Photography with a toddler.

in life •  6 months ago

Just last weekend I decided I to take the little man out to nana's and maybe try get some photography done.

Turns out that thinking that your going to be able to use your slrs viewfinder with a 16 month old strapped to your chest is just a little ambitious so this post is all smartphone photography.

Under the bridge


Canning bridge is one of Western Australia's heritage listed public works first built in 1849 it has since been rebuilt three times with the most recent being 1939 since then it has had some major modifications in order to cope with the city's growing needs.

This old-school wooden bridge was taking around 70,000 cars a day back in 2015 while it has been reinforced with cement and iron beams its heritage listing protects it from any modifications that would remove this amazing traditional look.

The Swan.

Just kidding, they're pelecans recent rains in Perth meant that the river had overflown its banks I only wish that I had packed my little mans gumboots so he could have had a splash in the water.

And that concludes my sad attempt at photography with a toddler strapped to my chest.

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And this is just one of the many changes you get to experience as a Dad :)

I love your "under the bridge" photo :)


It's a great shot isn't it, I was surprised he could get one that wasn't blurry as little man is not one to stay still for too long. lol.


@insideoutlet, it's all about deflection. "Hey, look at the bird! quickly snap a photo 😎


@lynncoyle1 haha that and distration is our main tools for ending a tantrum, lol..

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