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Beer Report #15 – Vicaris Tripel

Hello BelgianChef (cryptospeak) here,

My fifteenth beer report will be a report on the beer Vicaris Triple. I tasted it a few weeks ago at my local bar, I was looking at all the beers they had and saw the name Vicaris. I didn't know about the existing of this beer and because of that I was curious to how it looked and tasted. It was a rather pleasing look (glass) and taste.

Information about the beer

Vicaris Triple is a gold-yellow slightly hazy colored, fruity, soft, sweet and slighly bitter tasting beer. It's brewed at the Dilewyns brewery in Dendermonde, Belgium.

Made from

Water, yeast, hop, sugar and malt.

Alchohol content


Perfect temperature

6,0 - 9,0 °C | 42,8 - 48,2 F°

My score


Thanks for reading this report, make sure to follow me, I post one report a day! (unless I'm too hangover from the day before)

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Nice one. Did you feel that extra sugar? Try to take some photos with the phone. Doesn't gave to be extra quality!


Not that I can remember, I tried to take pictures with my phone but the problem is the picture quality is very bad at low light, so I ended up deleting them since it was impossible to see the color of the beer. It's dark most of the time when I visit my local bar (low light inside), I will be going on a little beer shopping spree soon so you can expect some great pictures from that. I will try my best to take a picture next time I'm drinking a beer at low light.

Yes, this is a nice post.
Need to see where in Belgium this is and how far for me to visit.


Thank you, I hope it's not too far from were you are.

Looks nice, you must know your Belgian beers well!
I was given a pack of 6 as a present the other day - will have to work my way through them this weekend - and maybe write a short post!



That's a great present, have fun drinking them in the weekend, for sure write a post about them because I would love to read it, cheers!

Nice choice. I love that brewery. Everything they make is very good.

You should definitely try the Vicaris Tripel - Geuze, which is one of my all time favourite beers.

Also Vicaris Generaal and Vicaris Kerst are excellent.


Thanks for the suggestions, I will for sure try to taste all of them, cheers!

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