InktankRetrospective (and bonus shares!) #61-70

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Let's take a look back at (and distribute a few bonus shares to) the art featured on Inktanks 61-70.

Some stats on the Inktank project

  • Since starting, the Inktank has showcased 115 unique artists who have produced 219 pieces of art
  • At least one artist from each Inktank issue has been sponsored for a #steembasicincome share.
  • There have been 51 artists sponsored so far, for a grand total of 70 #steembasicincome shares, and an additional 31 shares from retrospectives.
  • Since then, every post they've made has received an upvote from @steembasicincome or one of its subsidiary pools.

Let's take a look back at the art featured in the last 10 posts. Clicking the image will take you to their post.

Received sponsorships

Also featured on Inktank

How can you support an artist?

Beyond Inktank, I have upvoted and made supportive comments on ~ 1615 posts for a grand total of $0 SBD (hopefully that will change as I grow).

I strongly encourage you to support the artists featured here, in my comments, that I'm following, or that you find yourself (please tell me about them!).
If you don't have a large upvote, you can still support them.

  • Drop them an encouraging, well-thought out comment.
  • Sponsor them for #steembasicincome (you get a share, too!)
  • Resteem their posts
  • Mention them in your own posts

Bonus sponsorships!

One last thing, every 10 posts, I will give out 3 more #steembasicincome shares. One for the 'best of 10' already sponsored and two for those who were previously featured but not sponsored. All three will also be featured in the future super 51-100 post and in the running for more bonus shares.

Congratulations @makpic, @rizada, and @leoplaw!

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