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digital painting of my woman in blue dress


steps of my work :



coloring the skin

in my digital paintings i like to color the skin alot, that is so much fun, playing with brushes and warm colors


and the blue dress


i added darker parts here


and now time to add lights

by putting some light little parts on the skin we can have a nice surface , it can show the reflections


working on the background


and the final step


Copyright @li-art - All Rights Reserved

i hope you enjoyed watching my blog , see you next time!
i'll be happy to read your comments, thanks .

wish you a great day. Lia :)


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she's lovely and sensual <3 love her voluminous hair and her pose <3 and that small smile she has is very endearing <3 <3

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Ooohh I like how you drew her legs a lot, well her hands are also nice, but all of these limbs and her facial expression really define the character. I feel that her personality is clearly defined on this artwork. She also has a lovely artistic black hair ^^.          


thank you scrawly !!! <3

I adore the flowy pose and style and the bold splash of watercolor for a background, and oh my, that hair and that smile!


Quite welcome, please keep gracing us with great art.

Wow This is awesome painting....
you have amazing art my dear friend....

I like the colors combination!


thank you sweettais

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