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Since i am not very techy or know much about blockchain, i want to propose what i will heartily do in terms of joining the cause to grow steemit.
As a crypto-novice who also has experience living in a developing nation and who found steemit, while looking for an internet home, a level-playing field etc, i feel the aspect of steemit growth, that involves bringing up newbies to speed and bringing steemit to the mainstream in developing nations etc, is something i can help with, the most! 

Too, i came on steemit like a regular internet user would and was lost in steemit wonderland and didn't understand the whitepaper and all; and it took me months to even try the "transfer button" or to find out the other beautiful aspects of steemit beyond earning and blogging.
It is mostly after unraveling these other beautiful aspects of steemit and steem technology, that my conviction about the steemit became unshakeable.
Now; once my conviction about steemit became unshakeable, things changed! 

Steemit Growth Idea! 

This idea is going to be completely steemit-community-driven. It will be fun, stir engagement and fresh!

The overall theme of this idea is "#steemitisbeautiful"

The aim of this idea is to assist in following aspects of steemit growth:

1. Bringing newbies up to speed when it comes to steemit know-how.

2. Helping each steemian understand steemit FAQs and concepts, in layman-terms.

3. Helping the regular internet user to understand steemit, using simple, fun, effective ways. 

(Instantly introducing them to the other beautiful aspects of steemit beyond blogging and earning, thus, expanding their overall vision of steemit.)

4. Attracting newbies to steemit.

5. Strengthening the existing steemit community.

6. Creating new ideas for exploring steemit.

7. Inviting new ones to steemit

8. Assisting the steemit's marketing efforts, especially in developing nations. 

9. Assisting with seamless steemit's growth.

 What is the problem?

It can't really be said that their is any real problem! 

However, there are ways to improve! Many newbies have had to read for zillions of hours (comments, posts, FAQs) and have had to read the whitepaper over and over again, when they first get on here. This is a very good thing in the long run but can also be overwhelming for many. Combining that, to many other events bound to happen on any platform during beta and newbies become lost in steemit wonderland except someone holds them by the hand and lovingly leads them. 

Looking at the fact, that steemit is set to host millions of regular internet users, the above, is an aspect that can be improved upon.

This, we can gradually and playfully improve!

Moreover, the entire beauty of steemit is not expressed on the whitepaper! Getting to fully understand the beauty of steemit and its capabilities takes time and are only unraveled with time and after exploring steemit. These aspects need to be at the forefront and marketed, so that steemit's beauty or at least a glimpse of it is seen by everyone daily and by newbies, from day one!

What is the solution?

The solution is simpler than imaginable and can be a community effort and fun! 

My small solution here is just a start and will expand by virtue of the steemit community. 

I want to start with a solution that can run on a larger scale as soon as possible, requires limited resources and will be seamless and ultimately, fun! It will be fresh, a positive distraction and will instantly stir further community bonding and increase the number of steemit posts. 

Steemit posts resulting from this endeavor will do 2 basic things: 

(a). It will constantly spell out #steemitisbeautiful everywhere on steemit.

(b). Incessantly market #steemitisbeautiful to the world of internet users out there.

Yes, the 'internet is beautiful' but steemit can stand out and easily become its own world, away from the rest of the internet.

The above sentiments in quotes, is something that will appeal to internet users in general and especially, to steemit users in developing countries!

Solution proper:

(Solution will involve every steemian, as we our months-of-beta, to help new ones who arrive on steemit, feel at home from the moment they get here (speed them up) as well propagate #steemitisbeautiful far and wide!

What we will be able start ASAP:

We will start with INTERVIEWs themed; "#steemitisbeautful". Yes, to start with, it will be "INTERVIEWs within a steemit post" but these interviews will have a very big twist! 

The INTERVIEWs will be "a set".

One set covering veteran steemians, who started out as regular internet users! 

The other set, celebrating newbies and helping them see within the interviews, "the beauty of steemit". 

However, both sets will always answer one or two steemit FAQs in ELI5 manner! 

This is just a start! 

How will we prove our project was a success?

This project has already started but it now needs to scale up and become a community effort. Prior to this moment, i have been able to measure success by means of testimonies seen in comments. I have also had great feedback in chats. 
I also have a growing discord server and channel as further indication of success. 

The Proof that our current project was a success, will become a community effort. After a month, of running the INTERVIEWs, we will measure results based off of another community fun effort. 

We will implore steemians to create posts under 

These posts can take the form of:

1. Testimonials.

2. Success stories.

3. Introducing new steemians.

4. Re-introducing steemians with a new steemit vision.

5. New-invitees success stories.

6. Simple explainer posts highlighting new aspects of steemit's beauty, steemit technology etc 

7. Fresh, simple shareable GIFs, videos, infographs etc that tackles basic steemit FAQs or that explores a new aspect of steemit's beauty!

The above will completely community driven, fun, heartfelt and fresh!

I would really love steemians to read this post, leave feedback and suggest ways to improve this idea!

Your Boy Terry.


Nice! you are always committed to help steemians and make this community beautiful.
#steemitisbeautiful wow!! , it feels so great from the sound, I am so eager to see how great will it be once it reach more audience :)

Yes, it doesn't good and real too. Steemit is beautiful. This will end up being a community-driven effort. So be expecting an interview soon. It will be easy and fun and you have alot to say, i tell you!

I believe that every positive project we do on the platform all adds up the the success of the platform as a whole. It's a good idea.

Thank you alot. Thank you for being here. I hope that this ends up becoming a community effort.

This is awesome. I get it and would like to make a suggestion for interviews. Ask what steemians say to bring people to steemit or what would they say to invite a friend. If we have a variety of approaches crypto currency, artists, health, gardners, news, entertainment etc we could create tutorials, leaflets, outlines, infographics, etc. This could empower people to take charge to encourage people to sign up on a personal level. I hope this makes sense I've been up way too long. Thank you for all you do.

Yes, it does make much sense. The evolution of this is endless and it will evolve into gifs, videos and more posts. The results from the interviews will be used to create something to share on social media etc. Interviews is just an easy way to start and it will cover steemians in every niche as we all have variety of experiences and our vision can be different too. This is aimed to be fun, playful and fresh too. We will have testimony posts in the long run, success stories etc. Thank you for all your support. I am grateful!
Additional essence of the posts is to paint steemit as beautiful to google, bing onlookers. It is just like beautiful reviews for steemit and when they read it, they will feel it, it will be real because it will be in the voice of a human!

@surpassinggoogle, I like your 1 to 7 plus number 8 of the above which is assisting steemit's marketing effort in the developing countries.

i am grateful marifa, thank you a lot! This will all be community-driven, so it will be fun!

This is fabulous and I am excited to join in! #steemitisbeautiful! Thank you for all you do and for BEING YOU @surpassinggoogle!! Big Reiki Hugs Terry!! Much Love!!! <3 :D

Hahaha, thank you alot for saying Terry. I am grateful! And for calling this FABULOUS and giving blessings. i received it all!

Nice initiative.

I'll think of some posts, create and submit to #steemitisbeautiful. I wanted to redo my Steemit Tools post; a good one for newbies and the tag you created (

Yes, that type of post will definitely fit in there. Thank you! I know an interview will come your way soon as you put effort in explaining things simply and you have done it for me several times!

Glad I can be of help :)

Your post containing links of steemit tools, it really great. Now i understand, you earlier comment much better!

This is unbelievable and unheard of with any platform existing today. I do have a few ideas that could possibly help with this.. Since the interview posts will be a of a set, let's come up with genres..

  • Struggling artists
  • Addiction
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Love
  • Etc...

I picture all of these stories that will end up being tear-jerkers that will inevitably change how people think about and perceive the Steemit blockchain.

Exactly, you see where it is going! Thank you alot! There is so much evolution involved and it can be endless and some fun.

This is so much better @surpassinggoogle much easier for people to understand, I already said how I feel about the interviews and mentioned the 2nd half of the idea sounding better, after reading this I like the 2nd part of the idea even more, creating posts under could be a great way to celebrate and create motivation and support which can be marketed.

Yes, thank you alot. I am glad this one came out better. Yes, the whole concept it going to be community-driven and aimed at create more content to further paint steemit as beautiful and simplified to the world outside. This is also some form of awareness! Also this efforts will pronounce the other aspects of steemit.

and #steemitisbeautiful has existed for months now, we will just use it more. It is also going to be fun, when we try to compile results from interviews and convert them into shareable videos, GIFs etc. Our steemit community has been here since beta and during the ups and downs, their voice will have a special sound, even to non-steemians! Interviews will get insight from every work of life, so each interview will have its own sound! Thank you again!

Okay, nice idea ! I will support you the best I can ! :)

Interviews will soon come your way. It will be fun and you will find yourself expressing yourself in new ways! I am so grateful!

Thank you ! :)

You are always thinking of ways to help and serve people Terry, that is so nice of you.

You are a good one my man.

Thank you alot, our boy Barry! That is the very essence of life.

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@surpassinggoogle You are such a nice guy, always looking for ways to help streemians. Your ideas are really great. I don't have much suggestions to make for now. hopefully, I'll come up with some contributions soon. sine job friend!

You will definitely have loads to say when interviews come your way!

This was last year and up until now you have good intentions, kudos :)