The Belgian Beer Report #1 - Omer

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Beer Report #1 – Omer

Hello BelgianChef (cryptospeak) here,

My first beer report will be a report on the beer Omer. It’s one of my favorite beers, 90% of the time you will see me at a pub drinking an Omer. 

Information about the beer

Omer is a delicious tasting blond, gold-yellow colored beer that has a slight bitter aftertaste. Brewed at the Omer Vander Ghinste Brewery in Bellegem (Belgium). It's named after the founder: Omer Vander Ghinste.

Made from

Ground barley coming from the Loire region, three types of hop coming from Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic and purified water.

Alchohol content


Perfect temperature

6 – 8 °C | 42,8 – 46,4 F°


Gold medal – European Beer Start (Neurenberg, Germany) (2009)

Bronze medal – Australian International Beer Awards (Belgian and French Style Ales Packaged) (2009)

Gold medal – World Beer Cup (Belgian-style pale strong ale) (2010)

Gold medal – United States Open Beer Championship (French/Belgian Ale) (2011)

Bronze medal – Australian International Beer Awards (Pale Strong) (2013)

My score


Thanks for reading this report, have a great day!

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