and can fully charge in less than a minute. Labor disputes. Workers are trying to unionize. Also moving factory to China. Subsidized from clean energy credits that will soon expire. Also I hate the style of Tesla looks like a glorified Saturn. Lmao. Solar city is bleeding money. Also hydrogen cell tech from Toyota. Also common sense tells you there Tesla stock is inflated. They don’t even have enough market share to ford yet there stock is more than ford ?
Too many ppl buying the hype and not doing enough research

Don't forget the fanatic stock buyers. I've seen YouTube comment sections and they are almost on the level of BitConnect. EV are the future. But Like Bitcoin, Tesla isn't going to be in it. Tesla is at least trying and it's not a ponzi Like BitConnect. But still all Elon Musk companies are garbage.

On the other hand check out this link:

The Chinese at least aim for results instead of Silicon Valley drivel and BS. It's not always good (Ghost Cities for an example). But at least the Chinese care for the results. I've been interested in Chinese EV makers for some time. I just don't trade them cuz cryptos are way more fun and easier to get into.

this is tt-dogg and i really fucking approve this message ....

Dude what's with all the messages ? I must of missed the joke please share hehe

I wish I bought when it was .04 like haejin recommended. I would be rich already lol

Still worth to buy it now i would say (and still get rich)

Iota is FAR from being a shitcoin, though 😂

Great statement @johnsmith. I take umbrage with one thing: Bitshares will not move violently because it is a project of voluntaryism and libertarianism and, though it may move quickly when the time comes, I believe it still will tread lightly and respectfully.

Let's use some romantic semantics around BTS!

This is tt-dogg and I really approve of this message. !

Interesting divergence in BTS price today.

Big selloff on Poloniex:

No big downward spike on the BTS DEX:

So, to your point, DEX users don't seem to be smashing price around like the whales on the centralized exchanges.

I agree, just today I heard someone saying that his IOTA transaction was stuck for more than 24 hrs lol

My transaction yesterday to Bitfinex lasts 22h , cause I´m not used to iota I first tested smal amound. Now the next real transaction stucks... fuck.... ok don´t know it its bitfinex or iota

Whenever you see a huge extended 5th like this one, get the hell out. 100% out.

Preach and repeat...

Imagine you had this huge profits and because you chose to be greedy you saw it evaporate, maybe even turning into a (temporary) loss.

I haven't got enough bandwidth to watch it - can you give me a spoiler. Does Haejin say we are near the top of wave iv of IV ?

haejin said sell all bts to

Ok dude what is your address ?


What do you mean?

He explains it in the video. You should watch it.

I Watched it

LIsten to it too! Haha.....only kidding, but he does explain why in the video. The extended 5th is a near vertical climb that cannot be sustained, and that should signal you to get the hell out of the coin with your profits, because the retracement will be near 90% in most cases.

I liked his indicators of how to spot the BTC top - I need to start getting my shoes shined !

haejin said sell all bts to

I recently bought some BTS and am planning to add some more. I have question though, should I just hold BTS, or buy bitUSD?

Power to the people, stick it to the mayor!
I wish you all MASSIVE profits!

Hold bts. And collaterize it for bitUSD.

This is tt-dogg and I approve of the message.

I'm a beginner trying to understand the BTS DEX could you explain what collaterizing means ??? Or is there a place for me to learn these things?

I have been doing this for a while, and it sure is paying off. Borrowing is always risky, but while in Bull market it can be very profitable.

I just keep my collateral ratio at 4x.
I been using this method to buy eos and steem. Almost met my goals for both eos and bts. Prolly 1 more month. Then I will be filling up on steem. After steem is filled then I seed into other coins.

Bat token

I keep a basket of other coins to shave profits for more Bts when they are profitable.


Eth and ripple I will selloff completely before eos network drops next year

And I will be fine with hodling and being "modestly rich", rather then being "completely broke".
I am not really a natural born trader.

Buy and hold is best. But pick the right coins and don’t look at it for A couple years and you will be shocked.

ima high school dropout and was almost practically homeless at 30yrs gonna retire at 43yrs old...i wasnt born crypto trader...i put in the time and research adn finally took the leap of faith and all the risk that comes with can be whatever you want...noone was born a crypto trader as crypto didnt even exist until 2009...there is nothing you cannot do...cant and cannot does not existin my vocabulary...only i will get it done ...i will learn... i will make it andbe successfull...even if its kills me...when you think success you will get success plus more...good luck my friend...stay positive and keep grinding ...

I love it....covering all bases!

Wow, that is a powerful looking cup and handle formation. It shows a lot of room for growth prior to the handle. I can't wait to see what happens after the handle!

Thanks for the link Olivers-Wilde and the great work Haejin overall. Does anybody have some links or analysis they can offer to support Haejin's assertion that decentralised exchanges will take over the world. Would love to research this more, thanks

I can't point you to specific research but if you step back and look at the big picture... With all of the hacks of centralized organizations (Equifax, Mt. Gox, etc), why would anyone choose to put their eggs in a centralized basket if they could accomplish the same goal without the risk?

Bitshares has certainly had a lot more publicity recently which can only be good. I agree that this is one to hold for the long term.

Imagine 500! My brain just exploded....KAAABBBOOOOOOM!!! Detonate that Upvote button if you agree that 500 is within reach!!!

Let's get it to $.25 cents first :)

Will push the upvote button on this one :-)

Just submitted my verify for openledger fiat transfers yesterday! Hopefully the dip coincides with my bank transfer.

Hey, I'd love to hear how this process goes for you, using openledger as a gateway. If you are so inclined, reply to this and share the news!

I've had 2 successful OpenLedger gateway transactions with open.ETH. Everything was smooth.

Today though, I sent more ETH and my account on the DEX wasn't credited. I eventually checked the OpenLedger blog ( and saw a message that the gateways were down.

I opened a support ticket and got a response but so far it has been 9 hours and my account has not been credited.

It’s because of the cryptokitties game. Fyi

This is not related to Cryptokitties. My ETH transaction completed in a few minutes. See my reply above if you want more info.

OH man, hope to see an update about whether this got resolved.

My ETH transaction completed in a few minutes. OpenLedger's ETH gateway has been down now for over 24 hours. Some are now back up but ETH is not. Here is the latest blog post:

For sure, I'll let you know ASAP I'm awaiting the email for confirmation or denial and then I'll do a test of 250$

Did the fiat transfer through openledger work out, @cliffy32?

Hi @anarchrysalis, So I got approved for fiat transfers, but I'm stuck at this screen Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 16.06.47.png
When I click on 'here' it doesn't load anything. So I try every once in a while, but still no fiat transfer. I will open a ticket here soon if they don't get it fixed.

Thanks for the update. Have you tried a different node connection? I find that I frequently need to do that to get the exchange or my balances to reload...

Poking around a bit I found this screen
Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 12.22.48.png

Damn, bummer. We need a reliable gateway while people are still using fiat. One day we won't need one at all!

Humbly took some profits from BTC and bought more BTS. Thank you.

So windows doesn't like BTS wallet installer. . . It said "Unknown Publisher" and I had to click "more info" before it would even let me continue.

So I switched to linux... Problem solved.


Great, Tank You !
Can u please update RISE, if u have time..

Check your mic please

Thank You for the constant updates @haejin

I agree with you on all 100%

Could you share your thoughts about LBC please. My own TA keep failing on this coin

cool, please can you analyse PLBT

Hey just want to say thank you sir for your pedagogic and inspiring work .
I am still a poor peon but as soon as take my massive profit i ll be sure to pay you a beer , I also will get the elliott book for xmas.

I found my own cup and handle but sadly only had 25 free $ on my account at that time .

I entered at the arrow by sheer luck

One more request: ADA

You know the wallet isn't sending transfers right now?

Exchanges still buy sell

They just released another update to the client side......however, you can receive, and you can send without a memo. What I do if I want to pull from that account is send without a memo to my mobile wallet, then from there to where ever I wanted the more step, but it works 100%

Which mobile wallet are you using?

On the playstore it is called Bitshares Wallet & Trade. Made by BitUniverse

heads up Haejin, sounds like your mic may be too close. Thanks for what you do!

Would be interesting to see Lisk.Yeterday hit almost ATH in USD.

Hello @haejin. I was planning to invest around $100000 into steempower initially but a few steemians here recommended I check out your blogroll first. @bubke said that you are one of our best here in crypto analysis :) I will study your TA more to see if I can play a little with your predictions short term. Thank you for everything - you are well educated on the subject matter and I will follow closely. Cheers!

Investing in steempower CAN payoff.....but you are subject to the volatile market when you do. 13 week waiting period to withdraw is a HUGE deterrent for me to do something like that. Let's say you do, and steem hits $5, you just made half a million....but will it be worth that by the time you get it out of the system? Who knows.....100k into BTS would set you for life IMO. But please familiarize yourself with the technique and why it is doing what it is doing to make sure your money is placed in the best place possible. A diverse portfolio is always a good thing....but if it's your extra outside of your portfolio....I would strongly think about going into BTS rather than steempower. I can't imagine what the people with several hundred thousand in steempower go through when the price drops to 0.85c.....that's a HUGE dip with that kind of investment.

If you do go with steempower, I would suggest as soon as you exchange it for SP, start the get to use your steempower for those 13 weeks, and youll be pulling cash back out just in case anything goes the wrong direction.

scarlet is spittin the knowledge yo.....holla!!! damn girl you are sharp, fast and quick...!!!

Scarlet7 brings a lot to the community!

Great advice. BTS it is. And I appreciate your time taken to share your thoughts @scarlet I'm your 300th follower! :)

I am just now trying to get into bitshares (currently $.19) - just go for it now or wait for this minor correction to .16?

Thank you once more, Haejin. If you are still taking requests, would you please analyze FUN? TIA

Your post has been resteemed to my 2500 followers

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@solisrex something like this?
Sorry to bother you.
Haejin is usually busy now lol

2 cannot be lower than 1

Maybe a better way to put it is 2 cannot exceed the depth of the start of 1

Your Analysis on bitcoin was a fail 2 days ago you said BTC was about to crash. I understand you cant be right all the time but you where being very certain. Could you do EOS I am interested to see what you come up with. (before Haejin)

Well little boy

I predicted bitcoin over 2 months ago to 20k
But as you requested - I will mull over the charts tomorrow.

Its good that you want to promote yourself. but why do you have to do it on Haejins post's. I came here for Haejins content. I think its a bit rude to spam his chat for you self promotion.

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