My Steemit Onboarding Begins: @brindocorp Is A Youth-Owned Tech StartUp From Nigeria, That Will Host "ISDEV Hackathon 2017", To Help Bring Other Nigerian Tech Start-ups To The Limelight. We Want To Take Steemit To ISDEV Hackathon 2017!

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 My gradual journey of on-boarding some more new steemians friends begins today. The whole process is slow and gradual but strategic and fun.

I am learning!

I never did any form of marketing before steemit. Well, I wasn't experienced and it wasn't my thing. Then with steemit at the onset, it appeared a feat to bring regular internet users on the blockchain and have them stay active. 

In reality though, it is not a feat! All that it takes is extra loving passion about helping humans grow and true conviction about the steem blockchain as the enabling environment. 

Isn't Steem The Enabling Environment?

If you have said; "yes", it doesn't mean you are sure because it can takes some time for you to be really made sure. It can take some trials, some ups-and-downs plus knowledge & understanding of the basic concepts guarding steem's model. 

In some cases though, it can be instantaneous!

Inanycase, if you are full convinced that steem is beautiful and can constitute real world change and you are passionate and self-sacrificing about the welfare of humans, then the process of getting new ones onboard steem, becomes a notch easier.

Please Join Me In Supporting @brindocorp.

Their intro post will happen later today or tomorrow, for it is being worked upon. 

Brindocorp is an IT company that renders satisfying, cost effective and innovative solutions by means of software. The cute thing about this company though is, it is the product of young boys who are growing into a solid vision; one that aims creating solution to problems and especially at empowering youths. 

I am proud of them as this company are boys, whose growth i was part of. They hail from Nigeria and though i am not physically present with them, they listen! 

It is special to see boys & girls who look up to you, decide to follow a path that you uphold!

Without much financial means and mainly by means of their passion for "a vision" and with the right measure of ambition and self belief, they have completed their first mobile application and are working tirelessly on creating their second, third and fourth mobile applications, which would be launched by September 2017. 

These are youths from Nigeria and i celebrate them. They have really taken the helm of their lives against all odd. I celebrate them!

We simply want to part of this journey, thus, i implore your support as they have joined steemit. But there is more and the interesting part!

Apart from creating innovation solution by means of IT, they are passionately empowering youths to do the same. 

This is where their ISDEV (Innovative Software Developers) Hackathon events come in. They created ISDEV HACKATHON which aims to kickstart more startups that hail from Africa.

The very first one of these events took place in 2016 and at the time, we were just starting the steemit journey!

Again without much means, they where able to pull it off and gather youths; basically developers, web designers and tech-enthusiasts to a successful ISDEV Hackathon 2016, where these youths had to showcase some of their IT innovations & inventions before judges. 

To make things even more interest, Brindocorp participated as well and came up as first runner-ups.

And here is an interesting comment from one of the participants at the event, which turned out to becoming a start-up company, that helps Nigerians get traffic updates on their mobile (Traffic is called GoSlow in Nigeria):

 Cofounder of “GoSlowYarn”, Isaac; in an interview after the ISDEV 2016 HACKATHON event. "I would like to do this on a monthly basis if possible." 

GlowSlowYarn already has its app on Google Playstore here and we will also work towards bring them on steemit.

Nigerian tech-startups find it hard to get support or introduction to better opportunities and especially those administered by youths who are simply on the path to finding themselves. 

Brindocorp's ISDEV aims to keep improving that and now they have the steem blockchain and the steem community to help.

ISDEV2016 HACKATHON was able to gather close to a hundred candidates from major places in Nigeria. 80 percent completed the 2-day event and around 60 percent went home with prizes.

ISDEV 2017 HACKATHON is in the making and that is why i see this as the perfect time for them to get on board with steem. It took alot of prepping for bring @brindocorp on steemit as i wanted this whole process to be organized. 

Basically, ISDEV Hackathon 2017 which will hold August 24, 2017, wants to add some more features. 

It was noticed based on ISDEV 2017 that Nigerian youths who attended, also add particular interest in hardware inventions thus, ISDEV 2017 will include an agenda for startups to showcase hardware inventions and also for the first time, @brindocorp plans on have an online Hackathon, for the participants who will not be opportune to be physically present at the event. 

Product list in their pipeline: 

  • Games Mobile Apps
  • Finance Related Mobile Apps
  • Entertainment Mobile Apps
  • Geographical Related Mobile Apps
  • Customized Mobile Apps as Requested by our Clients
I simply want to help them bring these entire vision and expertise on to the steem blockchain and see how much world impact we can create by means of a steem blockchain that is open source and fast!

ISDEV 2017 invitations is being administered especially by word of mouth and online at:

Each attendee will have an electronic badge! Overall, there will be teams participating in Hackathon contests whether hardware or software during these two days and there will be prizes to be won as well press releases, aimed at giving further publicity to these tech-startups from ISDEV 2017, who ofcourse are keen on opportunities.

Steemit is simply the best places for updates like this; in the form of direct publicity on here and through perfect SEO in the search engines. 

My aim is to bring in each of these startups on to the steemit through ISDEV 2017. 

Too, there is opportunity for networking to other startups in Nigeria in gerenal, through this means. 

Eventbrites holds the perfect hub for further upcoming related events in Africa and ISDEV 2017's success in conjunction with steem, is the perfect testimony when reaching out to these events and startups.

Their story of @brindocorp; is that of youths, who started finding themselves early. Not because they stem from greener pasture but because they chose to stand out. They also choose to listen to much older boys like me, who where part of their lives, paving the way.

They carry out events regularly to impact the lives of other youths, by bringing youths into the world of information technology. This is not an easy feat for a startup, built solely out of believe and no real capital or financial means. 

ISDEV 2017 is on August 24 and will last 2 days. This is the perfect time to bring steem in the picture. My aim is big, though i am not physically present, i want to make it a serious steem event. Integration will be seamless!

It gets harder though as I am not physically present with them but again the world is a much smaller global village due to steem. We start with seamless on-boarding! 

@brindocorp is already preparing it proper introduction post. 

@Brindocorp will do updates on progress, plans etc under my guidance and behind the scenes, I will work on speed-teaching the core of their team about steem and about how we can integrate steem, with their upcoming ISDEV Hackathon, since it already a train in motion.

In the coming days, i will also get accounts ready for core members of the Brindocorp, using @anonsteem.

Steemit's Seamless Integration With ISDEV Hackathon 2017

For the African nations and developing nations it is plain and simple; to have utmost impact; among others, things you need to be very inspirational. People need to hear your passionate drive, even in the midst of your whispers.

We will have to be a stand out, be powerfully inspiring, and letting our presence feel the event room and that is where I come in. 

I am neutral when it comes to nations or races and I prefer the human instead. I have a full understanding of humans,and especially internet users from developing nations and their expectations from the internet and with this overall knowledge, it is possible to have full fiery impact in Africa even without being physically present!

The feat is a huge one but there is a good plan! Basically, we have to make on-boarding quick and instantaneous and make it happen within the event itself. I am hopefully to have some steem available during the event to effect this, using @anonsteem.

Estimated attendees is "500 people or more", but this number can increase with steem now in the picture. Let's see how it goes!

Well, the plan is to get on-the-spot sign ups for attendees, after fully instilling in them, the beautiful impact of steem in technologies and personal growth! We will tackle how they can practice their software development etc on steemJS open source code etc

If the amount of steem that i have is not sufficient, then like is the case for @brindocorp, we will simply on-board the start-ups as a team and have the individual core members sign up on their own, on different dates. 

I will keep records of this list and a likely Facebook or Whatsapp group because, i want to build a new community of these potential steemians from the scratch and so that i can tend to with care, especially during the on-boarding and steem-knowledge-speed-up process. 

Considering that this audience is mostly IT-inclined, blockchain will interest them and i see many of them going the path of becoming steem witness or building applications on the steem blockchain. 

@timcliff be ready to tutor more people!

I am planning for them to add a steem agenda somewhere within the two days of the event or perhaps, add one more day solely for steem. This, we will discuss!

Basically, we will be making use of tools already in place for the events but we will add the steem effect. Additional steem effect can also come in, terms of prizes. 

This can take different forms, perhaps additional steem support for winners from the hackathon who sign up and use steem for their press releases or it can be some general gift related to data-bundles. Being that is data is expensive in Africa in general perhaps, we can tackle that, when it comes to prizes to provide them a gift that further spread testimonies about steem's impact! Perhaps, something like additional steem for them to get data bundles etc will reach the ears of telecommunication companies in Nigeria.

All this, is something i will brainstorm and discuss with the CEO of @brindocorp.

Each of the core members of @brindocorp will get their personal steem accounts ready before the meetup. Then we will look at the list from the last ISDEV 2016 as well and try to on-board as many as possible before August 24. 

It all starts with @brindocorp though. 

Core team of @brindocorp includes:  Segun Joshua, Itoro Bassey, Alex Ahuose, Vanessa Osuka

These are youths, who i have believe in and who have believed in me! 

These Are Images From ISDEV 2016; (All From Their Facebook Page And I Have All Permissions):

Popular Nigeria press releases about them:

Long road but let's go!

I will keep us posted on updates in separate post and if you show interest in comments, i will leave you a link to their intro post when it is finally ready.

But before that however, i will work on the next on-boarding: Two teams, that are beautiful too; constituting of youths! One team is called "The Infamous" and the other is "Nulheim Project".

Any form of support and inspiration is welcome. 

Please follow me on this journey as well!

Your boy Terry


All additional references have been mentioned above. 


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Everyone has something to offer!

Thanks Terry, we really appreciate your support.

All good. Long way to go but we will get there. Big plans! We will talk soonest!

Nice onboard from Our Boy Terry!

Will be hard but possible. Thank you for inspiration. Inspiration for me, is powerful!

Nice one guys

Thank you! Long road but accomplishable!

Excellent work! This looks like a very promising initiative.

Yes it will be! Will inform you when their intropost is ready! I will be working on the next group in the meantime. Youths as well! Thank you for being here!

Very good post :) I hope you make more :)

And more i shall make!

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You are welcome!

wow! this is great, thanks for supporting nigeria and africa as a whole.

You are welcome. Thank you for a valuable comment!

Hello @surpassinggoogle

This is an amazing initiative which i will like to be a part of, it is obvious that a lot of things have been going on in my absence.

Now that i am back, i will like to support the guys @brindocorp in any way I can. I will reach you later on discord for more discussions.