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You don’t want to miss out on engaging with some awesome Steemians and encouraging them before their post pays out! We all love it when someone takes the time to not only stop by our blog and read our posts but actually engage. As a fellow plankton, I know and love this feeling. It’s super disheartening when you put hours of effort in, for a post to get lost at sea never to be found again.

So we are here to help, not only that…

We share our profits directly with YOU!

Yes you heard right! 30% of the SBD raised from these posts will go directly to the curated authors, they will each receive 10% each for their efforts, transferred directly after payout.

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Undervalued Authors Below

All of these wonderful authors deserve an upvote from you but we do understand voting power (VP) and the drain all this wonderful content can have on that, so we made it simple. If you upvote this post you are sharing the rewards with the curated posts. This currently sits at 10% each with the aim to grow as our SP or delegations grow.


Psychiatry: Moving From Ice Pick Lobotomies and Chains Into a Brighter Future by @agmoore

A scary yet brilliantly researched look into the mental health industry back in the day, as one who suffers from anxiety I can tell you I was glad I was not around in those ages.

There is still 6 days until PAYOUT.

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Did you know that one UPVOTE and genuine comment could keep a Steemian writing?

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The Angels That Live Among Us - Entry for writing contest by @averageoutsider by @ayushjalan

An interesting take on angels and what they mean in the real world.

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This post at time of curation was valued at 3.30 STU

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Being poor is just a mindset, you can become your better version by @bmotives

While the headline isn't 100% true in all cases, some welcome reminders lay within.

There are still 6 days until PAYOUT

This post at time of curation was valued at 2.08 STU

Got spare VP, share the love! It takes a lot to put yourself out there.

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We are always open to delegations, so not using yours? What does delegating to us do for you? The satisfaction of helping a new community grow. We also upvote content from our delegators, our small way of saying thank you for helping us pay it forward.

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Giving back A.S.A.P!!!


This curation post was written by @insideoutlet, Banner by @shai-hulud

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Thanks a lot for including my article in this issue. Really grateful!


You are very welcome, we always enjoy newbies joining our ranks and putting out quality work.

Thanks a lot @asapers, being mentioned by this community is an honor. Always enjoying being a member of this community!


Thanks for writing awesome curable stuff.

This program good for newbies. Thank you for your support @asapers

This program good for newbies. Thank you for your support @asapers


We hope it can help the undervalued quality writers out there.

Commented on all 3 and upvoted. All very good well done posts. Keep up the great work!!


thank you! :D I know they will appreciate that.

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Thank you for including me. I am honored. I always refer people to Asapers. I did read one of your other articles in this issue--upvoted and commented on some of the comments. You never know where a post will lead....
My VP is getting lean. Will get to the other post tomorrow.


Thanks for helping out the ones you did, this is why I try to get one out every other day as every day would drain our VP too much, that and I dont' have time daily lol... There are so many awesome Steemians to feature.

I might not say a lot around here, but I always find something interesting in your bulletins!

Thank you for that!



We appreciate you stopping by when you get the chance :D

Hello @asapers, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!