The Belgian Beer Report #10 – Filou

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Beer Report #10 – Filou

Hello BelgianChef (cryptospeak) here,

My tenth beer report will be a report on the beer Filou. About a year ago I went to a stand up comedy show of my favourite stand up comedian, Philippe Geubels. The show was called 'Bedankt voor alles' (translated in English: 'thanks for everything'), To thank all of his supporters he came up with the best idea, give everyone a free beer. So he teamed up with the brewery that makes Filou and they made him a custom label with him and Filou. At the end of the show everyone received a Filou, that's how I ended up tasting the beer which is now one of my favourites.

Normal label

Special label with Philippe Geubels

Information about the beer

Filou is a gold-yellow colored, very clear, pure and slighly bitter tasting beer. It's brewed at the Van HonseBrouck Brewery (the same brewery as report #6, the brewery has many more beers) in Emelgem, Belgium.

Made from

Water, yeast, Belgian golding and safir hops, Czech Saaz hops and malt.

Alchohol content


Perfect temperature

8,0 - 10,0 °C | 46,0 - 50,0 F°

My score


Thanks for reading this report, have a great day!

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