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Welcome Steemit!

I have created the GIF art to represent the imagining
of a segment of Part 6 of Awaken.

The title for Part 6 is
"Dismay Down Deep"
and if you would like to click the link to give
the whole thing a read, I'd appreciate it.

The GIF art will be accompanied by the segment for which
it is depicting within the story, while all the parts of the story
can be found listed, and linked to below.

The Excerpt


After they stewed in the awe and utter terror of the moment, Kogg cawed at them in support. The old man looked up at Kogg and smiled. “Orvus, it's opening!” said the old man, as he ambushed him with a hug. Click! The fourth step was now level with the third. “This is mad,” Orvus muttered. They both stumbled as both the third and fourth circular steps sunk and became level with the second set. Both watched in anticipation as the three steps came into alignment. Click! They waited a moment, yet the three steps continued no further.

“That's it?” Orvus said, disheartened. “I think not,” said the old man, “here, come help.” They both stood firm and exerted force on the statue, in an attempt to rotate it back facing east. Kogg was incredibly excited now, and hopped up and down. That statue gave in and without too much effort, they had managed to get it back facing eastward. Again, from beneath the two heard something give way. The fourth circular step platform with the statue started to sink lower than the third. It continued down and when they were waist deep, Orvus looked at his friend, “We could still climb out at this point.” The old man smiled at Orvus. The platform sank deeper, and deeper until even the statue was beneath ground level. They both looked up the shaft they were sinking into, then the old man sat down.


The GIF Art

Version #1 - Levitating statue with movement

Version #2 - Levitating Statue without movement


Part 01 - Message to Orvus
Part 02 - The Lake Beckons
Part 03 - Night of Rest
Part 04 - The Tomb's Secret
Part 05 - The Deep Gouge
Part 06 - Dismay Down Deep
Part 07 - Orvus Restores Order
Part 08 - Magic Sans Scroll
Part 09 - Clear Path Provided
Part 10 - Trace The Key
Poem 01 - Immortals of the Aegis
Part 11 - Eigin Rooted Magic
Part 12 - Ancient Koaj'kah Magic
Part 13 - Elemental Wisp Infestation
Poem 02 - Elemental Call Song
Part 14 - Kogg's Aerial Ace
Part 15 - Fiendish Fiery Foe
Part 16 - Water Wisp Woe
Part 17 - Home Sweet Home
Part 18 - A Blessed Breakfast
Part 19 - Ships At Sea
Part 20 - Gifts And Favours
Part 21 - Tea By Flame
Poem 03 - In Verlys Valley
Part 22 – Command The Flame
Part 23 – Verge Of Discovery
Part 24 – Guispira Of Algen
Part 25 - An Alchemist's Toil
Part 26 - Seek The Symbols
Part 27 - Mayval's Farewell Gift
Part 28 - Sea's Horizon Quartet
Part 29 - Solidarity in Silence
Part 30 - Breakfast Before Dread

Cheers! Thanks for viewing and reading. Don't forget to comment.


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