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Beer Report #12 – Bacchus Vlaams Oud Bruin (Bacchus Flemish Old Brown)

Hello BelgianChef (cryptospeak) here,

My twelfth beer report will be a report on the beer Bacchus Vlaams Oud Bruin (Translated to English: Bacchus Flemish Old Brown). I had this one laying around from a beer trip I did. I bought all three of the Bacchus beers (Beer Report #6 was the cherry flavoured variation, a report on the raspberry flavoured variation is coming soon), to be honest, a huge part of my decision to get them was the bottle packaging.

Information about the beer

Bacchus Vlaams Oud Bruin (Bacchus Flemish Old Brown) is a red-brown, sour, easy to drink, raspberry and watered down wine tasting beer. It's brewed at the Van HonseBrouck Brewery (the same brewery as report #6 and report #10 the brewery has many more beers) in Emelgem, Belgium.

Made from

Water, yeast, hops, sugar and malt.

Alchohol content


Perfect temperature

5,0 °C | 41,0 F°

My score


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I am not so fond of their "Kasteelbier" line. But I do consider Bacchus as a good choice if you want to get familiar with the Flemish Old Brown beer style.

If you want to turn that 2,75/5 into a 5/5, I would suggest you try a bottle of Rodenbach Alexander.

And you might want to buy some extra bottles to keep for a very long time, since it is not certain that they will continue the production at this point. This beer made a comeback last year after a hiatus of 16 years.

Earlier I also referred to the regular Rodenbach classic as one of the better beers you can buy in a can:


Thanks for the suggestions, I've heard Rodenbach classic is a great beer but never tried it, will for sure try it next time.