1 Year Anniversary on Steemit- Summary

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Hello Steemit!

WOW! It turns out that I've got my account approved by Steemit exactly 1 year and 1 day ago.
366 days ago I created my first post here. Understanding nothing and having no idea how Steemit works. More than a year ago mister @gric created a post on Facebook.

Explaining what's Steemit and how it's superior to all the other social media platforms. I hopped on that train without even thinking. I mean... It was a post from one of the artists that i look up to. So, because of him, I'm here today, writing this blog post. I learned so much, met great people and artists, understood what crypto is. Geez... Even my grammar got better.
With this post, I will show you my progress in art, every piece that I posted and wrote about you can find below.
So, here is my journey

If you click on any of the image, you will see the actual blog post

"Octavean- The cost of power"

The lighting pipe.jpg

"A memory"

"The tool of Mind"

"The work of a Scientist"

"The Serpent Prince"

"The Ancient One"

"The Defiler"

"Self-portrait study"

"The Sting"

"The eye of the Sleepless"

"The Sword"

"The Silver Lady"


"The summoned one"

"The Craft"


"The forgotten one"

"Gravital Pulse gun"

"Run the Jewels"

"The Assembly"

"The Guardian"

"Forgotten one 2"

"The Villainous one"

"Octavean- the cost of power" Digital

"Welcome to the Blockchain"

The sword!.jpg

"The night"


"Behind the mask"

"The Golden humming bird"

Passing the point of remission.jpg

"Passing the point of Remission"

version 1 graphiute low.jpg

"Cipher of the Mind"


Phh, it was really fun going through my recent works... I have an idea where i should head next.
Thanks to all that supported me and helped me through that year! Keep it sharp!

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Woohoo, congrats on your first year, Tac! Your improvement is amazingly significant for the last months! Wish you to grow even more! ^.^


I will try my best to keep it up :P Thank you Kat!

Congratss!! The drawings are pretty coolio


Thank you! I'm glad that you like my work mate!