AETERNITY (AE/BTC) Could be a GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY!! Target 0.00153 BTC (9.85x Profit Potential)

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It is at these levels of ground floor opportunities where 10 and 20 baggers can be made. Aeternity (AE) is quite attractive and fits all the attributes. The chart below shows that AE completed a very nice impulse set of 1,2,3,4,5 waves and as Elliott Waves states that after five impulse waves, there is a requisite correction, the a,b,c red waves show exactly how that proceeded. The now very common Cup & Handle pattern is displaying very bullish intentions. Price is just starting to move up...that's exciting as it's prime time to cast your buy ladders. I believe the handle formation could likely coincide with wave 2 as shown in the chart. Waves 3,4 and 5 should carry AE to 0.00153 BTC so yes, New ALL TIME HIGHS in /BTC pair very likely!

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Best exchange to get AE for US customers? I'm guessing Anybody have any experience with this exchange? Mercatox and Liqui don't seem to get high marks and HitBTC has the coin priced much higher.

Looks like an awesome chart, doing some research on the coin it seems pretty interesting, but goes way above my head. Seems to be a smart contract based prediction market, using proof of stake as the gambling mechanism.

I bought a few!

I've been a fan since Aeternity was around 30 cents. But there aren't places to easily buy this coin. Why isn't this on Binance!!! I've been waiting months to see Aeternity on Binance.

This is one of my biggest frustrations in crypto trading as well. I have to have way too many accounts. I just happened to have a liqui account from when I bought another coin, and when I logged in, I saw 500 free trx! So I sold that and bought Aeternity ;p

This looks like an interesting one to mine, according to the wikipedia article it is energy efficient to mine from cell phones or laptops.

Another one Binance doesnt offer..

Use HitBTC, pretty awesome exchange and great volume:

Hitbtc is horrible imo. The withdrawal fees are ridiculous!

They scammed me.. never using HitBTC again. disastrous

There is liqui trading AE/ETH

why not registering on more then one exchange? i use 7 exchanges, for managing my portfolio i use blockfolio app so i can monitor all investments at once

I’m leary of using multiple exchanges. Have you had any issues with Hitbtc? What currency would you send to the aforementioned to do this? BTC is expensive and when I go on Hitbtc it highlights only a few currencies for send and receive

Again, hitbtc is horrible imo. The withdrawal fees are to high!

I used liqui for this one, but for transferring I always use LTC now.

Don’t use XRP like I did.... 4 days later and multiple frantic emails to tech the deposit showed up. XRP blockchain confirmed almost instantly, but HITBTC is slow as balls and dragged their feet processing it.

yep, I agree. I use different exchanges too, so I don´t have to put "my" money in just one place. (and I use Delta to check it at once)

I want to but most major exchanges halted new intakes...early december i wanted to buy raiblocks but couldnt on binance,since then it went 30x..haejin is giving great tips but i am not able to execute :(

This is a tough reality for those of us new to the market. I feel like I got lucky getting onto Binance before they halted registrations.
If there's a decent exchange handling these smaller coins that's still taking new members, I'm all ears.

I like cryptopia, never had any problems. And the fees i think arent expensive. But i have read bad reviews and experiences of other people online.

they're not accepting new costumers:
Due to the extremely high number of registrations that have occurred recently we have paused our registration feature while out team works to make changes in our internal systems to cope with the increased level of traffic our site is experiencing.

We apologise for any inconvenence and will resume registrations as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience at this time.

I just signed up for today - it is decent with reasonable fees, and has some coins that aren't on Binance.

Could you please do an update on Litecoin the Chalice of Wealth?

@haejin i hope this isnt another geocoin mate. That pissed me off a bit. but i love ur predictions. You are taching us all. Kudos. Ill continue to upvote u

Why would geocoin piss you off? I am assuming you followed blindly with out doing your own Due Diligence and are now blaming haegin because it dint take off. Take responsibility for your own investment decisions. If you cant you shouldnt be investing.

Why the sad face? if you own it you're in a great place!
Look at that chart!! If XVG does what these coins tend to do, it's about to explode!

i'm just tired of adding more verge everyday, making more btc on speculations on xvg and other coins then adding it to verge and it consolidating lower and lower, so my relative amount of btc becoming lower and lower :D anyway im still in plus, just missed ripple and tron trains because was waiting for verge to come out. now i know my mistakes. And by the way, thank you Haejin for your examples, with your guidance and teaching materials im also available to read graphics just in few weeks. I was dreaming bout trading stocks, but since i am from Ukraine, there is no way to accumulate so much money, anyway i had enough fiat to buy some crypto in november and already make huge profit from it. With knowledge that u gave me i'm able now to earn as much as i need! Thank you for your sharing.

Exactly the same here mate.

But dont worry, enough profits are to be made.

Good work getting into this market in November!
I hear you with Verge being a frustrating waiting game. And yes it's a tough deal watching other coins blow up while your money is locked up in something that isn't going anywhere....
However: I suspect, based on both the XVG chart patterns and the fundamentals, we're going for a fun ride in the next week, then month then the rest of the year!

and fun it is, either to 500 or to 4000 :D

Wish Bittrex or Binance had it

Nice. Thanks haejin

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