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Very rarely in life do you have a conversation with a new person that changes your future.

Very rarely.

True synergy is quite a rare experience and although I have moments of synergy with many different types of people, it's rare for me to find a deep level of synergy with others. But sometimes it happens and last night it did.

Last night I spoke to @surpassinggoogle and the part of the conversation that really inspired me revolved around suffering, abuse and outcomes. @surpassinggoogle inspired me to a great degree with this one insight. This is what he said:

When one experiences abuse of the extreme kind, there are really only two paths for the future:

You become extremely cruel

You become extremely loving

Then he went on to say,

I have chosen to become extremely loving.

This kind of blew me away, mainly because I'm still full of anger, although I know that on the other side of this constant anger lies acceptance and unconditional love. I have glimpses of it, but it is ungraspable at the moment. And it's important to note that when the word, 'loving' is used, I am using it to mean the kind of loving nature that is detached from possession. I am referring to the kind of unconditional love that is necessary to develop inside of us, in order to transform ourselves and our society. It's the kind that great leaders possess, like Vandana Shiva, and so many others who have shown me what's it's like to live without fear. It is truly the opposite of fear. This is where I believe I have been trying to get to, but I'm not quite there yet. But I can recognize it when I feel it in others. There are very few humans who possess this characteristic. They are rare gems. Attachment based on personal gain is almost hard-wired in humans. When you find one who doesn't have this dominant trait, it means this is a special human. These kinds of humans can help many people.

Speaking with @surpassinggoogle was like receiving a much-needed energy infusion for my soul. And I know that sounds corny, but it's what happened. And to be honest, I cannot even remember the last time I felt like that. It might be almost 9 years ago. So in a way, I've been wearing a no-feel vest for the better part of a decade, shielding myself from contact with others who could potentially have a positive effect on me.

It's strange what can happen once you decide to return to a place where you realize you don't know anything.

After I got off the phone, I saw a small plant growing in a field of dead asphalt.

The sun, I think is getting nearer.

Sometimes it's necessary to pay attention to the things that are whispering because those are the things that feel good to your ears.

And I will leave you with a quote, my favorite one from Arthur Rimbaud:

"I have researched the magic shapes of the happiness no one escapes."

If you didn't know already, @surpassinggoogle invented the concept of the #Steemgig, which has the potential to disrupt Fiverr. I'll be working with him on this project now, bringing it more exposure through Hackernoon, here and as many other places as possible.

The factory I first conceived of last year is looking like it will be built afterall. A big shoutout also to @timcliff who has the community's back. I depend on you to help us all along. Thank you.


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I have felt your anger through your writings, mostly because i recognize the familiar demons in myself. Humanity needs connections like what you have experienced with @surpassinggoogle. It is what will take us to a higher level. Forgiveness and love, it is the answer. Regardless of the question........


this was a very good response, very raw and honest. Giving up control means allowing to forgive people and not hold grudges...

Hello @ stellabelle

The experience that you had with @surpassinggoogle is not strange to me. Anytime I approach him for his opinion on any matter he makes me see the end from the beginning, i get fresh insights i never had before, a chat with Terry reminds me of that Famous Line Nelson Mandela used to describe Chinua Achebe.

The Man in whose Company the Prison Walls Fell Down.



Gosh thank you alot! Plus, that quote from Mandela is hot! What a way for a great man to describe another great man!


Great Men Deserve Great Quotes

Your tree spoke to my heart; finding beauty and perseverance in unexpected places. This morning I woke up in the same decrepit bedroom I have for the past two years we've lived in our restoration project. Putting in electricity took precedence over luxuries like curtains and my bedroom still has sheets covering the windows. Sometime in the night, one had fallen and I woke to the feeling of sun concentrated on my hand which was laid over my heart. It warmed the spot and I was suffused with such a sense of calm and love for my life and the people I share it with despite our struggles.

I am terribly familiar with the kind of anger you describe. My childhood was filled with abuse that left me alternately craving affection and loathing connection. For me, it's only been the past few years and changing the way I view my relationships with my husband and children that has made the greatest headway in healing. The choice to be peaceful, to pick the path that will bring more joy and abundance into their lives has had the unexpected consequence of filling me with peace and joy.

I'm so happy for you that you experienced this and thankful that you shared it with us.


thanks for your response. I appreciated it.

@surpassinggoogle is a great person :)


Thank you alot!


It is all because of you no need to thank me ! Probably i have to thank you :)

We usually turn into our abusers even if we don't like to admit it.


Only with vigilance and introspection mixed with a desire to shift can we hope to overcome the tendency towards abuse.

Steemit makes it possible for us to connect with really cool people and form lasting relationships like what you've created with @surpassinggoogle

It's been a while! Hope you've been fine!

It is really beautiful to meet such people from time to time. By the way, what's that about steemgigs?

I took the extremely loving route too, I could have quite easily been very cruel but feel better after being loving :)

Wow, I never thought of it that way...

There is so much to give and in giving there is even more to be given. I identify with this in some way too which I think stems from having experienced a Near Death Experience. Which brings much more realization to life and this happened to me two years ago when I woke up in a hospital after three days discovering I had Meningitis. Nothing to lose in life by giving... this is one of life's great gifts!


wow, this does explain a lot. I had a crisis a few years ago that alterned my nervous circuits, and my brain. I suspect I still am in a trapped traumatic state, which year by year gets a little better. But I don't tend to recover fast. On the surface I appear to be functioning, but I feel a deadness that I cannot shake. I too feel that this experience has led me on a different path, towards trying to come up with "suffering-lessening" projects. It's true that once the giving starts, it grows, and keeps growing. I think working with like-minded people perhaps is the healing I am searching for.


Simply wish you well.
Yes believe working with like-minded people helps healing.

Factory? What factory? Remember, I just started here recently 😉😂

I think the key to feeling real love energy- which is of course the most powerful force in the universe, is mustering forgiveness, feeling grateful, and being of service to others. The collection vibration of humanity is increasing and with it comes the awakening. Sounds as if @surpassinggoogle chose to embrace forgiveness for those who severely violated him - a very wise path indeed- I honor him for that. The veil is lifting- exciting times.

Okay, that was a beautiful post. Terry, @surpassinggoogle has a huge heart, and I'm so glad it touched yours in that way. Reading this touched me as well, and I'm sure many others will feel the same. I'm all about love, so I have to say it... I love you @stellabelle!


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was easy to tell the truth of my insides......

Hi Stellabelle, I will have to leave a special comment in return after looking at the video too! I ended up resting even if i didn't really to sleep but its all good! Sometimes, we need mirrors; "others", to full understand our own beauty, strange but true. Many things you have stated is true. "There are just few"; that is why i choose to call several things "gifts" cos they are! When it is rare is likely a gift among other things. You have rare gifts as well. These gifts can make life harder in reality but one just can trade them still. Yes, even when you see others in seemingly rosey life and one's own life with all the gifts is so ruff, you still can't trade what you have, to live a life of more ease and with less responsible for others! some are created this way and it is burdensome and to abate this burden, one needs to fix others! There has been drastic adjustments in you lately and shows in the transformation of your blogs. I can't remember when i started spotting it but it was spotted! Yes, you do have that unconditional love in you, it just needs more freedom. Now going that path of fixing others is rough really but when you look at it, the other road isn't that much better either and it is not who we are either.
According to me; "till date, the most unattended school is the "school of life"! To really have attended this cool, you need special talent. Either that or the very best version of yourself; one with a really beating feeling heart, then your eyes are bound to open! "Many things are obvious"! Now not to see, is not bad in itself but depending on your makeup or your type of being, "seeing", with all the hurdles it brings is still way much better!


Errm, you are just an ancient wise one residing in the body of a youth man, it's been an honor knowing you here and i wish the universe got your back as you have mine and many Steemians.


we need mirrors; "others", to full understand our own beauty, strange but true.

I often describe life in terms of mirrors. Sometimes, when one is surrounded by mirrors that are healthier than one's own mirror, growth occurs. Likewise, if one surrounds oneself with mirrors that are destructive, badness happens....I think you are a good mirror, and I'm thankful I met you.

It is incredible what sometimes a person can get in you, maybe you have lived difficult times in our life that there are no facts in the depressed very depressed, moments that want to erase them from your mind forever, but it is very difficult, but always Can not disappear completely, but in large part, and that is with the help of energetic and positive people, you always have to find a way to surround those kind of people, that makes them feel strong, capable, persevering and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, stock. ,,,, The least expected moment with the person you least imagine ... that good that you that person for lelgo and found that conversion so to say, mature and that really contribute something in your life for supposed positive things .. Sow I said I try to surround you with people like this and you will always wonder ... in life there are many obstacles is not easy, just like that was life would simply become very bored and ye S what makes it interesting to live day by day, learn from it and always overcome ... @stellabelle many successes and blessings

As usual there are authors and there's @stellabelle...you have great writing skills. @surpassinggoogle is actually cool


Thanks for your compliment.


You are welcome

I think I took the bipolar path... Some days I'm extremely cruel and some extremely loving...


oh, god, me too. as i have said, i feel anger, and it comes from neglecting my needs.


I hear you, same problem... Why no one understands that they shouldn't neglect my needs if they want me to keep calm???

I'm glad that you're working on this project! Great!


yes, and you're a good reason i started thinking about doing it. thank you. you're a dear.

And sorry if my english is a bit bad I'm learning thanks jeje @stallabelle

It's brave of you to recognize there's anger haunting you, it's the first step to recovery. There's a similar legend that speaks of two wolves living inside every person, one representing good things and the other represents the opposite. We are left with the understanding that these wolves are in a battle and the winner will be the one you feed.


oh this is a great analogy. thanks for sharing it.

Good psychology.

Funny I made a post right after I had a chat with him too! Although I couldn't describe what I felt as concise as you did, something inside me knew it was a whole different experience.

Glad to see you'll be supporting #steemgigs


Hahaha, thank you Fi! Glad we got to speak! All what's happening here, is something to keep!


wow, he's bringing us all together, wow, just wow, once you open your eyes and heart, things can really change.

Beautiful Stella B. Wishing you and all you do well.
I agree completely with all of this. I am thankful for long time friends that have accepted me, and allow me to accept them for who they are. We are mostly improvisers and share a common mission to help others find that release, that cathartic moment, where someone can laugh at themselves or laugh with others. Some of my friends are more successful than me. I wrote about one of them today in a post. And others are living even a more simple life. But it is always rewarding when you meet a new friend. Very happy for you and your conversations with @SurpassingGoogle. My encouters with him have also been positive. Be well and may you continue to find beauty and peace.

It's great you have find happiness at last, being happy is much more better than being angry. Now you can love more, dream more and achieve more. Enjoy your life.

Excellent post! Unconditional love is certainly attainable, allbeit elusive at times. I believe it begins with loving ourselves. Thank you for this reminder today. :)

Very interesting Leaves a lor to Think about!

❤❤❤ You are extra-ordinary @stellabelle 😍😍