Zombiefication trialbycomics entry #3

Despues del contagio comienzas a sentir que tu cuerpo no es igual, te sientes diferentes, hablas diferentes, o dejas de hablar, primero sientes una agonia insoportable, luego ya no sientes nada.
After infection you start to feel your body is not well, you feel different, you talking about different, or you leave to speak, first feel agony unbearable, then no longer feel anything.
En reversa


cool sequence bro!

interesante resultado, como para insertarlo en una página del comic de Robert Kirkman, upvote para ti

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gran entrada, suerte en el concurso.

There's a lot of great art coming out of @kommienezuspadt's latest #trialbycomics zombie art contest, but this one really stood out to me. Such a simple composition, but the super claustrophobic POV compared with the wonderfully expressive eyes really captures the terror of knowing you're infected.

I think this is the only entry I saw that has the transformation taking place. I like the idea a lot. Seeing the face going through the different stages of zombification is at once fascinating and horrifying. It's like you want to look away but you can't.