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One of my very first paintings in graphite pencil and watercolor on glass. It was made for my first one man show in New York and from what I remember, the gallery owner kept it for himself.

Now added to my BeScouted photo collection, where you can see a larger number of my pictures all at once.

I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems


All photos/scans by me of my own artwork done in my special technique as introduced in What is Hinterglas?



See more of my work on



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Oh wow! Love that one!

Interesting to see these historic pieces and how your style have developed.

Regards @reinhard-schmid

Congratulations for your paiting

Very Futuristic artwork

Hope to stay in touch and feel free to visit my pages and enjoy my art thru music


I love this painting and your style in general! There's so much to discover.

It is beautiful ! Like seeing at a small cave in the aquarium ... but the aquarium is the deep, dark sea! The glow and details of the under water life is amazing <3

This is crazy dope man. The details are freaking me out!

Omg!! this is amazing, all the details. I love the fact of the blue and purple in the painting. Amazing work, congratulations for the gallery!

Love it Reinhard, with all of the intricate organic shapes.

great :) i love the atmosphere

Beautiful colors! Well done

LOve the organic feeling and movement.

It must have been an amazing show. Do you have any photos from it? If it was before social media, there probably aren't as many. It's funny how pre mobile phones and digital film pictures were not as prevalent, now our trip to the market has a thousand photos representing it.

I think I said this before about this piece, but the illustrative quality of it is so enticing. It makes me recall my childhood, sitting with my families old Victorian children's picture stories which were always more gruesome and therefore more enticing then the modern 20th century 'happy time' fables of my day. It has that feeling of elation mixed with the idea that something just a bit sinister might lurk around the corner.

wonderful, and this is very inspiring <3

Stunning work Reinhard!

I can certainly understand why the gallery owner snagged it for themself. I'm really digging a lot about this, but my favorite part is the surrounding framing with waves that aren't quite waves and coral that isn't quite coral. The palette is really great too.

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