The Belgian Beer Report #9 – Maneblusser (moon extinguisher)

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Beer Report #9 – Maneblusser (moon extinguisher)

Hello BelgianChef (cryptospeak) here,

My ninth beer report will be a report on the beer Maneblusser (translated to English: moon extinguisher). The name has a funny history behind it, it all started back in 1687 when a guy walked out of the bar and thought the St.-Rombout's tower was on fire. He quickly alerted everyone and within a matter of time the whole village knew what was happening and started to extinguish the fire by going up the tower with buckets of water. Once they were at the fire they quickly realised that there was no fire, it was the moon and the low clouds that made it seem like there was smoke coming out of the tower.

Information about the beer

Maneblusser is a gold-yellow hazy colored, slightly bitter, fruity, sweet and smooth tasting beer. It's brewed at the Het Anker brewery (the same brewery as report #8, the brewery has many more beers) in Mechelen, Belgium.

Made from

Water, yeast, Belgian hop, and malt.

Alchohol content


Perfect temperature

5,0 - 7,0 °C | 41,0 - 44,6 F°

My score


Thanks for reading this report, have a great day!

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I really like that label - I've never seen this beer in Australia, even though we get a lot of Belgian beers here, so I'll need to keep my eye out for it.


Goodluck, even here you don't see it that often, not that many people I know have tasted this one

I always appreciate a good story behind a good product! I must get my hands on a Belgian ale soon...