Daily drawings: The Blind traveler

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Hey guys, I'm excited to show you the new painting I've just completed.
I'ts a more complex image than the paintings I try to post daily and it took me about
10 hours to complete with the planning phase which you can see below.
The final image was done in Photoshop.


this is the planning phase.
Some Thumbnail studies.


Figuring out the main character.

I'm calling these "brain Babies" and will be adding more of them in future paintings.

Thanks for looking!

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This style is just adorable. The colors are vibrant and fun and the illustrations make me think of a really children's book or storyboard for a neat show.

thanks you Im glad you like it! It's probably a bit too weird for a childrens book

I really like your style! It honestly looks like a scene from a cartoon movie haha
Great work here!

I love everything about this illustration. Amazing work with the details. I esp like the turtle character.

Thanks mate!


I really like your drawing, I still do not master the process of drawing so well, I am more of photography, I am trying to learn but little by little.
I like those brains, but the one I like the most is the sketches:
The bulging eyes and perched in the puddle.
With seeing the illustration I can make a story.
The brain of the bottom, wants to bite the
Superperroojoso (big dog with eyes)
Happy Sunday

I was not in the mood to be nice to anyone, but I took a look and I am forced to say, well done, i like your brain babies.

You've got a good imagination - and that of course is what is important. I hope you do not settle and keep growing.

Thanks mate! I feel like I'm re-discovering what I like to draw.

I love your style so much!
And your colouring is gorgeous too! I love it~

Wow! This is an incredible amount of planning and details :D It's so cool to see it all. My favorite part is always the strong, vibrant colors you use: the reds, pinks and purples ^^

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ohhhh @azbeen ! this is wonderful ! i love it ! you have such a creative mind and the way you present ideas are super unique and adorable :D

love the step by step, and the character design sketches, and definitely love that final version <3 the colours are wonderful and magical <3 and the characters are super interesting and full with personalities <3