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Beer Report #11 – Wolf 7

Hello BelgianChef (cryptospeak) here,

My eleventh beer report will be a report on the beer Wolf 7. Last weekend I went to my local bar and tried a few new beers, one of them was Wolf 7. I often see my friends drinking it but I never tried it myself, I don't know why I didn't taste it earlier because it's a good beer.

Information about the beer

Wolf 7 is a gold-yellow light hazy colored, fruity, herby, sweet and slighly bitter tasting beer. It's brewed at the Wolf Brewery (the brewery has many other Wolf variations, more reports coming on beers from this brewery) in Aarschot, Belgium.

Made from

Water, yeast, hop and malt.

Alchohol content


Perfect temperature

10,0 - 12,0 °C | 50,0 - 55,0 F°

My score


Thanks for reading this report, make sure to follow me, I post one report a day!

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Nice write up - I haven't tried any of your beers apart from Stella (of course). Funny how we get stuck in our ways :/


Thank you I appreciate it, I hope you get the chance to try some of the beers I reported because they are definitely worth trying.


I hope so too. My eyes are open for these 'new beers' to me at least.

P.S Dunno if you're into football, but the Belguim players lighting up the Premier League, well, God Damn! I'll raise a glass to that ;)


Not really into football but I do watch from time to time when I'm at the bar, cheers!