Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Higher Highs Expected...Short Term $23k!!

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I believe Bitcoin and Altcoins will become other words, both go start going up in tandem. If this is the case, then the below chart shows BTC doing a brief interlude of consolidation before likely moving up to tag higher highs! Once the run towards $23k starts, I believe the Altcoins will join and start making vertical; parabolic; Orgasmic lunges to never seen levels!!

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WOW, I love this prediction, and... I am especially waiting for the altcoins to

start making vertical; parabolic; Orgasmic lunges to never seen levels!!

@haejin, you never talk about KucoinShares, please look, isn't that beatiful:


"start making vertical; parabolic; Orgasmic lunges to never seen levels!!"

We made need to label this "NFSW"....

Do you think KCS is in wave 1? I'd love to see analysis as well as wondering if should sell some or all I own...


Do not sell it, they will only go up. Occasional dips would not hurt KCS, just look at the volume... is getting higher and higher.

Oh guys, maybe I will get more lucky here with you, looking badly for some info about this coin:


Funny...just went to Kucoin site to sell some...something made me hesitate...must have been your ESP!



Look at the volume here:


I see...but...already made a nice do you handle when to cash some out? I've been through a few of these type altcoin explosions...they can end sharply...


I look at the market, what's going on there and I surely know that Kucoin Exchange is growing daily, new members are joining, new partners are coming... and most of them are getting some KCS coins for they are earning free bonuses while holding it.

Plus look, there are only 181,043,076 total KCS suply, a lot of room to grow ;-) Even silly Alexa stats is a good indication too:

Happy Hodling ;-)
again, if you see a dip, do not worry, just HODL ;-)


I’m reading the Elliott Wave Principle. Thanks for the recommendation Haejin.


Haejin your a legend. You deserve all STEEM POWER.


Same here, good luck to you and I'm looking forward to see some analyses from you :-) Best of luck and a successful year 2018!


I've been studying his tutorials for days and will continue until I master it. I've been following his advise for weeks now and making big gains. Thanks haejin!


hahahah thats epic!

Thanks Haejin as always! I finally have an account here to post and I just want to say I'm ready for the orgasmic lunges! Lets go!

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 10.15.11 AM.png

I'm not sure what's pushing the price of BTC up. Certainly not the usability of the Bitcoin Network!!!

Is haejin accurate ?

Everything about how accurate he is in predicting !

The New Year is starting off great for cryptos. Plenty of new ATH's all around. Lets keep it up.

Thank you!!

BCH breakout

Man oh Man locked and loaded thanks to @haejin

need your support, i m also into technical analysis, please check my work @jimmyrai28
my latest post

Could you please do an update on EOS?


EOS in phase with BTC


what is the expectation on EOS-BTC in 2018

paylaşlimlariniz %90 tutuyor inş btc 23k gelirde millet bayram eder :D


I believe that will be true ;) We gonna fly together by Btc :)



Thanks for predictions !

KCS on your radar?

Does this mean we can keep our alts even though BTC is bullish?

Should be a great year! Thanks Haejin

If we hit $17,500 b4 a dip again to $12,000 we’ll shoot to $23,000 in a month easy. But another dip without crossing $17,000 and it’s under 10k short term!

wow non-stop posting bro.


It's a bernie bot apparently pulling data from a chuck norris API. Kind of a cool technique, if it wasn't used in such an adolescent and ignorant way.

Your analysis are always super informative and accurate! The amount I’ve learned since following you is insane!!!! Thank you so much!

my altcoins already fear the return of the mothership :/

I really liked the subject that you expose Its okay but there u can make free bitcoins every hour. I have already 0.02625416 BTC

How can I get steem? Can you help me?

Hello @haejin I didn't know about you till now. I will watch on your youtube channel.

What do you think about Neblio, NAV Coin and Groestlcoin to buy now?

Best regards from Serbia.

Look Forward to your Posts everyday... The Book arrived today and already on Chapter 2... Thank You for all you do!!!


Bitcoin rise very good!

Any one else into raiblocks XRB


riablocks are the shit.

Congratulations @haejin!
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please help vote my blog

sick will hold until 23K then going to sell and buy again once it falls!


Why not hold until $3.6 Mil?


per coin? you think it will hit that high?

128 steem power upvoted... hope it helps. your thought need heard. thanks


Thanks! I wish you MASSIVE profits!!

Thank you for sharing.

What do you think of Iota? I think BTC/IOTA has completed the ascending triangle and ETH/IOTA looks like a pennant.
iota breakout immient

@Haejin - Is it possible to get an update on Ripple? Thanks in advance.

Espero ver algunos análisis de ti. te voy a seguir. buena suerte.

Thanks for the timely updates. So you are calling for a 14500 bottom in Bitfinex?

HI @haejin!

I did a write up recently about SALT and was wondering if you could check it out!

would be an honor! :)

23k in short-term? I hope but reality not possible. I see 18k in this month :)

we are chilling to join that train, will not be left behind.

haejin , if possible , would you treat qtum chart? ^^))

thank you!!

Always good predictions from you...
Here's my prediction of Einsteinium:

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 23.41.30.png

Thank you!

i'm expected bull trend for the week

Looks like it will be a very profitable 2018! Thank you Haejin.

  ·  last year (edited)

Did you guys know about the energy bitcoin consumes? It's not really what the world can use atm right? I'm curious if you might know about some 'greener' coins? (

hmmm interesting stuff, lets hope you are right!

Great work Haejin. Been following EW for years but I've never seen it explained with such clarity and conviction - not to mention accuracy. Could you please post a chart on SNT (Status). This coin has really run over the past month or so but its rarely discussed. Thanks !

Thank you Haejin. You are the best!! Please chart DGB for us.

I feel orgasmic every time I read one of Haejin's posts.

definitely, I continue supporting you!

Good morning indeed!
I'm sharing your good mood and I hope it helps to ignore the haters :-)
Best wishes and a fantastic new year to everyone!

I believe that will be true. good luck

Thank you very much for this info .

sorry for reposting; my original comment just got killed (again)..

I believe Iota shows quit a nice pattern but I have some trouble putting my EW count on it, can anyone maybe give it a try? (the subwaves are off when I put the waves)

cool your undates. i think you deserve all the STEEM MONEY.

Good information

Thanks for all the updates!

@haejin, HUSH did a very interesting run last week. Also B3 is in a very interesting situation. A few satoshi, but also as it goes up, the percentage is huge!!!

From looking at a few charts, some alts do look poised for growth, even independent of bitcoin. Steem was one that looked really good over the last few months, so it's rise is expected even if it took a little longer than anticipated.

Bitcoin changed my life already and is changing the entire world! Bitcoin is the best thing that could happen it this world where freedom doesn't exist anymore

Thank you.
Based on trend based fib extension, a trader's target for BTC run is $25000.


I see it better as a,b,c,d,e triangle from which price broke out. Nice chart!

beauti like your post!

i think the same.. the bitcoin and criptocurrencys are the future of the enconomy

Thank you so much!

Thank you for sharing, very interesting, good job sir !

My first time , thank you for the good and simple to understand TA .


I just bought yesterday!! Ready to UP!!

My try on Mana, I believe the time has come!


Just sold MANA for a 34% gain in 2 weeks. I'm okay if it keeps ripping. :) Out at 950 Sat.

  ·  last year (edited)

keep an eye on these C&H shapes and don't become impatient :-) Anyways congrats on the profits and plenty plenty more to come this year!


"Mana" from heaven....


mana looks interesting...


I own some based on someone's analysis...perhaps haejin?