Ulog #5 - 7 Day Positivity Challenge - DAY 5 - Lemonade Scones Mess & Friends

7 Day Positivity Challenge - Day 5

Lemonade Scones Mess & Friends


I forgot to flour my hands...

We have had a few playdates of late so I thought I would give some baking a try. I was going to aim to be one of those mum's that make's everything from scratch for our son but then I realised that I had to put more sugar in and it cost more than if I was to buy the no-name plain biscuits from the shops, not to mention the time, the mess and the dishes.

That aside, I had been craving scones for weeks, since one of the playdates got moved from my house to theirs and I had planned on cooking them, so when friends said they were dropping by for a coffee, scones were in the oven after a quick stop at the shops for some Lemonade. In all honesty, I can't remember the last time I made scones, maybe back in high school but I was committed to giving them a go.


4 Simple Ingredients

  • 300g (2 cups) self-raising flour
  • 55g (1/4 cup) Caster Sugar
  • 125ml (1/2 cup) Cream
  • 125ml (1/2 cup) Lemonade

And Some Other Stuff

  • Round cutter of some size
  • Salt added to the dry ingredients
  • Milk to coat the scone before baking
  • Jam & cream to top the scone

As I didn't think of recording such an iconic event me baking until halfway through this cooking adventure, you missed me measuring and mixing 1st the dry ingredients and then the wet ingredients into a bowl. Do powder your hands and the tabletop with the flour before attempting to knead the scone dough as it can be quite sticky, especially when you are like me and don't particularly follow the quantities to the letter.

I mean there was like one extra teaspoon of cream, who is going to stick that back in the fridge. Come to think of it @shi-hulud probably would... He is a recipe follower.


Knead the dough until all combines and flatten out and use the cutter to cut out scones, I like mini ones so that is why I used the small cutter. As seen in the ingredients photo.


Place them on a lightly greased baking tray and brush the tops with milk. Cook in a pre-heated oven until browned and serve with your choice of toppings, my got to would be jam and cream.


All in all, not a failure however not as "great" as I had hoped either, I think I over kneaded them making them not as light and fluffy as they should be, however, Thana (our son) and the guests loved them and I ate the rest. I will try again for the next guest as...

Practice makes perfect or in this case delicious!


Two of our recent playdates, both bubs are much younger than him but they got on well as you can see by the hand holding and the pats on the back, they were so cute. The left date was with a fellow ostomate and friend, her son is six months old and so cute.


The other date was with one of my bridesmaids, she was over from Victoria to see family and this was the original date that scones were going to be whipped out at but the car fell through so I went to see them, her daughter is nine months old and the same height as Thana, they played for over an hour, the door was by far the fav place to hang out although the wine fridge lights did also get some attention.

Watching him interact with other children is a bit scary sometimes as you never know how they will act, they really are like unpredictable drunk mini adults but he was such a good little man both these dates and I look forward to catching up with them again soon. Our Victorian friends will be back in Jan 2019 so by then my scones will be perfected and ready for bulk batching.

On that note, can you freeze scones for later and if so do they taste as good defrosted?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed today's adventures. See you next time!

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The challenge...

Three times a charm

So I had been nominated by three individuals, @viking-ventures, @happycrazycon & @holisticmom, then encouraged by @danielsaori to join so here I am. See below for what the challenge entails.

  • Write a post about something you have to be positive about today. This could be anything from being thankful for your current situation, someone being nice to you, being thankful for your friends and family, or even being thankful for the opportunity you have been given here on Steemit

Just keep it positive

  • Do this for 7 days in a row if you get nominated Note that I will not be doing this continuously but I will get 7 days out.

  • Mention three people who should do this on each day. Feel free to complete this challenge or not, it is up to you. It has taken me over a month to get day one out and it may take me another month to get the seven days out.

Given this has been out for a few months some of the people I mention may have already been nominated by another, so feel free to do it a second time or abstain from this round. I nominate @paintingangels, @redheadpei and @saysme

  • Tag it with #7daypositivitychallenge and include these rules at the bottom of your post.
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  • Include a picture of something positive Related to your story if possible.

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May also help me get my understanding clearer. Like should we be using https://ulogs.org/?

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I enjoyed so much!! Hi beautiful 💜💙 Thana is such a sweet baby boy!!!!! It's awesome seeing you fluff into mommyhood!! ❤ i dearly want to try your scones! They look awesome! You nailed it!! Your first try!!! Amazing blogging momma!! WOW! Blessings, Love, Respect!! 🌕🌅👍


Thanks hun, they were pretty tasty. He is super cute too I have to agree with you there, we are very lucky. We just went to the zoo for the first time and got a pass for the year so we will be back there soon. He loved the mini monkeys and the tree kangaroos.

Love how you added that little gif too haha. I'mma bookmark this page just in case I crave some lemonade scones next time :P


Im loving gifs atm, just figured out how I can make them on my phone when I play any of my videos so its a fun new toy. Haha.

So scones are like "mini-biscuits", right?

Looks yummy...

Namaste, JaiChai


Haha, not really. More like mini cakes but a little denser.

Kids playing together is fine. All you really have to watch for is fascination with shiny things (eyes) and frustration (but I want that toy!) which can lead to bonking someone over the head with said toy. And even so they're generally not nearly strong enough to do any major damage ;D

Glad you had a good couple of playdates, it's so adorable when they're that little :D


The toy bonking is a real concern, one only the dog has had to endure to date. Hes just learned how to ride a push on toy and now decided that the dog is rideable as well... shes not very impressed. Lol.

Glad you enjoyed your baking @insideoutlet. It's been on my mind for years but I haven't gotten around to it yet! 😂

How old is Thana?


Haha, i love the idea of it, the doing is never as fun well the clean up I should say lol.

Thana is coming up on 17months old.

My baking has a tendency to be lenient on exact measures, especially when there is only a little of something left and you just think I can't put that tiny amount back in the cupboard. There must be something in exact measures though because I have a tendency to end up with something that is nothing like what is was supposed to be!

Your scones look good though, and if everyone at them must have tasted good as well!

#thealliance #witness


Haha, I'm sure there is something to say for exact measures, I'd never make a good Masterchef as I've never beed good at following the recipe, I blame mum, hercooking style as a drop of this a dash of that and a slash if required for taste. My husband hates it when I try to teach him. His like whats a dash.... most the time I just take over. Haha.

Scones! I had forgotten about those! So easy and quick to whip up, definitely something that I should be making. Although, I guess it isn't really a summer thing, I'm not standing in a kitchen with the oven on!


No not a huge summer thing as noone wants the oven on to heat up the house. Great to warm the tummy in winter though. And yes so simple. Yhe kids would love it.

Cooking from scratch is definitely the healthier option, since you don't usually add preservatives and can pick the primary ingredients to use.
Yes, it's true, the results are not always as hoped, expecially when out of practice, but as you said yourself, you learn by experience, all is needed is dedication and time....
I'm sure they were delicious !!!


They werent bad for a first try. Next time I might add saltanas as my son loves them. I cant wait until his interested enough to help and enjoy baking too.


Great plan !!! :-)

Great looking scones! I am not much of a baker and it looks like the construction would take up more room than I have so I don't think that I will be trying these anytime soon. but I've learned never to say never, so who knows!

Sweet photos of Thana!


Yeah our kitchen us quite small but it was doable. I once made my own two tiered engagement cake including model chocolate flowers. Took me over a week to build. Was pretty cool though. Im looking forward to making our sonscake next year.


You are so creative! I always enjoy reading your posts!

Scone...looks like cookies topped with creme and jam....looks great must be tastier....will try to make some day👌👍


Haha, it has more of a dense cake texture than a cookie but either way would be tasty lol.

Your post is shining, like a bright sunny day!! ☼
Thank you for sharing your backing experience, they look good!
Regards to you and family. :)


Thank you, thats a lovely thing to say. They were tasty.

Glad to see your little one is already having play dates. They are so much fun and kids can learn a lot from each other. Congrats on the scones, I am a mess when it comes to baking.


I love playdates, its some sanity for the adults haha. Im messy too but will do it again regardless.

Looks like you are enjoying your mommy phase so much. My wishes to your son Thana. We hardly do bakings here in my place. Maybe I should ask my mom to try baking. Nice post. Cheers!!


Hey @bala41288, thanks for the nice comment, I am enjoying it, it's got it's challenges but all in all the good bits outweigh those. No need to ask mom to bake, surprise her with some scones yourself :D


Ha ha ha. I'm not very great at cooking, never done it before. But I will try someday. Thanks @insideoutlet.

Ok, your blog is soo inspirational.

You must have been more than ready to be a mom, because you seem to be a natural :) The scones look great, the kids look great, you look great and I love that your "7 Day Challenge" seems to be going on for three months lol (That's exactly how long mine was I think haha)


Haha, i did say it would never happen in 7 days lol... im sure its only a month so far but it nay take me the three lol. Stuck for the last two days now lol. We do have swimming lessons today. But thats exhausting for all of us lol..


hahaha I was only messing with you @insideoutlet 😅

Swimming is the one exercise that just knocks me right out. I can go to the gym and do weights for an hour, run etc, but something about swimming kills me!


Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of swimming in generall but living in Australia, it's a must-have skill. He liked it this week but still hating the on the back stuff, @shai-hulud taught him how to kick his legs this week in the bath so next week we hope he will get that as this week he just stayed stiff legged lol, hard to move :D


aww that makes me smile just imagining it all and remembering when mine were little :)

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Thank you! Im so glad you liked my mini scone mess. 💜

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Well that solved a mystery for me. I always had imagined scones to be like thin little pastry rolled into a cone shape with filling added. No clue where I got that idea :D.
Now I am wondering what is caster sugar? Oh well I do now get the general idea at least. They look like our breakfast biscuits, which are basically flour, shortening and milk.
Looks like the kids had a great time. Isn't visiting with toddlers a whole other level of interaction? My girl is grown now but I do recall some rather lively visits. Has he bonked anyone on the head yet? That is always funny to watch if the toys are soft.


Caster sugar is basically fine sugar. As for head bonking, so far only the dog has been privileged to that but there was some contention at the doctors that we removed him from save someone getting bonked haha. You definitely need to be on your toes around them. They are so lighting fast too.

Yummy, jam and cream on nice scones is delicious. I just ate and it is making me hungry for scones haha!


They are super tasty and it's so cold here atm, that they just warm you up with a nice cuppa.

I've had hands like that before, only it was with pizza dough - LOL! Looks like a yummy result, and I may have to give these a shot once the weather around here cools down (we're in the thick of summer weather at the moment). Your comment about drunk mini adults totally made me laugh - I well remember those days (our kidlets are now all adults), and that's exactly how I felt about playdates. 😊


I have made pizza dough a few times with I am sure, the same hands. I always forget to flour them. Good luck with your winter scones, they really are best in winter with a good cup of tea. Also happy I would make you laugh. He spins me out daily, so cute.. :D

Can you believe I have never even hezrd of scones before. I should definitely try those out some day.

And finally someone could put the finger on why I don't like children:

they really are like unpredictable drunk mini adults

Lmao - that sums it up completely 🤣🤣


I have never even heard of scones before.

That does spin me out. Where do you live again?

haha... I can understand that, somedays its cute others its annoying, last night he kept spinning incircles until his head started to spin and wait a second and then spin again, it was hilarious and cute.


Lol. I guess I'm too much of a kid myself to like other kids. ;0)

I'm from Belgium. I just Googled it, and I can find some recipes in Dutch, so I assume scones might be more known by others here, but I have definitely never had one... for as far as I know. Maybe there is a different name for them in Dutch. Nevertheless, the recipe I just came across included some whipped cream, so I will definitely have to try it some time.


Whipped cream is good on so many occasions lol, I am sure that they must have a different name.

It might have been a mess, but it looks worth it. Those scones look delicious!


It might have been a
Mess, but it looks worth it. Those
Scones look delicious!

                 - derekrichardson

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Thanks they weren't too bad but not as brilliant as they should have been so we will try again. :D

The children are adorable! ❤️

I like the GIF of your kneading the dough! So cool! 😁

Your scones look soft! Scones are not common in the US. I've only had [what was called] a "scone" one time, but it was tough and chewy, so maybe it wasn't a proper scone. (Or maybe it wasn't freshly made?)

Your scones look rather like the bread we call "biscuits" in the southern US, and there are similarities in the recipes: a soft bread made with flour, milk (instead of your cream, and often buttermilk), baking powder, salt, and shortening (a solid cooking fat to make breads & pastry flaky, which your recipe does not use). I'd love to work in the kitchen one day, side-by-side, so we can compare your scones to my biscuits! 😋


They can be tough when they get old or if they were kneaded too much, mine were on the brink of being over kneaded but it did make for a good video lol.. I think your biscuits sounds very similar to the scones, I do love cooking in groups more than by myself so if you are ever in Perth Australia pop on over and we will have a cook up :D

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Thanks guys!

They look delicious. I'll have to give them a try when it cools off. It's been 102+ for the better part of a month now and baking in the heat sucks.

Hope the little man is doing well. I can't wait until we get pictures.


Wow that is hot, not the time for scones, he is doing very well, we are off to swimming lessons this morning which are always fun, I can't wait until we can share his cuteness fully too :D


I miss swimming lessons, those were so much fun. I only had to do them with my daughter though. My son taught himself from watching her lessons. He was always such an overachiever. Got mad his sister when to kindergarten before him. 'She shouldn't go, I should! I'm smarter." He's 2 yrs younger. Now I can't get him to focus on the future and see what he can do. He's stuck on the I can't. I thought 14 was hard I think 25 is worse LOL .


@tryskele what a smart little chooken you son is. haha, whats' he like these days still smarter than his sister in his eyes lol?


He knows he smart, but lacks direction. The life of a 25 yr old who feels he doesn't have a purpose. A 'regular' job doesn't suit him. Yet going through as much schooling as his sister had turns him off cold. I just need to figure out how to nudge him a bit to get his ambition back.


@tryskele it's funny that the super smart go that way, my brother was dux of the school and now his in Jail... Went the complete opposite way... Very sad, my niece is very similar, again dux of primary school, wont even try in highschool...


It doesn't challenge them. I bet she's been diagnosed with ADD or something similar. They are smart, they just need to be allowed to study what interests them. Rather than taking the same old boring classes. There is a way to teach many subject as hands on or present it differently than 'Here is a book, learn it'


@tryskele She likes gaming.., Her dad is a gamer and she wants to be like him, they are separated, she is moving to his place at the end of this year, so it should be interesting to see how she goes.

Hey @insideoutlet! I’m so bummed I missed this post earlier ... I came back to check the rules for the positivity challenge (since I’m finally getting around to writing mine after you nominated me) and I was so excited to see pics of your little one!! 😃 Can you tag me in future posts about Thana, if it’s not too much trouble? I’d love to follow your journey!!

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@helenoftroy hey there, its good to see you, I got to day 5 over about a month and forgot to do the last two days lol... I will aim to tag you in Thana post'sI don't do them often and his little face is never on display but he is so adorable I wish I could share everything, stupid Aussie laws... only another 6 months or so haha.


Great, thanks so much! I’m glad you get to share snippets at least 😊

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